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Can You Paint the Inside of a Smoker? – Find 3 Food Safe and High Heat Paints to Use for Your Smoker

Have you used your BBQ grill for more than 2-3 years consistently?

If yes, then you must know by now that your barbecue grill has to withstand high temperature levels for a longer period of time.

This leads to the peeling of the paint inside of the smoker.

There is no adverse effect on the food you are cooking due to the peeling of the paint.

However, peeled paint might actually ruin the look of your grill which you have purchased with so much love and hard earned money.

So, my question today is can you paint the inside of a smoker.

And the answer is “Yes”, absolutely you can if you want.

Several people advise not to paint the inside of the grill.

Because the paint will peel again sooner or later, and your food will absorb toxic chemicals from that paint.

I agree with this statement but only partially.

There are numerous traditional paint alternatives available in the market such as food safe paint, enamel paint and ceramic paint, etc.

These high heat safe and natural paints are not only safe to use but also last longer and work more effectively by enhancing the look of your grill.

Want to know more about the type of paint you should use to paint the inside of your smoker?

Read on to find out more!

Is It Safe to Paint The Inside of a Smoker?

AS per my experience, if you are using a normal paint to paint the inside of your smoker, it’s of no use.

As already mentioned above, normal paint will eventually peel, and there is also a chance that the toxic chemical might seep into the food that you are already cooking.

However, heat-resistant paint can be used as it does not chip away due to high temperatures and is also non-toxic.

Some of the best paints that you can use for inside of a smoker is enamel paint and barbecue paint.

You need to make sure that whatever paint you choose, it should be able to handle the high temperature level of at least 500-degreess F and even more.

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3 Safe and Best Paints for BBQ Smokers

There are a lot of good-quality paint options for BBQ smokers available in the market.

If you know what features you are looking for, selecting the right BBQ smoker paint becomes an easy task.

However, I have given some of the best quality paints for the smoker to make your decision simpler.

1. Krylon High Heat Spray Paint

This is a non-toxic high heat proof spray paint that can easily withstand temperatures up to 1200-degreess F when used intermittently.

It can also withstand up to 600-degreess F when used on a continuous basis.

The paint takes just 15 minutes to dry and protects your smoker against rust.

At the same time, it offers the best glossy glow for your smoker.

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2. Rust-Oleum High Heat BBQ Spray Paint

This spray paint is easy to use and provides a satin finish to your smoker.

It can withstand temperature levels as high as 1200 degrees Fahrenheit and can be used on most of BBQ grills, smokers, fire pits,wood stoves and radiators.

Unlike other paints, this one can be used on the interior as well as on the exterior parts of your BBQ smokers and grills.

If you wish to get the job done fast, Rust-Oleum paint is a good choice as the paint takes less than 30 minutes to completely dry which makes your paint work much faster.

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3. Rutland Premium Hi-Temp Brush-On Paint

This brush-on paint for smokers is free of any toxic chemicals like lead, vinyl chloride, or fluorocarbons.

These harmful chemicals can easily penetrate into your food and can make your grilled food toxic.

It is a weather and heat-resistant paint also that provides 1 year of UV protection after application.

Apart from smokers, you can use this paint on lamp posts, brass, stoves, grills, and furnaces.

This paint is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use.

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How Do You Coat Inside of a Smoker?

Because of the continuous high temperature and constant use over a period, the paint inside the smoker peels and chips away gradually.

If you wish to coat the internal parts of the smoker again, then the first thing you need to do is to properly clean the internal surface using soap and warm water.

Please note that disassembling the smoker before cleaning and painting makes the job easier.

Therefore, always disassemble the parts of the smoker to make the cleaning and painting job comfortable for you.

Once you have cleaned the inside and allowed it to air dry, then scrub the same area using a good quality drill powered smoker cleaning brush.

Instead of hand scrubbing, you can use this drill powered cleaning brush which comes with soft, medium and hard bristle brushes.

With the help of this automatic cleaning brush, you can remove old stubborn hard water stains, calcium stains, mineral stains and old rust of your smoker easily.

If any rust remains even after cleaning, scrub it properly using a sandpaper.

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The next step is to actually paint the inside of your smoker.

Instead of one heavy coat, I highly recommend to apply several thin coats on the internal parts of the smoker.

Applying several thin coats will not only provide a better appearance, but also make the paint last longer.

Once the painting is done, let it air dry for some time.

Only use the smoker again once the paint is completely dry.

Can You Use High Heat Paint on the inside of the BBQ Smoker?

The simple answer is “Yes”.

You can certainly make use of a high heat paint to paint all the parts of your BBQ smoker.

This paint is long-lasting and capable of handling temperatures over 500-degrees F.

It can be used to paint outside as well as the inside components of the smoker.

Just make sure that the paint is 100% heat resistant or else it won’t last long.

In that case, you will have to repaint the surface again and again after few months.

If this happens, then it will be a tedious and repetitive task for you which you certainly don’t want to get involved in again and again.

3 Best Food Safe BBQ Grill Paints to Use

There are 3 best foot safe paints which I can recommend if you want to paint your BBQ grill.

Those 3 paints are as follows.

1. Rust Oleum Enamel High Heat Spray Paint

Rust oleum is a great brand with numerous paints in its collection that can help serve your individual needs.

If you are looking for a high-quality food safe grill paint, then this enamel spray paint is the ideal choice for you.

This black coloured paint is heat and weather resistant and will easily protect your grill surface against all types of rust and corrosion.

It is an oil-based paint that takes less than half an hour to dry.

This means it is a good choice for getting the job done quickly as well as efficiently.

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2. Majic High Temperature Enamel Spray Paint

This is another food safe and heat resistant enamel spray paint for grills that I highly recommend to use.

It protects the metal surface from rust, moisture, and corrosion.

It is also simple to apply because only one coat is required to achieve the satin finish.

Majic spray paint can withstand temperatures as high as 1300 degrees Fahrenheit and dries quickly after application.

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3. Stove Bright High Temp Spray Paint

This spray paint by Stove Bright is available in many colours such as, charcoal, blue, brown, clear, and red.

So, if you are bored with the standard black colour paints that are usually available in the market, you can opt for this paint instead.

The paint can withstand temperatures up to 1200-degrees F and is easy to use and apply.

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