weber gas grill vs kenmore gas grill

Weber vs Kenmore Grill – 5 Differentiating Factors to Decide the Best Gas Grill

When you are planning to purchase a barbeque grill, you should always look for the best performing and top rated BBQ grill brands.

In my personal experience, I can surely say that the two brands that are currently the most popular and top rated brands are Weber Grills and Kenmore Grills.

Over the years, they have both earned a reputation for creating bbq grills of the finest quality and performance.

People choose these bbq grill brands because of their long history of excellence, which has led to a strong user base and high levels of consumer loyalty.

But if you must choose the best brand between a Weber grill vs Kenmore grill, then I certainly recommend to prefer the Weber grill.

Most of the Weber grills have a number of appealing features, including the GS4 grilling system, more cooking space, ease of use, a grease management system, and porcelain-enameled cooking grates for longer durability.

Weber is known for providing more value for your money.

While Kenmore grills are mostly cheaper than Weber grills, yet they are more suitable for novice barbeque enthusiasts who are just starting to learn the art of barbeque grilling.

Kenmore company was started in the year 1913, over a century ago.

Its grills are popular amongst users for being sleek, affordable, and backed by a good warranty.

Weber, on the other hand, was launched in 1893.

It was a family-owned company until 2010 when its shares were sold to another company.

Weber grills are popularly called the king of grills, because of its variety of benefits and features that include being anti-corrosive, durable, energy efficient, and several others.

In fact, Weber is the inventor of covered grills, which has made cooking on grills much easier.

There are many competitors in the market, but Weber has managed to maintain the top spot since last many decades.

If you are still wondering which grill you have to purchase and what makes Weber a superior choice than Kenmore, then continue reading this article till the end.

In this article, I will provide my detailed review of both the brands and their products.

5 Main Features of Weber Gas Grill

No. 1: GS4 Grilling System with 4 Features in One

The very first unique feature of most Weber gas grills is GS4 Grilling System.

This system comes with 4 attractive features such as seamless infinity ignition, stainless steel burners, grease management system and flavorizer bars.

All the above-mentioned features have their own unique advantages.

One of them is the Weber flavorizer bars.

These bars help catch the drippings and prevent any flare ups during cooking and grilling.

On the other hand, stainless steel burners ensure uniform cooking, and grease management system is designed in such way which leads to more efficient collection of grease.

No. 2: Wifi Thermometer

Most new Weber gas grills come with Wifi connected temperature probe thermometer.

This type of thermometer is highly effective while working with large dishes like steaks, meat, pork, etc.

It gives the users real time assistance and step by step instructions while cooking and grilling different foods.

No. 3: 10 Year Warranty

Yes, Weber do provide 10-year warranty on all the parts of their grills.

I believe this is a more important feature in Weber grills because you can replace any damaged or broken parts of your grill in this period without much expenses.

No. 4: Durable Material

Most Weber grills are either made of stainless steel or porcelain-enameled steel.

This material is pretty durable and long lasting in nature.

It’s cast iron grates are also porcelain-enameled that offer better durability.

No. 5: Durable Smoker Box

Most Weber gas grills come with a stainless-steel smoker box.

This smoker helps in getting the smoky flavour to the meat which enhances its taste substantially.

6 Pros and 2 Cons of Weber Gas Grill


No. 1: Attractive looking gas grills that are easy to use

No. 2: 10-year warrantyon all the grills parts

No. 3: Easy to clean and maintain

No. 4: Larger wheels that provide better mobility to the grills

No. 5: GS4 Grilling System ensures efficient cooking

No. 6: The customer support team is available for help at all times.


No. 1: More expensive than the other similar category grills

No. 2: Not suitable for people looking for affordable grills with basic features.

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6 Main Features of Kenmore Gas Grill

No. 1: Multiple Choice of Gas Burners

Most Kenmore gas grills come with 2 to 5 burners that are provided as per the user’s grilling requirements.

No. 2: Additional Side Burners

Kenmore gas grills also come with extra side burners.

These side burners are provided for additional purpose like making side dishes, boiling, sautéing vegetables and so on.

No. 3: Folding Side Shelves

Kenmore grills also offer folding side shelves for the users.

They make it easy to store the grill outside when not being used.

No. 4: Comes with Heat Thermometer

These grills even provide a heat thermometer which is important to measure the bbq grill temperature and monitor real time cooking and grilling.

This heat thermometer helps you to check whether the meat has been properly cooked or not.

No. 5: Rust Proof Durable Material 

Kenmore gas grills are made from extremely durable stainless steel material.

This high-quality steel material is often rust proof and corrosion resistant, durable and long-lasting by nature.

Its cast iron grates are also porcelain infused that make them highly durable to use.

No. 6: 5 Year Warranty

Kenmore provides 5-year warranty to users on all the parts of the grill.

4 Pros and 3 Cons of Kenmore Gas Grill


No. 1:Kenmore gas grills are affordable and suitable for novice grillers or the ones who grill occasionally.

No. 2: Easy to clean and maintain

No. 3: Ample cooking space provided to host barbeque parties for family and friends

No. 4: Side burners are easy to use and provide the convenience of cooking various dishes simultaneously.


No. 1: Assembly of Kenmore gas grills can prove to be complicated and time consuming

No. 2: Customer support team is not as effective as of the other brands such as Weber

No. 3: The gas grills are heavy in weight which creates problem while trying to move them around

5 Comparison Factors Between Weber Gas Grill vs Kenmore Gas Grill

FeaturesWeber gas grillKenmore gas grill
Construction MaterialMade of cast aluminum along with porcelain enameled cooking gratesMade of stainless steel along with porcelain coated cooking grates
PriceMore expensiveAffordable than Weber gas grills
Quality of BurnersGS4 grilling system for even heat distributionStainless steel burners that will last a long time if proper care is taken
Ignition SystemThe weber gas grills come with an upgraded infinity ignitor that allows users to control and adjust the temperature of the grill just with one controlKenmore gas grills come with easy to start ignition system
Grilling Space Available529 square inches of primary cooking space381 square inches of primary cooking space and secondary cooking space of 131 square inches

My Verdict

In my opinion, I consider both Weber and Kenmore equally reputed and useful grills brands.

Both of them have provided high quality of products to their customers since last so many years.

While grills of both the brands have their own unique set of advantages, according to my years of experience and usage, I can say that the clear winner is Weber Grills.

 Weber offers more innovative features, ease of use, ample cooking space and optimal fuel efficiency.

Kenmore gas grills are of top-notch quality as well and highly durable, but they are not as efficient as Weber grills.

However, Kenmore grills are much cheaper and more affordable for regular grillers than the Weber gas grills.

Therefore, if you have just getting started on your grilling journey, Kenmore gas grill can be a great starter grill for you.

The Kenmore grill comes with decent features but it’s definitely the Weber grills that provide its users with most value for money.

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