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Best Wood For Smoking – The 5 Best Fruit Woods for Meat Smoking

A seasoned barbecue enthusiast knows what actually provides the real flavor to the cooked meat, that’s why they use the best wood for smoking.

And the secret is now out for everyone else to know and follow!

It’s not the quality of the meat you buy or the BBQ grill you use.

Even though these two things also play a deciding factor, but here I want to talk about something more important.

The type of wood you use for smoking the meat plays a significant role in providing it with its unique flavor.

And while there are different types of wood used by different people, such as apple, oak, orange, and peach; what really stood out for me is the pear wood.

So, is pear wood any good for smoking meat?

The short answer is “Yes” absolutely!

Pear wood is a slightly sweet and mild kind of wood that has a fruity flavor to it, which is a really subtle flavor.

Quite similar to an apple wood, it produces an amazing smoky flavor which makes it one of the top wood choices for smoking meat.

If you still have some burning questions in your mind regarding why you should opt for pear wood for smoking meat, then you have come to the right place.

If you are still wondering which wood to avoid, and what other fruit wood to choose, then this article will provide you those answers for sure.

I have discussed everything about the best woods for smoking meat in this article and much more.

I am sure this information will help you make a wise and informed decision while buying the right wood for smoking meat purpose.

Can I Use Pear Tree Wood for Smoking Meat?

As already mentioned above, pear tree wood makes a great choice for smoking meat such as the pork, poultry, salmon and game birds.

While many describe its flavor as being really similar to an apple wood.

However, it contains sweeter, milder, and more fruity flavor than the apple wood.

The delicate and subtle flavor makes the pear wood a popular choice amongst the grillers.

If you don’t want the smoke to overpower the taste of the meat you are cooking, then definitely go for the pear tree wood.

Are Pear Tree Wood Chips Good for Smoking Purpose?

The answer to this question is also “Yes”.

You can absolutely use pear tree wood chips for smoking all types of meat at your BBQ grill.

Pear tree wood chips are really great for smoking purpose because they are all-natural wood chips and do not contain any harmful chemicals, preservatives or any additives.

Using pear wood chips will enhance the flavor of your meat, without being too overwhelming.

By using pear wood, you are also ensuring that sufficient smoke is produced, so that you can cook your food without any hassles.

I mainly love using this wood for smoking seafood, sausage, and the other types of white meat.

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4 Best Fruit Wood Flavors for Smoking Meat

In this section, I will provide 5 of my favorite fruit wood flavors that are ideal for meat smoking.

1. Apple Wood

Apple wood is a universal favorite when it comes to smoking wood.

This fruit wood, although, is used mainly for light-flavored meats.

It can also be easily mixed with stronger-flavored wood to smoke red meat.

However, please note that cooking chicken with apple wood might leave some stains or residue in the final grilled meat.

Other than chicken, you can use apple wood for all other meat options.

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2. Peach Wood

Peach wood contains more juice than the other types of fruit wood available in the market.

Hence, it is a great choice people who are looking for juicy wood for smoking meat.

It has a mild and sweet flavor to it.

This wood can be used mainly for smoking fish, pork, turkey, brisket, and chicken.

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3. Cherry Wood

Cherry wood is fondly referred by barbecue experts as the universal team player.

This is because it goes well with most types of meat available.

It has a mild and sweet flavor which are two distinct characteristics of all types of fruit woods.

Cherry fruit wood is a versatile wood flavor and has been used for ages by restaurants and smoking experts.

However, just like apple wood, cherry also darkens lighter-colored meat like chicken.

So, if the appearance of your food plays an important factor for you, then I highly recommend to use wood type other than the cherry wood.

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4. Pear Wood

Pear wood is a best contender when it comes to the top 5 fruit woods for smoking meat.

It has all the qualities that one looks for while choosing the wood for smoking.

It has a mild, subtle, and sweet flavor.

And it burns slowly and intensely, letting all the flavors soak into the meat gradually.

