Can You Use Smokehouse Pellets in a Traeger Grill? – Comparison of Smokehouse vs Traeger Pellets

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Burning wood, sizzling meat, family gathering, and a Traeger Grill.

What a memorable family BBQ party it is for us?

Traeger electric grill has made grilling easier for us with time.

Compared to the earlier times, we’ve got the traditional way but in a modern style.

It has proven that modern technologies can connect you with your family in a healthy way.

The simplicity of these grills is what makes them great.

Because after all, you want to operate a smoker grill not to fly an airplane.

Furthermore, this grill works efficiently and cooks or grills our food to its best capability.

Just get the pellets, put them in the hopper, start it, and till then, prepare the food.

And, you’re ready to go.

In this scenario, you could get in a situation where your Traeger pellets might run out and you might left with no pellets.

What will you do if you can’t get Traeger wood pellets?

Will you go with other brand pellets such as Smokehouse wood pellets?

Will these pellets work with your Traeger grill?

The short and straightforward answer is “Yes”.

Yes, you can surely use Smokehouse wood pellets in your Traeger grill without any problems.

You can use Hickory and Apple flavor available from this brand.

However, only one thing you need to take care is to avoid choosing pellets that come with glue.

Smokehouse pellets with glue usually can ruin your whole grilling experience because they can affect the overall taste and flavor of your smoking meat.

Other than this issue, Smokehouse pellets are perfectly fine to use in your Traeger grill.

I will answer some of the important questions related to the use of Smokehouse wood pellets in a Traeger grill.  

I hope you will get more useful tips and knowledge regarding this topic and will be better prepared next time you use your Traeger grill.

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Who Makes Smokehouse Pellets?

Smokehouse is the brand which manufactures different types of electric smokers, gas smokers, meat grinders along with natural hardwood pellets.

Smokehouse products have been in the market since 1968 and they eventually got into the wood pellets business.

The source of your favorite smokehouse pellets is Pacific Northwest.

They provide different flavors like Alder, Hickory, Mesquite, Apple, etc.

Furthermore, these wood pellets are sourced from 100% natural hardwood.

There are no extra additives, oils, waxes that are added during the manufacturing.

The best part is, you can use specific flavors for a specific food.

But one thing remains constant regarding these Smokehouse pellets is their good taste and unique flavors.

There is no doubt they provide fine burning and add a good flavor to your grilled food.

Plus, these pellets don’t burn quickly and do offer much better consistency and quality as compared to the other pellets from the market.

During the manufacturing process, these pellets are thoroughly checked for quality and consistency which is why you get the best burn quality and flavor in your smoked meat.

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Do Smokehouse Pellets work in a Traeger Grill?

Yes, you can surely use wood pellets from other brands in your Traeger grill.

But I highly recommend to be a little careful while choosing the other brand pellets for your grill.

The reason there have been incidents where the glue was found in the pellets which will simply ruin your experience.

None of us wants to compromise both flavor and burn quality.

It might as well create issues in the Traeger grill itself if you aren’t careful enough while choosing the pellets.

But as already mentioned above, when it comes to burn quality, durability, taste and flavor; Smokehouse wood pellets are always one of the best performers so far.

Hence, Smokehouse wood pellets would be the nice choice indeed for your BBQ pellet grill.

Customers usually opt for Hickory and Apple and sometimes the blend of both.

These pellets burn longer and consistently.

They also last longer and produce more heat as compared to the other brand pellets.

From the price point of view also, Smokehouse pellets provide best ROI and are one of the most affordable pellets in the market.

The range suits almost everyone, the quantity is appreciated as well and the flavor is satisfactory.

But as a Traeger grill user, you must remember that the company recommend to use only the pellets provided from their brand.

The company says that the use of other brand pellets could affect the warranty period of your grill.

You can use other wood pellets but it might void the warranty of your grill.

Therefore, you should use other brand pellets in your Traeger grill on your own risk.

