5 Easy Steps to Fix Your Weber Grill Not Lighting All Burners

Weber Grill not lighting all burners? Let’s fix that. Read our blog on 5 easy steps to getting you grilling again.

So, why does only one burner light on your Weber grill?

According to my research, I can say that this problem can happen due to any number of reasons.

But the most probable reason is that there is either some problem with the igniter or some issue with the gas flow of your grill.

Whatever the reason for your malfunctioning burner, I have got the solution to fix this problem asap.

To know the right solutions, I recommend you to read this article till the end.

Weber Grill Not Lighting All Burners

5 Easy Steps to Fix Weber Grill Not Lighting All Burners

If you turn on your Weber and your Weber grill isn’t lighting all burners, then there are a few steps you can follow to find the probable cause and then fix it quickly.

I have listed below the 5 main steps that you can follow to fix the problem of non-working burner of your Weber grill.

Step 1: Refill the Empty Gas Tank

First step is to Make sure that the grill’s tank has enough gas in it.

This can be checked by lifting the tank a little.

Usually an empty tank feels lighter as it weighs around 15 pounds in weight.

On the other side, a tank full of gas is heavier and weighs around 35 pounds.

If you feel the tanker is out of gas, then you will have to get it refilled.

Step 2: Light up Burner with Match Box for Further Checking

If your tank has enough gas, then most probably there is some issue with the gas flow.

In this case, just light your burner manually using a match to ensure that the grill’s gas flow is normal.

If the burner is lighted properly, then gas flow is normal.

But if it does not, then there might be some issue with the gas line or the igniter.

In that case, you need to fix this gas line or igniter problem.

Step 3: Check Your Igniter Switch for its Proper Functioning

If you have a battery-powered igniter, replace the battery and see if that works.

If you have an electric igniter and it’s not switching on, then there might be a wiring problem which you need to get fixed.

Every time you press the igniter button, it should make a tiny spark.

If it’s not making that spark when you turn it on, then it is certainly malfunctioning and you will need a new replacement.

Click Here to Get a New Igniter Replacement for Your Weber Grill if it is not Working – Make sure to get the right igniter for your Weber model.

Step 4: Clean the Burner if it is Clogged

If everything is okay with your igniter, then the problem could be a clogged burner.

To check that, remove every part and inspect the burner carefully.

If there is debris, grease, or other stuff around the burner that might block the gas flow, you need to clean it carefully with a brush.

Step 5: Replace Damaged Carryover Tube

It is also possible that there might be some fault in the carryover tube of your Weber grill.

Sometimes, it can get rusted due to several years of usage.

In this case, you will need to replace it with a new one and you are good to go.

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These are the five important tasks that you need to perform when you see that the burners of your Weber grill are not working properly.

How Do You Reset the Regulator on a Weber Gas Grill?

If you wish to reset the regulator on your Weber gas frill, then I recommend to follow the below mentioned 3 steps.

Step 1: Switch off all your burners and also shut the tank valve.

Step 2: After closing down everything, wait for around a minute.

Step 3: Now, completely open your tank valve and wait for about a minute for pressure to equalize in the gas hose and regulator.

And this is how you reset the regulator of your Weber gas grill.

3 Simple Steps to Properly Clean a Weber Burner Tube

The actual tools and supplies that are required to clean your Weber grill’s burner tube are gloves, grill cleaning brush, bristle brush, liquid soap, super fine steel wool, and a toothpick or a paper clip.

I will provide 3 easy steps that you can use to carefully clean your Weber gas grill’s burner tube if it is clogged.

Step 1: First step is to switch everything off and ensure that the gas supply is also properly closed.

Then, you can clean your grill grates by spraying liquid soap over them and scrubbing them nicely with a grill cleaning brush.

Remove the grates once done and keep them aside.

Step 2: Now, to clean the burner tube, I recommend you to use a stainless-steel bristle brush.

If the burner tube is clogged, you can use a simple toothpick or a paper clip to unclog the clogged holes.

Step 3: Once you are done with cleaning, you need to assemble everything back together.

But before that, you will need to connect the gas line to make sure the burner is functioning properly.

And finally, assemble everything back together, and then you can start using your grill.

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2 Main Reasons Why Weber Crossover Tube Does not Work

A Weber crossover tube is a tube that transfers flame from one burner to the next one without having to light each of them separately.

There are two reasons why your crossover tube does not work.

Those reasons are as follows.

Reason 1: Rusting of the Crossover Tube

After years of usage, the crossover tubes of your Weber grill can be rusted.

This can happen due to the moisture that is formed during cooking.

The material of the crossover tube used and the local climate can also affect the rusting of the tube.

But just because the tubes seem rusty doesn’t mean you have to replace them completely.

In this case, you can just use a wire cleaning brush to clean the tube and it will be functional again.

Reason 2: Cracks in Crossover Tube

Sometimes, the crossover tubes can get cracks.

If your crossover tube has been split or cracked, then the only solution is to replace it with the new one.

A cracked crossover tube implies that it is no longer functional.

In such a case, just take out the old crossover tube, measure it, and then find the right replacement of the same length.

Click Here to Get a New Weber Grill Crossover Tube Online.

3 Steps to Fix a Low Flame on a Weber Grill

If the flame on your Weber grill is low or weak, then you need to follow the below mentioned troubleshooting steps.

Step 1: The first step is to check the level of the fuel in the tank to ensure that there is enough gas.

If there isn’t much gas remained, then simply refill the tank.

Step 2: Another reason why the flame on your Weber grill is weak is because of clogged or faulty gas burners.

It is possible that the burners might get faulty or clogged after some months of usage.

If your burner is clogged and you can see visible food or debris around it, then you can clean the burner using a wool cleaning brush.

If the burner is faulty and not working at all, then you might need to replace it with a new one.

Click Here to Get a New Weber Grill Burner Replacement in Case the Old One Gets Broken or Damaged.

Step 3: Sometimes, you might experience low flames in the grill.

This can happen as your regulator could be slipped into bypass mode.

This occurs when your grill’s regulator thinks there is a gas leak or there is an actual gas leak.

In this case, you will have to simply reset the regulator.

For this, you need to switch everything off, and open the tank valve.

Then, you will have to wait for a minute for the gas hose to equalize.

After this, your regulator will be back to normal and you will not get the low flame issue anymore.

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