bbqrs delight vs traeger pellets

BBQ Delight Pellets vs Traeger Pellets – Learn What’s Best for Your BBQ Grill

Nowadays, we can make anything in our microwave oven and it takes mere minutes to warm it up.

But we simply can’t get over the sheer joy and an amazing experience of the meat cooked on the grills with wood fire and that perfect smoky flavor.

If you are using pellet grills since last few months, then you must know that it is somewhat a tricky situation when it comes to choose between different types of wood Pellets.

I am specifically talking about BBQrs Delight wood pellets vs Traeger wood pellets.

These two have been in the market for so long and are trying to rule the market with their outstanding burning quality.

Today, in this article, I will help you choose the best pellets among the two.

I will provide you the best features, pros and cons of both the pellets.

And finally, you will see the unique differences between Traeger pellets and BBQ Delight pellets.

I am sure, after reading this article till the end, you will be in a better situation to decide which one to use for your BBQ pellet grill.

Main features of BBQ Delight Pellets

BBQrs Delight pellets are widely being used by grilling professionals and all the backyard grillers across the country.

They are among the best selling wood pellets across USA.

Here are the main features of these wood pellets.

1. 100% All Natural Hardwood

At the time of grilling, we can’t compromise on the overall food quality and its taste.

Natural hardwood serves this purpose by helping in the preservation of the food flavor and its quality.

Natural woods are also perfect for clean and hot burning which enhances our grilling experience.

2. Composition of the Pellets

As you know they provide a wide range of flavors, we must know what’s the composition in the first place.

The pellets contain 1/3 of the flavor (you choose) and the rest 2/3 is white oak wood.

Only the flavor “contest mix” is the exception as it contains 17% cherry, 17% pecan, and 66% oaks.

3. Consistency of the Pellets

After we’ve chosen the flavor, it’s time for some hot and perfect burn.

The best part is that you get the same predictable burning across every flavor.

So, as far as consistent burning is considered, BBQ Delight pellets work perfectly.

Pros and Cons of BBQ Delight Pellets

Now, let’s take a look at the Highs and Lows of these pellets.


1. Hot Burning: Consistent hot burning of the wood pellets makes the grilled food better in terms of taste and overall flavors.

BBQ Delight pellets do provide consistent hot burning during your food grilling period.

2. Natural Hardwood: The original and naturalness of the woods used in these pellets is what gives the food that smoky flavor and the perfect grilling experience for you.

Plus, if you want to have some extra flavors then, you can easily enhance the taste of your grilled food without losing its original taste.

3. Low Ashes: It’s kind of self-explanatory.

If you are getting low ashes at the end of the grilling then, you get full worth of your wood pellet investment.

Because low ash means maximum utilization of the wood for grilling your food.

The maximum amount of wood pellets is used to enhance the taste and flavor of your BBQ meat.


1. Less Flavor: The flavor you get per pellet is somewhat less as compared to Traeger pellets.

To get more flavor, you need to add extra wood pellets during the BBQ grilling.

This means, for higher flavor, you need to spend more cash.

2. Little Pricey: As compared to the same weight of 20 pounds of Traeger pellets bag, you need to pay little extra for the BBQ Rs Delight Pellets 20 pounds bag.

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Main features of Traeger Wood Pellets

The Traeger Pellets have been considered as gold standard by many NNQ grill users.

They are in this business for a long time and are one of the best selling wood pellets in the market.

Their main features are provided as follows.

1. Exceptional Hardwood Quality: As mentioned before, Traeger pellets are like gold in terms of quality.

They believe in purity which is why you’ll find their pellets to be free from any harmful substances or contaminants.

These wood pellets are also very durable and burn completely to get the best burning benefits during your grilling.

2. Environment Friendly: Do you know why you get the best grilling experience with Traeger?

Because their pellets are made from only 100% all-natural hardwood.

This is why you get that rich flavor in your meat.

This also make these pellets as Eco-friendly as possible.

3. Thin Smoke: The pellets make sure that you cook your meat and make the most out of it.

Thin smoke means clean smoke.

Also, overcooking the food isn’t a problem anymore as it’s prevented through slow burning pellets.

Furthermore, low ash generation is also why it’s been considered as the most eco-friendly and economical pellets.

Pros and Cons of Traeger Pellets

Let’s take a look at the most important benefits and disadvantages of using Traeger wood pellets.


1. Low Moisture: We know that moisture content will make us add more heat which means the generation of steam.

They make the moisture content low.

That’s why you get low ash generation and more smoky flavor.

2. No Additives: They don’t add any fillers in their pellets to ensure originality in them.

It makes them burn consistently and evenly.

The rich flavor and pleasant smell is what makes them more natural and eco-friendly option.

3. Eco-friendly Packaging: I mentioned earlier that these pellets are pretty eco-friendly with their usage.

But its not just the usage but their packaging is eco-friendly.

The packaging is made of recyclable products.

This signifies that the Traeger company also values the importance of plastic free environment and focuses on recyclable packaging for all their wood pellets.


1. Flavor Content and Smoke: In certain cases, you may not get that flavored taste which you expected.

Also, the clarity of the smoke may not be up to your satisfaction level.

However, you can add more pellets to the auger to get higher smoke and required flavor in your grilled meat.

2. Bit Expensive: As they are being the best selling wood pellets in the industry, well their rates are bit higher than their other counterparts.

If you are looking for the premium wood pellets offered by Traeger, then you will also have to pay a bit higher.

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Comparison Between BBQ Delight Pellets vs Traeger Pellets

I have compared the best features of both the branded pellets in the table below.

Let’s see them one by one.

BBQrs Delight PelletsTraeger Wood Pellets
1. The flavor of BBQ Delight pellets is little better than Traeger pellets.
Their 2/3 oak and 1/3 flavor wood makes all the difference.
1. If you are looking for burning quality and less flavor then choose Traeger wood pellets.
2. They release a thin and clean whitish smoke.2. They release a thin and clear white and blue smoke which is quite impressive.
3. Burn quality isn’t that great but flavor surely is.3. Burn quality is the best you can expect. The flavor is somewhat compromising.
4. Their popular flavors are Apple, Cherry, Pecan, and Contest Mix.4. Their popular flavors are Apple, Hickory, Mesquite, and Alder.
5. They burn easily but are consumed quickly as well.5. They don’t get consumed quickly and provide the best smoky texture.

Final verdict

Announcing the winner isn’t going to be easy as they both excel in different areas.

For instance, if you prefer flavor over burning or burn quality then, you need to choose BBQrs Delight Pellets.

But if you want obtain the best texture and that perfect burning to cook your meat then, you your best choice is Traeger wood pellets.

However, when we compare all the features then, Traeger pellets comes out to be the real winner.

The main reasons are their quality, authenticity, and Eco-friendly nature.

Yes, you will be experiencing a little bit of issue in taste or flavor but you can make it better by adding more pellets.

And that’s it, it’ll be sorted.

Also, we can’t forget that Traeger has been in the market for a very long time and they better know the market and what people actually needs for a better grilling experience.

So, my choice is also the Traeger pellets over BBQ’rs Delight wood pellets.

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