which side is up for weber grill grates

Which Side is up for Weber Grill Grates? – Everything You Need to Know About Weber Grill Grates

If you have bought a new Weber grill and are unsure which side faces up when it comes to grates, you are not the only one here.

I was also initially confused about this issue and wanted more guidance about how to do it properly.

This is a frequently asked question that perplexes many new grill owners.

And today I will be answering it along with the other commonly asked questions regarding this topic.

So, the main question is which side of the grate is up for Weber grills.

The real answer is the flat side of the Weber grill grates.

This flat side should be the one facing up while cooking.

It will have four small legs underneath to help provide stability while cooking.

The wider, flat side is also easy to clean after you cook the food.

This is one simple answer and I will discuss more about these Weber grill grates in this article to make it more understandable for average grill users.

FAQs Related to Weber Grill Grates

3 Main Types of Grates Present on a Weber Grill

There are basically 3 types of grates available on a Weber grill.

The type of grill you choose, should depend upon your personal preference and needs.

All the three grates are durable and easy to use which are mentioned below.

No. 1: Porcelain-Enameled Cast Iron Cooking Grates

These types of grates are easy to clean and retain heat much better.

They also have a non-stick coating, and are extremely durable by nature.

However, porcelain-enameled grates do tend to chip when not maintained properly.

If not maintained on a regular basis, then it can ruin the overall look of your Weber grill.

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No. 2: Cooking Grates made of Stainless Steel

Cooking grates made of stainless steel are more affordable and they also last for a long period of time.

They do have chromium coating and because of that, these grates provide better protection against rust and corrosion.

If you are on a budget, these cooking grates are the right option for you.

However, these grates do not retain heat like porcelain-enameled steel or cast-iron cooking grates do.

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No. 3: Porcelain-Enameled Steel Cooking Grates

These cooking grates are great to clean and great to look at.

Unlike stainless steel cooking grates, they have a blackish look to them that makes them look much classier.

They also retain heat much better than the stainless steel cooking grates.

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Are Weber Grill Grates Reversible?

Yes, some of the popular Weber models do come with reversible cooking grates.

The reversible cooking grates have unique features that make them ideal for cooking purposes.

Firstly, one side of the grate is thin, that makes it ideal to cook delicate food items like fish and lean meat.

At the same time, the other side is wider, that creates thick sear markings on your meat which enhances its flavour and texture.

Some of my best recommendations for the Weber reversible cooking grates line are given below.

No. 1: Weber Genesis II E-410 Liqid Propane Gas Grill

This Weber grill comes with porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates.

It also offers a powerful GS4 grilling system, n even heat distribution facility, reversible grates, and a grill management system to catch the drippings.

It also has an open-cart design, making it convenient for you to store your tools.

No. 2: Weber Genesis E-325S Liquid Propane Gas Grill

This is a gas grill, so, you will need to have a liquid propane tank to use this grill.

It comes with attractive features such as the unique GS4 grilling system and reversible cooking grates that are easy to clean.

It also has a 669 square inch cooking surface, grease management system, and superior heat retention ability.

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Which Side of the Weber Grill Grates Should You Use?

Ideally, the wider side of the Weber grill grate should be used for cooking purposes only.

As I have already mentioned above, the underside of this surface has four little legs that help stabilize the food surface while you cook it.

Also, the flat surface of the grill provides great searing marks on the meat when you cook it.

It also provides a unique and delicious flavour and texture to your meat.

3 Simple Steps to Properly Install Weber Grill Grates

The Weber grill grates are easy to assemble and do not require much prior training.

Just follow the below mentioned steps and you are good to go.

Step 1: First, switch off your Weber grill and make sure the burners are cool enough to touch and handle.

Step 2: Now, install the Weber grill grates on the right side of the grill.

Make sure that the wide side of the grate is facing up side.

You can check that by ensuring that the Weber logo is towards the front side.

Step 3: The next step is to place the spacer between the grates and the front of the grill.

The two large tabs of the spacer should be pointing towards the inside of the grill.

Your Weber grill grates are now properly installed and ready to be used.

When Should You Replace Weber Grill Grates?

Are you wondering when it is the right time for you to replace your Weber grill grates?

Ideally, the experts suggest replacing the grill grates once every 10 years if maintained properly, and once every 5 years if not cared for properly.

Weber grill parts are made of high-quality, durable materials and can last for a number of years without any problems.

However, it’s ideal that you replace them once every 8 or 10 years for optimal performance.

If your grates have accumulated rust on them before the 10-year mark, then I would advise replacing them sooner rather than later.

This is because cooking on rusted grates is not safe for your health.

The rust may stick to your meat, and you can consume it in your body.

While consuming rust once or twice is fine, its continuous consumption can prove harmful to your health.

If you want to know what methods to follow to maintain your grill grates to last longer, then I am here to help.

3 Tips to Increase the Life Span of Weber Grill Grates

Follow the below mentioned 3 tips to maintain the cleanliness of your Weber grill grates.

Tip 1: Always clean your grill grates properly after every time you cook on them.

You can use a stiff-wire brush for cleaning those grates regularly.

Once in a while, you may use a gentle soap water and a damp cloth for better cleaning results.

Tip 2: Before cooking, apply oil to those grates properly.

This will ensure that the food doesn’t stick to the same.

Tip 3: Cover your Weber grill if you plan to not use it for a prolonged period of time.

This will ensure that no gunk, bird droppings, dirt, or dust is accumulated over time, which can cause damage to your grates eventually.





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