weber 26 inches grill vs weber 22 inches grill

Weber 26 vs Weber 22 Grill – 7 Differentiating Factors to Find the Best Weber Charcoal Grill

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to separate a charcoal grill from another grill, especially if it comes from the same brand.

If you step out for a kettle style grill, it is hard not to go wrong with Weber.

The founder of the company has developed this type of grill, and Weber’s name has been strong ever since.

In this article, I will specially look at Weber 26 grill vs Weber 22 grill to find out what makes each one different and who has better features and performance.

Main Features of Weber 26 Pellet Grill

The 26-inch kettle has a nice upgrade over the base model kettle grill and makes it look like a 22-inch Master Touch.

These improvements include:

No. 1: Combined Cork Holder

No. 2: Coal Baskets

No. 3: Hinged Stainless Steel Grate

This is the only kettle that offers a stainless-steel grate at this price point.

Every other kettle grill comes with a nickel-plated steel plate.

Nickel-plated steel looks good when it is new, but the plating goes off quickly.

And after that these Weber grill grates rust rapidly and looks really bad after a few years.

In my experience, the stainless-steel grates on this grill will last for much longer time period.

This specific 26-inch Weber charcoal grill also comes with loads of other features that includes:

No. 1: Built-in dome thermometer

No. 2: Heatshield cover

No. 3: The One-Touch ash cleaning system

No. 4: High precision airflow capability

No. 5: 10-year warranty on porcelain-enameled lid and bowl

No. 6: Total Cooking Surface of 508 square inches

No. 7: A stainless-steel cooking pot made of stainless steel which again provides 508 inches of cooking space

No. 8: Closed built-in handle, built-in thermometer, and adjustable damper with four air vents.

No. 9: Installed web Connect that turns the grill into a complete smart grilling hub.

No. 10: Single touch-cleaning system, which allows the ash removal a convenient operation.

No. 11: Tuck-away lid holder.

I like this Weber 26 inch Premium Charcoal grill because it is very easy to assemble and it comes with all the tools and components already installed.

According to some past users, these grills provide much better performance as compared to the other similar category charcoal grills from the other brands in the market.

What also makes this grill different is that it has enough space to smoke indirectly.

Now, I will explain few pros and cons of this Weber 26 inch grill which are as follows.

6 Pros and 3 Cons of Weber 26 Inch Premium Charcoal Grill


No. 1: It offers plenty of grilling space for average grillers

No. 2: Comes with built-in lid thermometer which is really useful is assessing approx. temperature readings

No. 3: It is extremely versatile and offers multiple grilling options

No. 4: You can move it easily and can also clean it up faster

No. 5: It carries a hinged stainless steel cooking grate that enables you to maneuver coals without lifting the rack.

No. 6: It is designed to maximize airflow and retain heat, allowing the outdoor chef to cook to perfection.


No. 1: I feel its base is somewhat weak and it is not ideal for searing. Its legs are bit harder to attach when you assemble the grill.

No. 2: When you Smoke the food in this grill, then it somehow lacks that much needed smokey flavor.

Bottom Line

The Weber 26-inch grill is the only kettle grill with a stainless-steel grates.

Some grills come with nickel-plated steel, which looks good when new but comes off quickly, exposing the grates to rust.

Now, if you are looking for a premium quality charcoal grill that can last a long time and at the same time serve all your BBQ needs, then you can definitely go for Weber 26-inch grill without a doubt.

Also, this grill is budget friendly and almost every new griller can afford it.

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Main Features of Weber 22 Inch Premium Charcoal Grill

On the other side, Weber 22 Inches Premium Charcoal Grill also comes with loads of unique features and can be quite a strong competition to the Weber 26 inch charcoal grill.

Some of its unique features are listed below for your reference.

No. 1: Superior Heat Retention and Precision Heat Control

The porcelain-enameled lid and the container keep the heat at a constant temperature even for cooking.

