how accurate is weber kettle grill thermometer

How Accurate is Weber Kettle Grill Thermometer? – Know the Best Place to Install a Grill Thermometer

As per my research and study, I can surely say that the Weber Kettle Grill is unquestionably one of the best grills and even smokers that has ever been created in the market today.

This Weber grill is adaptable, strong, and most importantly, affordable for everyday average grillers.

Weber Kettle Grill thermometer is the device which comes pre-attached to your grill’s dome or hood of the cooker.

It is mainly used to measure the inner temperature of the grill while the food is being cooked.

The commonly observed problem with these thermometers is despite how costly the grill might be, the temperature readings provided by these grill thermometers is not very accurate.

In this article, I am actually going to discuss this specific topic about the accuracy of most Weber Kettle Grill thermometers.

One problem I have seen that no matter how costly your grill is, the thermometers that are provided with these grills, are always made out of cheap materials.

Also, the place where this thermometer is fixed, detects temperature up to 50°F colder than where your food is cooking.

These thermometers have a range of 0 to 700 degrees F and measure approximate accurate temperature readings of your Weber kettle grills.

Another issue with this thermometer is that the temperature of your cooking surface cannot be measured by hood-mounted grill thermometers.

No matter how accurate they are, they can’t detect or tell you the exact cooking or grilling temperature.

The majority of grill hood thermometers display the temperature of hot air that is closest to their mounting location on the interior of the hood.

Additionally, if you place a deflector plate underneath the food, heat currents will go up the sides of the cooker and out the top.

This actually raises the temperature on the dome thermometer above the temperature level of the food which is being cooked.

This tells us that most Weber Kettle Grill Thermometers show only approximate temperature readings and not entirely accurate food temperature readings.

However, the thermometer may not be accurate, but it might give you some idea about the temperature of your food being cooking inside.

The advantage of these thermometers is that they are really easy to use and clean.

They also help you cook and measure your food’s temperature simultaneously.

Using a meat thermometer probe also allows you to save money, which is a huge benefit for average grillers.

People who enjoy grilling are aware of the trouble and expense involved in making sure everything is done properly.

All of these actions are taken to guarantee that your cuisine is prepared to perfection.

While the food that isn’t cooked properly is unpleasant to consume, especially if you have worked so hard to prepare it.

To feed your family a delicious food, owning a meat thermometer is the best option you have.

In further sections of this article, I will provide you more insights about whether it’s a good idea to use grill thermometers that are being provided with them.

So, kindly keep reading this article till the end.

Are Weber Kettle Grill Thermometers Accurate?

If you only use a one-zone fire to grill hamburgers and hot dogs on the Weber kettle grill, then you don’t need to worry about the lid or hood mounted thermometer.

Because hood mounted thermometers are accurate enough for this job of determining the temperature inside the kettle.

However, if you smoke meat on your Weber kettle grill, then the issue is obvious.

In this case, the lid thermometer or hood mounted thermometer is on the opposite side.

When smoking meat on the Weber kettle grill, you should position the meat behind the exhaust damper and on the other side of the fire.

In this manner, the smoke is drawn over the meat while you are smoking with indirect heat.

The lid thermometer, on the other hand, is on the side of your meat.

Thus, it measures the temperature above your fire, which is much hotter than heat in the indirect zone.

In such a scenario, even though you replace your cheap thermometer with a costlier and most advanced one, it can never show an accurate temperature.

This is because of the 1-2 inches stem which is placed near the top of the dome.

Even if the thermometer is in perfect condition, the reading shown includes the air space above your food, so it can never be accurate.

Also, it can’t be convenient as every time you open your grill to check if your food is cooked, the heat inside escapes and the reading becomes zero.

The longer your grill’s lid is closed, the closer the readings are. 

Where is the Best Place to Install a Thermometer on a Weber Kettle Grill?

A thermometer can be installed in the lid or the cooking area in the middle.

However, a few people mount them in both the locations.

The lid, in my opinion, is the ideal place to measure the cooker’s overall temperature.

The stock thermometer is mounted on the other side of the handle opposite the vent.

Near the top of a smoker or grill, the temperature is typically higher.

The temperature will appear higher than it is if a thermometer is installed there.

In this case, I recommend to mount the thermometer on the side, a few inches above the grate, and at the same level as the food.

This will surely help you to get the most accurate temperature readings.

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Can a Weber Kettle Grill Thermometer be Calibrated?

Yes, a Weber Kettle Grill can be calibrated and it is very easy to do so.

By calibrating, you can make sure that the temperature in your pit, or another cooking environment, is appropriate.

It’s crucial to be accurate in this step, so that you can adjust your fuel and dampers for the best possible cook.

To calibrate your thermometer means to take as exact measurements as possible.

Consider it more or less like fine-tuning your thermometer.

As a sensitive measuring tool, you should make sure your thermometer is in good working condition so that you can get an accurate measurement.

Occasionally, when you light the grill, you could find that your thermometer reading is simply inconsistent.

Do not be alarmed if this happens with you.

There is no need to consider that it is broken or damaged and you need to purchase a new replacement.

Almost all of the time, it merely means that the thermometer just needs to be properly recalibrated.

How to Upgrade Weber Kettle Thermometer?

The Weber Kettle Grill is undoubtedly one of the best “poor man’s” smokers you can buy from the market.

If properly accessorized, it can smoke just as well as an expensive grill for a typical household.

Although this kettle grill comes with a pre-attached thermometer, it is not 100 percent accurate.

It is actually inaccurate for the home-griller who wants to turn their Weber kettle grill into an awesome smoking machine.

In order to upgrade Weber Kettle Grill Thermometer, kindly follow the below mentioned steps.

Step 1: First, remove the bezel and insert the thermometer, washer, and steel lock nut after enlarging the stock hole to 3/4″ using a 3/4″ metal hole saw.

Step 2: Remove the stock thermometer and existing wing nut, attach the gap-filling nut to the stem of the replacement thermometer.

Step 3: After that, insert the replacement thermometer into the bezel, and hold it with the dial face centred on the bezel while tightening the replacement wing nut.

That’s all you have to do to upgrade your Weber kettle grill thermometer.

What is the Best Replacement Thermometer for Weber Kettle Grill?

As per my research and experience, I can recommend you to 2 best thermometer options for your Weber Kettle Grill.

No. 1: TEL-TRU BQ300 BBQ Thermometer

If you are willing to upgrade the stock thermometer to a higher quality and accurate one, then choose Tel-Tru BQ300 Thermometer .

It is much higher quality, easy to read and offers most accurate readings.

No. 2: TEL-TRU BQ225 BBQ Thermometer

This thermometer is also a good upgrade for your stock one.

The dial face of the Tel-Tru BQ225 is 1/2 inch wider than the standard Weber thermometer.

It has a 2.5-inch stem and a 2-inch dial with a temperature range of 100-500°F.

The dial face is weatherproof and has zones for “Smoke,” “Barbecue,” and “Grill.”

Click Here to Get Tel-Tru BQ225 Thermometer for Your Weber Kettle Grill.