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Main Features of Smokehouse Wood Pellets

Let’s take a look at the main features of Smokehouse pellets.

1. Natural Hardwood: A good flavor in the smoked food is not only because of the flavored wood but also due to the smoke created by the wood.

That smoke gets even better when it comes from 100% all-natural hardwood.

Smokehouse offers the best wood pellets with no oils, additives and chemicals.

It also contains removed bitter tree bark which is good for getting more smoke and flavor.

2. Unique Flavors: Smokehouse wood pellets come with different flavors such as Apple, Alder, Cherry, Hickory, etc.

These varieties of flavors make your food delicious and tasty.

You can use Alder flavor for grilling seafood and trout, etc.

On the other side, for smoking steaks and beef, the best Smokehouse wood would be a cherry flavor.

3. Burning Consistency: You must use the wood pellets that burn firmly, for longer duration, and with the right temperature.

Smokehouse wood pellets do not compromise their quality or consistency.

These pellets do provide longer burning period with higher consistency and the right temperature for smoking meat.

4. Versatile Usage: Smokehouse wood pellets can be used for different types of grills and smokers without any issues.

You can use these pellets for all types of grills including charcoal, propane, natural gas, or smokers.

They will burn perfectly and provide the required heat and temperature for all grills and smokers.

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Pros and Cons of Smokehouse Wood Pellets

Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of these wood pellets one by one.


1. Natural Material: You get natural hardwood specifically from Pacific Northwest.

The natural hardwood makes sure that the grilled meat gets the required smoky flavor and natural taste.

2. No Additives and Chemicals: You get the natural taste and long-lasting flavor when you use these wood pellets for smoking the meat.

This happens only because these pellets do not contain any harmful additives, pesticides, chemicals, binders, or oils which are usually added during the manufacturing phase.

3. Ready to Use: These wood pellets are easy to use.

Just open the pack and start using it in any appliance you want.

You can also use it for variety of grillers and smokers.

It is certified by a trusted manufacturer, known as Smokehouse.

4. Long Burning Period: A good grill is mainly because of its wood pellets.

And Smokehouse wood pellets are considered good because they have tight compactness and are hard-pressed.

This is why they not only burn longer but also produce more heat and temperature required for smoking meat properly.


1. Higher Ash Generation: For certain flavor such as Alder Smokehouse pellets, there could be higher ashes generation.

You may find waste in the form of dense ash when using Alder flavor wood.

Therefore, try choosing only Hickory, Apple flavors of Smokehouse.

Smokehouse Pellets vs Traeger Pellets Comparison

Smokehouse Wood PelletsTraeger Wood Pellets
They are more affordable with competitive prices and don’t produce harmful smoke.No health risks involved but they are a bit expensive.
No oils or additives are added to ensure natural hardwood quality.To ensure smooth operation, soybean oil is added.
They make their pellets made with 100% natural hardwood.The pellets contain 70% alder wood and 30% of the flavor you choose.
If flavor is the priority, choose these pellets.The burn-to-smoke ratio is high. Choose these pellets if burn quality is your priority.
Their most popular flavours are Alder and Cherry.Their most popular flavors are Apple and Hickory.

Final Thoughts

If we keep both these pellets in front of each other, they will put up a good fight in terms of their performance.

But there’s a twist, they both win at points where the other loses and vice versa.

Smokehouse will provide you 100% natural hardwood pellets with great consistency and flavor but Traeger has the upper hand at burn quality and loses a bit at the flavor side.

Also, Traeger provides its signature blend which is a mix of flavors but it is quite expensive.

The opposite is in the case of smokehouse pellets.

Hence, to clear things, if you prefer the flavor and affordable wood pellets with a bit quality, then do choose Smokehouse wood pellets.

But if you prefer burn quality and those signature blends then, select Traeger wood pellets.

Both of them are great choices and come with their own unique features and benefits.

Therefore, choose what is best for your pellet grill.

Good luck!


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