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Weber Side Burner Add On – 5 Best Benefits

While cooking on your Weber grill is always an enjoyable experience, sometimes you are in a hurry and want to speed things up. This is when you need a Weber side burner add on.

Side burners are used to cook side dishes such as corn on the cob, peppers, and sausages along with the main dish simultaneously.

By adding a side burner, you save a lot of your time and effort significantly.

Side burners are a good addition to your Weber grill if you love cooking on it and do that frequently.

But the question is can you really add a side burner to your Weber grill.

And my answer is definitely “Yes”.

You can surely install a side burner on your Weber grill to cook more food in less time.

Want to know more about these side burners and wondering whether you should buy one or give it a skip?

Read on to find out more!

Do Weber Grills Have Side Burners?

Yes, some of the high-end Weber grills do come with side burner parts.

However, it is not a standard feature of a Weber grill.

And if you are on a budget, finding a Weber grill with a side burner can prove to be a difficult task, unless you buy a high-quality Weber grill on sale.

Some of the Weber grills that come with attached side burners are as follows.

  1. Weber Summit S-470 4 Burner Liquid Propane or Natural Gas Grill
  2. Weber Spirit E330 Liquid Propane Grill

I highly recommend to get any of these Weber grills mentioned above for your BBQ purpose, if you are keen on having a side burner for your grill.

5 Main Benefits of Weber Side Burner Add On

The main question here is that if having side burners on a Weber grill really worth it.

You have almost made up your mind to purchase a side burner for your Weber grill.

However, you are not sure if the side burner is worth your investment.

There are several benefits to owning a side burner for your grill.

The 5 primary benefits of having a side burner for your grill are mentioned as follows.

1. Multitasking Done Easier:

Having a side burner allows you to multitask, wherein you can prepare more than one dish simultaneously at any given time.

2. Less Cooking Time:

It saves your time and all the dishes are prepared in substantially less time.

3. Can Prepare Different Dishes Quickly:

Different food can be cooked at the same time using different temperature settings.

4. Can Keep Side Dishes Warm:

While you cooking the main dish, it helps keep your sauces and other side dishes warm.

5. Easier Management When Having Guests:

Side burners are especially beneficial when you have invited a lot of guests as it provides cooking surface in addition to your main grill.

While having side burners has its advantages, there are a couple of reasons which can dissuade you from owning one.

Those side effects are mentioned as follows.

1. Grills with side burners are more expensive and more complex to operate, so they are not a good choice for newbies or inexperienced grill users.

2. You can cook the side dishes on the main grill as well, so owning a side burner is not a necessity for many.

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Can I Add an Infrared Burner to My Weber Grill?

Yes, you can add an infrared burner to your Weber grill if you want.

Infrared burners function by focusing the heat onto a tile with numerous holes in it.

This helps to transform the heat into infrared energy.

There are various advantages to using an infrared burner over a standard one.

The most important benefit is that it cooks food much faster and more evenly.

As a result, the cooked food is tastier, and retains a lot of flavor and moisture.

Another advantage of infrared burners is that they are easier to clean than traditional burners.

This type of burner also experiences fewer flare-ups than its contemporaries.

However, grills with infrared burners are expensive and might not suit everyone’s budget.

Instead of buying a new grill with an infrared burner, you can opt to modify your existing burner and add parts that suit your customized needs the best.

However, please note that modifying your existing grill will void the warranty of your product.

After the modification, the company can’t ensure how the grill is going to function or whether it will be safe to operate.

How to Add a Side Burner on Your Weber Grill?

Adding a side burner for your exiting Weber grill can be a difficult task for new users.

I highly recommend to consult the Weber customer support before you want to install the same.

The overall process of adding a side burner to your Weber grill is as follows.

1. Switch off your bbq grill and allow it to cool down.

2. Secure the side burner to your Weber grill using non-corrosive screws.

3. Use a corrugated gas line hose to connect the side burner valve with the Weber grill’s regulator.

4. Do the gas leak test to ensure there is no leakage.

Make sure that you don’t use open flame to check for leaks, as this can result in explosion.

You can check for leaks by using a soap and water solution to wet the connections.

If bubbles form on the connection, there is a gas leakage.

In the event of a gas leak, shut down your grill and call the customer support team for assistance.

5. If there is no gas leakage and everything is in order, your side burner’s installation is complete and ready to be used by you.

How to Use the Side Burners on a Weber Grill?

Here is a basic 5 step process which you can use to start a side burner of your grill.

1. Make sure your Weber grill is switched off before you turn on the side burner.

2. Open the side burner’s lid before switching on the side burner.

3. Turn the side burner’s knob to the high position.

4. Switch on your Weber grill by pressing the main igniter button.

5. And finally your side burner is ready to use.

3 Main Uses of Your Side Burner in a Weber Grill

The side burner is definitely an underestimated piece of accessory, that every person who loves cooking on their grill should own.

So, what is the use of your Weber’s grill side burner?

We have listed a few uses for you

1. Frying:

Your side burner can be used to fry a number of food items, including French fries, hushpuppies, or hashbrowns.

If you don’t like the way your kitchen smells after frying food indoors, side burners are a good choice for you.

2. Wok Cooking:

Wok cooking is essentially cooking vegetables in a wok pan.

Use a good quality cast iron woke pot to make sure that the grilled vegetables taste superior.

3. Soups:  

Your side burner is not just good for frying and grilling dishes.

It can also be used for boiling food and making soups.

The soups you make on your side burner can cook better and faster if you choose to use an infrared side burner for your Weber grill.

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