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4 Wood Types You Should not Use for Smoking Meat

1. Wood Containing Toxins

There are a wide range of trees and shrubs that are harmful to our health because they contain dangerous toxins and chemicals.

Hence, these types of woods should be avoided while smoking your meat.

Some of these woods include yew, mangrove, laburnum, and sassafras.

2. Painted Wood

Painted wood mainly contains toxic substances such as a lead.

Lead is a toxic chemical which is harmful for humans when consumed in large quantity.

Therefore, a painted wood for smoking can also adversely impact the flavor of the meat, making it taste bitter and unsavory.

3. Molded Wood

A mold is a type of fungus that can grow on certain types of wood.

This mold amongst other things, makes the wood toxic to use.

This is why, you need to always check the wood you are using for smoking to make sure that there is no fungus or mold growth on it.

4. Softwood

Softwoods like pine, spruce, fir, or cedar contain high amount of resin.

This resin not only provides a bad flavor to the meat but also produces less heat and burn for a shorter period than hardwoods.

Therefore, always avoid using softwood for smoking meat purpose.

Can You use Bradford Pear Wood for Smoking Meat?

Yes, Bradford pear wood is a good choice for smoking meat.

The Bradford pear is a tree that can be found in large quantities in the Eastern USA.

It has heavy and dense wood that makes burning easy and the burn also lasts longer.

Bradford pear wood is found in large quantities as the tree’s branches snap frequently when the weather is harsh.

The wood burns quite hot and has a subtle, fruity flavor, making it an excellent choice for smoking meat.

What is the Best Wood for Smoking Pork?

Cooking pork that is well-smoked and well-flavored requires a lot of experience and skill.

However, it also requires using the right kind of wood for pork smoking.

Some of the best woods that should be used for smoking pork to get the best possible flavor and taste are provided as follows.

1. Apple Wood

This fruit wood is a popular choice for many, and is also one of our top picks when it comes to smoking pork.

This sweetly flavored wood is a great option if you are looking to cook pork loin or pork ribs.

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2. Pear Wood

Again, we are back with everyone’s top choice of fruit wood.

Pear wood has a mild flavor; hence, it brings out the flavor of pork perfectly.

In fact, the flavor of the pork is greatly enhanced when cooked using the pear wood chunks.

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3. Cherry Wood

As we have already noted above, cherry wood is a versatile fruit wood that can be used to cook a variety of meats.

And pork is no exception to that.

When combined with other woods like hickory; cherry wood provides that little oomph to the meat that is missing on its own.

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What are the Best Wood Flavors for Smoking Meat?

We have talked about a lot of wood flavors in this article and also mentioned the reasons why they are great for smoking meat.

However, to make it easier for you, we have accumulated the best wood flavors for smoking and also the reasons you shouldn’t give them a miss.

1. Apple Wood:

A. Known for its sweet and mild flavor

B. Best to be used for smoking poultry, pork, and fish.

2. Pear Wood:

A. Known for its fruity, delicate flavor

B. Best to be used for smoking pork, poultry, and seafood.

3. Cherry Wood:

A. Known for its sweet flavor and being versatile.

B. Best to be used for smoking all types of meat, but particularly pork, turkey, and chicken.

4. Pecan Wood:

A. Known for its spicy and dominant flavor

B. Best to be used for seafood and poultry.

5. Maple Wood:

A. Known for its light sweet and subtle flavor

B. Best to be used for smoking pork, vegetables, and poultry.


Smoking meat is an art, and we can’t deny the patience and effort that goes towards it to cook the most flavorful smoked meat.

However, choosing the right wood for smoking is also really important, or all the effort that you make will go to waste.

There is no fixed rule of thumb when it comes to choosing the right wood for smoking.

Not one type of wood can be used for all kinds of meat.

It also depends upon the type of flavor you are trying to achieve.

You can either go for the above-mentioned woods while smoking different types of meat or use a combination of woods to finally discover the flavor that you have been yearning for.

However, pear wood is best used when you are looking for fruity and delicate flavor in your meat.

It is also the most preferred choice when you want to smoke meat like seafood, poultry and pork.


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