5 High Heat Spray Paint Colors To Transform Your Grill Grates

Due to years of constant usage, and due to wear and tear, the paint on your grill grates can chip away and become dull in appearance over a period, in which case you might need to add some high heat spray paint colors to your aging grill.

If the discolored look bothers you and if you are wondering whether you can paint your grill grates, the simple answer is yes, you can.

However, you can not use every traditional type of paint which is available in the market when it comes to painting your grill grates.

Normal paint will not last long because it can’t withstand high temperature.

This means, if you use regular paint, then it will wither away in few days due to constant exposure to extreme heat level.

That’s why you need to use a spray paint that is high heat resistant as well as food safe.

If you are still unsure about which type of paint you should use on your grill grates then I highly recommend to read this article entirely.

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High Heat Spray Paint Colors

Is It Safe to Paint BBQ Grill Grates?

Yes, you can definitely paint your BBQ Grill grates once they become discolored.

But not all regular paints are safe to use for your grill grates.

The traditional paints which are available in the market, are not food safe and contain several toxic chemicals.

These paints contain chemicals such as carcinogens, additives and resins which can seep in the food you are cooking on the grill and can make you ill.

Carcinogen, is also popularly known as aflatoxin.

It is a dangerous chemical that can make people very sick and cause cancer when consumed in large quantities on a regular basis.

And that’s the main reason many experts suggest not to paint the grill grates with the traditional paint products.

They instead suggest coating the grates with cooking oil to reduce chipping.

However, there are a few food-safe paint options available in the market that are absolutely safe to use.

You can use them on your grill grates to get the new shiny look while maintaining the quality of your grilled food.

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What Paint is the Best to Coat Grill Grates with?

To coat your grill grates, you need a paint that is heat-resistant, durable, long-lasting and anti-corrosive.

While there are numerous such paint options available in the market, my personal favorite paint is Rust-Oleum BBQ finish spray paint. 

This paint is very easy to use and highly heat resistant in nature.

It also comes in a handy bottle and is non-toxic and food safe to paint your grill grates.

5 Main Features of Rust Oleum BBQ Spray Paint

1. It can withstand high temperature level up to 1200-degrees F intermittently, and when used continuously it can withstand heat up to 600-degrees F.

2. It is very durable and long-lasting by nature.

3. It offers maximum protection against rust and corrosion for your grill grates.

4. This paint dries to the touch in less than 30 minutes and dries to handle in around 1 hour.

5. The paint is available in 5 colors viz. green, white, black, almond and silver. So, you have plenty of color options for your grill grates.

5 High Heat Spray Paint Colors

High Heat Spray Paint Colors offer a diverse palette to enhance the aesthetic of any high-temperature appliance.

From classic black and sleek silver to vibrant greens, white and copper, these paints provide not only durability and protection against the elements but also an opportunity to personalize your items.

Whether you’re refreshing a grill, stove, or smoker, there’s a color to match every style and preference, ensuring your equipment looks as good as it performs.

5 Simple Steps to Properly Coat Grill Grates with a Food Safe Paint

You can paint your grill grates in 5 easy steps with the help of a reliable food safe and high heat resistant paint.

Those 5 steps are provided as follows:

  1. First step is to clean your grill grates properly.
    You can use a damp towel or rinse them with liquid detergent and warm water.
    For more details on cleaning grill grates, click here.

  2. Once the grates are clean, let them air dry for some time.
    Now use a wire brush to scrape off any rust or chipped paint that has accumulated on the surface.
    If after cleaning thoroughly still some residue remains, then remove it by scrubbing the surface with a sandpaper.

  3. Now, you are ready to paint the grill grates.
    Tape the areas that you don’t wish to paint.
    This includes the handles, and any surface which doesn’t need painting.

  4. Apply several coats of paint instead of applying just one thick one.
    This will ensure that the paint is applied properly, lasts longer and the grates look professionally painted.

  5. Once the coating is entirely finished, leave the grates to air dry for a while.
    You should only use the grill again once the paint is completely dry.


Can You Use Enamel and Ceramic Paint for Grill Grates?

Yes, you can use both enamel and ceramic paint to paint your grill grates without any issues.

Both enamel and ceramic are heat-resistant paints, which means they can handle temperature as high as 1200-1500 degrees F.

Let’s talk about ceramic paint first.

Ceramic paint is heat-resistant, corrosion resistant, non-toxic, and free from any kind of harmful chemicals.

These benefits are the major reasons why ceramic paint is so popularly used as paints in machines that are exposed to high heat on a regular basis.

Enamel paint is an oil-based paint that is heat-resistant and food-safe with no toxic chemicals.

The best part about enamel paint is that it’s really long-lasting and durable.

So, once you repaint the grill grates with enamel paint, you will be ensured that the grates look brand-new for a long period of time.

In fact, most of the high-quality food safe paints available in the market currently are enamel based paints.

3 Best High Heat Paint to Use for Grill Grates

There are some very high-quality high heat paint options present in the market that you can choose for painting the grill grates safely.

While the options are plenty, not every paint will meet your needs.

Hence, it is important that you see the features carefully and read the reviews before making the purchase.

Here are 3 of my personal favorite paint brands which are best to use for your grill grates.

1. Rust Oleum BBQ Spray Paint

I have already talked about this paint in the above section.

But it needs to be mentioned again here.

Rust Oleum spray paint is one of the best high heat paints available in the market.

It can withstand high temperature up to 1200-degrees F intermittently, and when used continuously it can withstand heat up to 600-degrees F.

It is extremely durable, and provides optimum protection against rust and corrosion of your grill.

2. Rutland 80 High Temp Paint

Rutland spray paint is a black high heat spray paint color that provides a matte finish to your grill grates.

It can withstand heat up to 1200-degrees F and is perfect for use in grill grates, stoves, smokers and fireplaces.

This paint can be easily used on a lot of surfaces and requires no primer beforehand.

A single coat is enough when you use this paint which means you save a lot of time and money in the process.

3. Majic Barbeque Enamel Paint

My third best option is the Majic barbeque enamel spray paint.

This paint can easily handle high temperature level up to 1300 degrees F. 

It also provides a glossy look to your grill grates that does not rust and stain easily.

The paint is durable and one single coat is needed to cover the area completely.

It also dries pretty quickly, and it takes only 30 minutes for it to dry to touch.


Best High Temp Paint For Grills

Heat Resistant Paint

What Paints Are Food Safe


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