why do weber grill grates rust

Why Do Weber Grill Grates Rust? – 3 Reasons and 5 Methods to Remove Rust from Weber Grill Grates

If you have been using Weber grill at your home and storing it outside for some reason since last few years, then you might have come across you Weber grill grates rusting.

Different Weber grill parts face the rusting issue due to several reasons.

One of the most important parts of the Weber grill is its grates.

Weber grill grates also rust due to different reasons such as the constant exposure to water, ice, air, and other contaminants when the grill is stored outside.

When your grill is located outside, it is easily exposed to these external factors and then these elements promote the formation of rust on the grill grates.

Generally, rust develops because the grills are not cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

In this situation, you need to properly season your Weber grill grates and prevent the formation of rust.

I have described all the reasons of rust formation on the Weber grill grates below in detail.

I recommend you to read it through and apply the right solution to your grills to prevent rusting issue in future.

Do Weber Grill Grates Rust?

Yes, Weber grills grates can rust, if necessary, measures are not taken for prevention.

You can use a stiff wire cleaning brush to clean the grates properly each time you use your grill.

A regular cleaning this way can help in preventing rust formation on the grill grates.

But if the grills are made of stainless steel, the wire will damage the grill grates.

In this case, you may use a solution of white vinegar and salt to remove the rust.

What is the Weber Grill Rust Warranty?

Weber offers a minimum of 2-year warranty for all their products.

The time of warranty starts from the date on which you have purchased the product instead of the date of manufacturing.

Weber grates, bowls and cook boxes offer a warranty of 5-10 years.

You can get the parts replaced from the manufacturers at Weber when they get damaged and are within warranty period.

How Long Do Weber Grill Grates Last?

Weber Grill grates last for an average of 5-10 years.

If you are not maintaining the grills properly, their life can reduce up to 3 years.

If you use them more often than they may last up to 3 years.

It essentially depends on the way you use your Weber grill.

Overall, the grill lasts for a minimum of 2 years.

There are some factors which have an impact on the life of the grill like; weather, pests and moulds.

You can increase the lifespan of the grills by:

No. 1: Covering it properly

No. 2: Cleaning it thoroughly

No. 3: Replacing the grills after enough usage.

Is It Ok to Grill on Rusted Grill Grates?

In my opinion, it is Okay to grill on mildly rusted Weber grill grates and that too for once or twice only.

Once you consume such food that is grilled on too much rusted grill, then it may increase the iron content in your body.

But making it a habit can be dangerous for your health.

The rust can get into your food and change the food taste.

This also leads to reduction of food quality and hygiene.

Consistent ingestion of rust can damage your GIT. 

Thus, I would prefer to prevent the formation of rust on the grills by cleaning them after every use.

I have shared some methods of removing the rust from the Weber grill grates below.

3 Main Reasons Behind Rusting of Weber Grill Grates

Following are the main reasons behind rusting of your Weber Grill Grates.

Reason 1: Grease coming from the grill parts can cause your grills to rust over time.

In this case, it is better to clean the grills thoroughly each time after cooking otherwise it will promote the rusting of grills.

Reason 2: When the grates are exposed to moisture, rust starts building up on the grill parts.

So, after you are done with the Barbeque, I highly recommend you to cover your Weber grill with nylon or some other tight-wrapping cloth.

This will obviously prevent the contact of the grill with the external atmosphere and will this avoid rusting of the grates too.

Reason 3: If you don’t maintain your grills in the cold weather, it can result in oxidation.

Constant oxidation process gradually leads to rusting of the grill parts.

So, grease, oxidation and moisture exposure are some of the main reasons of grill rusting.

I will now provide some simple solutions to avoid these problems so that you can protect the grill grates from rusting.

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5 Easy Methods to Remove Rust from Weber Grill Grates

I will now provide 5 simple methods that will help you remove rust from the corroded grills.

Let’s have a look at them.

Method 1: Use 2:1 mixture of white vinegar and salt.

Next, put the Weber grill grates in a large garbage bag.

Pour inside the mixture of salt and vinegar and close the bag.

Let it sit there for one whole night.

Next day, use a rough cloth to clean the rust from those grates.

Method 2: Coat vegetable oil on the grill grates.

Avoid sprayer bottles as they are explosive.

Vegetable oil will help to remove moderate rust from your Weber grill grates.

Method 3: You can purchase a good quality grill rust remover such as Goo Gone Grill Grate Cleaner to use on the grills.

This cleaner is great for all types of grills and smokers.

It is also safe to use on food-prep surfaces and you can even use it for electric and pellet smokers.

I highly recommend to use this cleaner gel to eliminate rust from your Weber grill grates.

Click Here to Get Goo Gone Grate Cleaner to Remove Rust from Your Grill Grates.

Method 4: Sprinkle food grade baking soda on the grills and turn on the grates.

It will start bubbling.

Let the grills cool for some time and then clean it with a grill cleaning brush.

This will help you remove the Rust from the grill grates quickly.

Method 5: You can use a sandpaper to rub on the grill grates.

This is also another simple method to quickly remove the rust from the Weber grill grates.

4 Best Weber Grill Grate Cleaners to Remove Rust from Grates

Are you looking for the best Weber Grill Grate cleaners?

I have shortlisted a few cleaners for you considering the following factors.

They should be multi-purpose, ability to provide quick results, environment- friendly, and extra features.

Let’s have a look at the four such grate cleaners present in the market today.

No. 1: Citrusafe Grill Cleaning Spray

Citrusafe Cleaning spray is an environment-friendly spray with a good smell and scent.

It can remove all the grease from the grill grates and can add a shine to it.

The active ingredient in this spray is citrus.

It is a multipurpose cleaner and is safe for all types of  grills.

It can also be sprayed on cold grills without any issues.

Click Here to Get Citrusafe Grill Cleaning Spray.

No. 2: Therapy Stainless Steel Cleaner

Therapy cleaner works well on greasy grills.

It has a plant-based formula and the pack contains a microfibre cloth too.

You can use it for an enhanced cleaning experience.

It will remove all the heavy grease stains from the exterior and interior of your grill grates.

It is mostly suitable to remove rust from stainless-steel based grill grates.

Click Here to Get Therapy Stainless Still Grill Cleaner.

No. 3: Weber Grill Grates Cleaner

Weber grill grate cleaner can easily remove all the stuck grease and grime from the grill grates.

It is non-hazardous, non-poisonous, non-acidic and safe to use.

It has no smell and can be used directly on hot or cold grills.

It will cut through all the grease and oil on the grates.

Let the sprayed solution sit on the grease for some time and then use a cloth to wipe it off.

Don’t use it for cleaning the exterior of the grill.

Click Here to Get Weber Grill Grates Cleaner.

No. 4: Traeger Pellet Grill Natural Cleaner

Traeger grill cleaner is a moderate cleaner with an environment-friendly and organic formula.

It is a multi-purpose cleaner with all the stain-removing properties. Spray it on your grill grates.

Let it sit there just for 5 mins.

Wipe it off and you can see the clear difference in your grills.

But if the grime has been on the grills for years and years, don’t expect to see a major difference.