coleman roadtrip grill vs weber q 2200 grill

Coleman Roadtrip Grill vs Weber Q 2200 Grill – 5 Main Factors to Decide the Best Gas Grill

Today I am here to assure you that you are truly not alone if you are ready to purchase a barbecue grill but are completely clueless which brand is most suitable for your needs.

With so many brands available in the market today, making a buying decision becomes a quite hectic task for many of us grillers.

Coleman Grills and Weber Grills, however, are the two most popular brands out there which you can surely think of when going to shop for premium category gas grills.

Their grills are strong, long-lasting, and rust- and weather-resistant.

Specially, their two best performing grills viz. Coleman Roadtrip Grill and Weber Q 2200 Grill are the two grills which I am going to discuss about in this article.

Even though both of these grills are worthwhile your investment, the question is which one should you pick if you could only choose one among them.

If you ask my opinion then my answer would be a Coleman Roadtrip Grill.

As far as basic features are concerned, both Coleman Roadtrip Grill and Weber Q 2200 Grill have almost the same characteristics and overall design.

However, with features like portability, sleek design, more cooking space, and a higher BTU, Coleman Roadtrip Grill emerges as the clear winner among the two.

Weber Q 2200 Grill is indeed a powerhouse, but it falls short in some categories.

It is also more expensive than the Coleman Roadtrip Grill which could be a big disappointment for people looking for a powerful yet affordable grill.

The grilling space provided by Coleman Roadtrip is 285 Square inches while that of Weber Q 2200 is 280 Square inches.

Also, Weber Q 2200 grill is dome-shaped which makes it a bit of a hassle to store and move around.

Coleman Roadtrip is slightly heavier than Weber Q 2200, but definitely easier to store and move around.

If you are still wondering which grill you need to purchase, and what makes Coleman Roadtrip Grill the deserving winner, then I highly recommend you to read this comparison guide till the end.

5 Main Features of Coleman Roadtrip Grill

No. 1: It comes with cooking grates that are made of die-cast aluminum and a stainless steel burner, which makes the grill durable and long-lasting.

No. 2: It comes with a grilling area of about 285 Square inches, which is a great option for people who like hosting barbeque parties for close family and friends.

No. 3: This grill has foldable legs and metal handles on each sides, which makes it easy to transport and carry around.

No. 4: Comes with two powerful burners with 20000 BTU for easy and uniform cooking

No. 5: It is covered by a 5-year limited warranty on common defects.

7 Pros and 2 Cons of Coleman Roadtrip Grill


No. 1: Easy to setup, clean and maintain

No. 2: Has a large cooking space that makes cooking for a large number of people easier and comfortable.

No. 3: Portable and comes with a foldable design

No. 4: Easy to use grill machine even for novice users

No. 5: Has a sleek look that goes with a well-maintained stylish patio

No. 6: More affordable than Weber Q 2200 grill

No. 7: With a powerful 20000 BTU, cooking is quicker and much easier.


No. 1: Heavy grill that gets a bit difficult to carry, if you are going on a camping trip.

No. 2: Many users have complained of the Coleman Roadtrip Grill’s lid to be flimsy and hard to close properly.

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7 Main features of Weber Q 2200 Grill

No. 1: Weber Q 2200 Grill comes with a cooking space of 280 square inches which is slightly smaller than Coleman Roadtrip Grill but big enough to cook for small family and friends.

No. 2: It has porcelain-enameled cast iron grates which are sturdy, heavy-duty and durable.

No. 3: It also offers 12000 BTU stainless steel burner which helps in cooking meat effectively and evenly.

No. 4: It comes with a built-in thermometer to keep a check on the temperature of the food and modify it accordingly.

No. 5: Its GS4 grilling system is extremely useful for more efficient and even cooking.

No. 6: Has foldable side tables which makes the grill easy to carry around

No. 7: It is covered with Weber’s 5-year limited warranty period on all parts and a 2-year warranty for the paint.

4 Pros and 3 Cons of Weber Q 2200 Grill


No. 1: This grill is durable and made of high-quality material which ensures its smooth, long-lasting use.

No. 2: Easy to use, easy to clean and easy to maintain

No. 3: It comes with two work tables which makes cooking prep easier.

No. 4: Has a large hood which makes cooking highly comfortable and faster.


No. 1: The Weber Q 2200 grill is more expensive than the Coleman Roadtrip grill even though it is not as powerful.

This makes it a less attractive option for people looking for a more affordable yet decently powerful grill.

No. 2: Comes with 12000 BTU which is lesser than the BTUs provided by Coleman Roadtrip Grill. (The later provides around 20000 BTU)

No. 3: The dripping from the cooking sometimes plug up the runoff hole located at the base of the grill.

5 Comparison Factors Between Coleman Roadtrip Grill vs Weber Q 2200 Grill

FeaturesColeman Roadtrip GrillWeber Q 2200 Grill
Cooking Space285 square inches280 Square inches
Energy Output20000 BTU12000 BTU
ConstructionCooking grates made of die-cast aluminium and stainless-steel burnersCooking grates are made of porcelain-enameled cast iron and has stainless steel burners
Fuel TypeGas grillGas grill
Number of Stainless Steel Burners31

Final verdict

Both Weber, as well as Coleman, are popular grill manufacturers that are known for high-quality, durable grills that last for a long time easily.

Both of these brands also have several years of experience behind them.

While Weber was launched in the year 1893, Coleman was launched in the year 1964.

Just like the brands, Coleman Roadtrip Grill, as well as Weber Q 2200 Grill, are efficient grills that are a good value for money and come with some functional features.

Both the grills have their own set of advantages that make them special and have their own loyal fan base.

But when it comes to choosing between the two, in my experience and knowledge, I would highly recommend to get Coleman Roadtrip Grill for everyday average grillers.

The Coleman Roadtrip grill is more affordable, and powerful and has a larger cooking space as compared to Weber Q 2200 grill.

At the same time, it also more portable and easily movable even though being slightly heavier than the Weber Q 2200 grill.

The shape of the Weber grill is a bit unusual which makes it tedious for the longer period storage and it is also bit of a hassle and impractical for the same.

I love the ease of use that Coleman Roadtrip grill provides, especially when it comes to assembly, portability and cleaning and maintaining it.

Weber Q 2200 grill gives Coleman Roadtrip tough competition, but the latter triumphs ultimately when we consider all the features, affordability and usefulness of the Coleman grill.

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