Traeger Grill Not Heating: How to Fix Heating Issues

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If your Traeger grill is not heating then the optimal 450°F can be challenging if you’re facing common issues. Here’s a streamlined guide to diagnose and resolve these problems, ensuring your Traeger grill functions flawlessly.

Essential Troubleshooting for Traeger Grills Not Heating

Replace Traeger Hot Rod: A common reason your Traeger grill not heating properly is a faulty hot rod. If you notice your Traeger grill not heating as it should, promptly replace the Traeger hot rod to ensure consistent ignition and optimal temperatures.

Traeger Grill Cleaning: Regular Traeger grill cleaning is vital. Ash build-up in the firepot can significantly impede airflow, a critical component for your Traeger grill not heating past a certain point. Ensure thorough Traeger grill cleaning to remove ash and maintain airflow.

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Traeger Firepot Replacement: Inspect the firepot during your routine Traeger grill cleaning. Rusted holes from ash accumulation necessitate a Traeger firepot replacement to restore proper heating functionality.

Traeger Induction Fan Issues: An operational induction fan is crucial for even temperature distribution. If your Traeger grill not heating evenly, check for Traeger induction fan issues. Replacing a malfunctioning fan can rectify Traeger induction fan issues and stabilize grill temperatures.

Adjusting Traeger Chimney Cap: For optimal airflow, adjusting the Traeger chimney cap is necessary. A tightly adjusted Traeger chimney cap can restrict air, preventing the grill from reaching high temperatures. Loosening the Traeger chimney cap ensures better air intake and heat production.

Traeger Wood Pellets: Utilizing high-quality Traeger wood pellets is essential for consistent heating. Low-quality pellets can be the culprit behind your grill not heating efficiently. Always opt for Traeger wood pellets to guarantee a steady temperature.

RTD Probe for Traeger Grill: The RTD probe is instrumental in monitoring your grill’s temperature. If experiencing issues with your Traeger grill not heating accurately, checking the RTD probe for Traeger grill and replacing it if damaged is crucial for accurate temperature readings.

traeger grill not heating

Preheating and Maintaining Your Traeger

Preheating your Traeger grill for 20-30 minutes is critical to reach 350°F before adjusting to a higher temperature. This step is particularly important for Wi-Fi-enabled models, emphasizing the need for a closed lid to avoid Traeger grill not heating issues.

Maintaining Optimal Temperature: If faced with a low temperature error, restarting your grill with the lid closed can help. This practice assists in preventing the Traeger grill not heating properly, ensuring heat does not escape and maintaining the desired cooking temperature.


Regular maintenance, including Traeger grill cleaning and timely replacement of parts like the Traeger firepot replacement, Traeger induction fan, and RTD probe for Traeger grill, along with the use of high-quality Traeger wood pellets, are key steps in troubleshooting a Traeger grill not heating issue. Addressing these common causes effectively ensures your Traeger grill reaches the desired 450°F, enhancing your grilling sessions. For further guidance, Traeger’s online resources and customer service offer extensive support and troubleshooting tips.

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