number of briskets to feed 150 people

How Many Briskets to Feed 150 People & Avoid Disaster

Last week, I had a BBQ party at my place.

I invited all my friends, family and colleagues.

There were about 150 people in total.

I decided to make briskets in the main course.

But the most important question in my mind was how many briskets will I need to feed 150 people?

I did a bit of research online and found out that 150 pounds of briskets are good enough for 150 guests.

Because the fact is when you cook the meat, it naturally reduces half of the mass of the meat after the cooking done.

In this article, I will share my experience with you that how I served briskets to 150 guests.

I will also share some interesting figures such as the number of briskets, meat, and pulled pork required to serve 150 people.

In the nutshell, you will get an idea of how to serve briskets to 150 guests.

Keep reading till the end to understand all the information.

How Many Pounds of Briskets Needed for One Person?

I highly recommend you to use 1 pound of raw brisket to feed 1 person.

50% of the meat shrinks while cooking and you will be left with ½ pounds of cooked meat.

This proportion is sufficient for one person.

If you consider ¼ pounds of meat per person, it will be a small portion.

¼ pound of cooked meat is equal to half a pound of raw meat.

So, a standard pack of 15 pounds of briskets will serve 30 guests.

¾ pounds will feed your friends with big appetites.

1.5 pounds of raw meat is equal to ¾ pounds of cooked meat.

A pack of 15 pounds will serve 10 of your friends with big portions.

Smoked briskets are cooked for over 12 to 24 hours.

So, it is best to always plan for big portions.

Otherwise, you may run out of meat in the middle of the event.

And then you will have no option to go back, buy more meat and cook again for several long hours.

Leftover briskets can be used to prepare burritos, tacos, and sandwiches.

How Much Brisket Needed to Feed 100 to 150 People?

There is a very simple math for this query.

Simply, you need 100 to 150 pounds of brisket for 100 to 150 guests respectively.

If you couple the briskets with some other meat like chicken, beans, salads, potatoes, or sandwiches then you can potentially reduce the proportion of briskets accordingly.

Do you know about flat cut and point cut?

The major difference is that the point cut loses more weight when cooked as compared to the flat cut.

So, check the kind of brisket cut before purchasing meat.

For flat cut, plan ¼ to ½ pound of meat, while in case of the point cut, you must have ½ – ¾ pound per person.

These proportions are for raw meat.

These amounts may vary depending on the method you choose for cooking the briskets like smoking, grilling, or braising.

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How Much Food Do You Need to Feed 150 People?

If 1 pound of food is consumed by a person, then naturally you will need 150 pounds of food for 150 guests.

At a BBQ party, you can consider 1 guest will consume at least 150 grams of meat.

So, 150 guests will eat:

150 x 150 = 22,500 g of meat or 22.5 kg

Similarly, you can calculate the approximate quantity of rice, sandwiches, side dishes, etc.

How Many Pounds of Meat Needed to Feed 150 Guests?

I will recommend you to consider half-pound meat per person.

Thus, you will need at least 75 pounds of meat for 150 guests.

If you plan to prepare chicken for your party, then 50 birds weighing 3 pounds will serve 150 guests.

While 38 birds weighing 4 pounds will serve 150 guests.

If you are serving chicken pieces or wings, then 300 -400 pieces will be good enough to feed 150 guests with big appetites.

Approximately, 78 pounds of uncooked BBQ meat will feed 150 guests.

Have a look at the following table.

Meat1 Person150 Guests
Boneless chicken or turkey½ lbs.75 lbs.
Turkey or chicken(whole)¾-1 lbs.113 lbs.
Beef½ lbs.75 lbs.

How Many Pounds of Pulled Pork Required to Feed 150 People?

Usually 1/3 portion of pulled pork is just right for 1 person.

By this calculation, 50-55 pounds of cooked pork and 100-110 pounds of uncooked pork will serve 150 guests.

If you are keeping side dishes, or other dishes in the main course besides pulled pork, then you can adjust the portions.

Similarly, you will need the following quantity of pulled pork for respective number of guests.

80 guests – 20 pounds

100 guests – 25 pounds

150 guests – 37.5 pounds

Final Thoughts

I will highly recommend you to keep some extra side dishes like salads, beans, and sandwiches so that your guests eat meat moderately.

In this way, you can shop for the event within your budget.

However, leftovers must never go wasted.

They can be used again for making delicious side dishes.

You can adjust the portions of meat considering the time of the day of the event, the number of kids, and vegetarians invited.

In this way, you can estimate the proportions more accurately.

I hope this guide is more helpful for you.

And now you are in a better position to estimate the quantity of briskets and other types of meat needed to feed 150 guests or more for your BBQ parties.