No. 2:  It comes with Shields Handle from Heat

No. 3: It offers a pretty durable heavy gauge steel plated cooking grates

No. 4: It can withstand higher temperatures

No. 5: It has durable wheels and it is damn easy to clean

No. 6: It comes with very convenient lid placement

No. 7:  Its diameter is 22 inches and it has total cooking surface of around 363 square inches

No. 8: It has a Warranty of 10 years which also includes bowl and lid.

No. 9: This grill features a Single-cleaning system.

With this system, you can remove ashes freely with your single hand.

You just need to move the level to the sides, and more dirt and ash will pass through the ash trap, making it easier to dispose of.

No. 10: This Weber grill is well equipped with all-weather-adjusted tires which are basically two weatherproof wheels.

With these wheels, you can comfortably move the grill from one to another.

7 Pros and 2 Cons of Weber 22 Inches Charcoal Grill


No. 1: Quite easy to use, even for first-timers

No. 2: Durable construction

No. 3: Excellent heat retention

No. 4: Convenient ash management system

No. 5: Easy to assemble the free-standing.

No. 6: Its rounded design allows for an even distribution of heat.

No. 7: It has adjustable holes, making it easy to empty excess debris.


No. 1: Temperature control can be complicated if you do not know what you are doing, especially for low-and-slow cooking applications.

No. 2: Bowl configuration means you must remove the top grate to use a chimney starter and it does not have a hinged lid.

Bottom Line

In my opinion, Weber 22-inch Premium Charcoal Grill is a pretty reliable and durable grill which is highly suitable for grillers looking for affordable kettle grills.

Even if it may not meet all your needs, if you are looking for a well-designed charcoal grill that fits the package, then this product is what you want.

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7 Comparison Factors Between Weber 26 Grill vs Weber 22 Grill

If you are first timer, then choosing between the Weber 26-inch grill vs Weber 22-inch grill, is not an easy decision.

To help you make your decision simpler and faster, below I have provided a comparison table of Weber 26 vs Weber 22 Grill features.

I hope this will surely help you decide the best Weber charcoal grill that suits your needs and specific requirements.

   Weber 22 Premium Charcoal Grill     Weber 26 Premium Charcoal Grill
Weight37.3 lb., lightweight grill61.6 lb., little bulkier than Weber 22 grill
Size or Diameter of Grill22 inches26 inches
Cooking Grate Material  Plated steel, Hinged, More Durable Than Weber 26 grillRegular Stainless Steel, Hinged, Lesser Durable than Weber 22 grill
Grilling Area  Offers 363 sq. inches grilling surface lesser than Weber 26 grillOffers much larger grilling area as compared to Weber 22 grill (508 sq. inches)
Ash Management System  Made from Aluminized steel material and less efficient than Weber 26Made from pure stainless steel and provides better ash management than Weber 22 grill
Easy to AssembleDue to compact sizing, Weber 22 grill is easier to assembleDue to more bulkier sizing, it is a bit harder to assemble than Weber 22 grill.
PortabilityDue to Small and Compact size, it is easily movable.Due to bit bulky sizing, it is less convenient to move as compared to Weber 22 grill.

If you want more detailed comparison between these 2 Weber grills, then I recommend to watch the following video.

My Final Verdict

As per the information and comparison factors provided in the above table, Weber 22-inches grill is more lightweight and occupies lesser space as compared to the Weber 26 inches grill.

Its cooking grates are also more durable than the Weber 26 grill because they are made from plated steel material.

Due to its smaller and compact sizing, it is also easily movable and easy to assemble grill at your home.

Besides these features, when it comes to ash management system and grilling surface area, the Weber 26 inches Charcoal grill works much efficiently as compared to Weber 22 inches grill.

When you put these two kettle grills side by side, then you realize that the difference in their size is massive and visible.

Also, when it comes to the price difference, Weber 22 inches grill is much more affordable option for everyday average grill users.

In my opinion, if you want a high-end charcoal grill with more features and can spend a bit more money for those extra features, then do buy Weber 26 inches charcoal grill.

Otherwise, if you want more affordable option with compact sized grill at your home, then go for Weber 22 inches charcoal grill.