Do You Need to Cover Your Weber Grill? – Busting Myths and Uncovering Facts

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Weber grills come in variety of sizes and price range.

Some are inexpensive while some Weber grill models are bit expensive too such as 4 burner and 6 burner propane and natural gas grill models.

If you have bought expensive Weber grill model, then you must take proper care and maintenance of this grill at any cost.

If you don’t take proper care, then that grill can be rusted or get cracks over a period.

If you want to avoid these problems with your grill, then you must take every precaution and care that is available at your disposal.

One of those important safety measures you can follow is to cover your Weber grill with a reliable and durable grill cover.

But many people recommend not to use grill covers as they are useless and not worth the investment.

Today in this article, I try to bust some myths and provide few facts regarding the usage of the grill cover.

The main question of this article is should you use a grill cover for your Weber grill.

It is really worth your time and money investment?

My answer is definitely “Yes”.

Yes, you can protect your Weber grill against harsh weather conditions and moisture by covering your grill.

The fact is you really don’t need to use a grill cover if you store your grill properly in a dry and clean shady place like your storage room.

But if you place your Weber grill in your backyard and in the open place, then you definitely need to protect the grill against moisture, rain and high heat.

In this condition, the grill cover can come handy to protect your Weber grill from any potential rust and cracks problems.

There are different types covers available depending on the actual model of the Weber grill.

You need to choose the right grill cover depending on the model of your grill.

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I will try to answer all your queries regarding usage of grill covers for your Weber grill in this article.

So, do not close the page yet and I recommend to read the whole article for proper understanding of this topic.

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Is It ok to Leave Weber Grill Uncovered?

Yes, you can keep your Weber grill uncovered if you place it in a proper clean and dry location.

The grill has a sturdy design and construction which is supposed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

So, whether it’s summer, winter, or rainy season out there, the grill has the capacity to resist the environmental changes.

But remember, at times, you should keep your grill inside the house to ensure that it doesn’t get rusty.

Also, keep certain things in mind while storing your Weber grill.

For instance, you need to keep the supply off of the fuel in case you aren’t using it.

Also, avoid keeping the propane tank inside to prevent any severe damage.

But yes, getting a cover for your grill will increase its overall lifespan by safeguarding it from moisture, excessive heat and rain in the surroundings.

If you think it’s better off without it then, don’t worry.

The Weber grill has got itself covered with a warranty.

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Can I Leave My Weber Grill Outside without any Protection?

You might have asked this question to yourself like is it ok to put the Weber grill outside without any protection?

Yes, you can.

Is it a nice idea?

Not exactly!

Firstly, a good piece of your invested money goes for its immaculate construction.

A high-quality solid material to keep it strong and reliable at every time.

If I put it in other words, Weber grills are the AK47 of grills.

They don’t get bothered by their surroundings and their performance is always the best like it’s the first time.

Another good part is, there is a warranty for enamel and rust.

So, you can get them and might as well extend them if you can.

Furthermore, you can give your grill some extra protection from moisture, dirt, and other factors by covering it properly with a good quality company recommended Weber grill cover.

If you don’t want to get one then, you should at least clean it every weekend.

The main reason of cleaning your grill is to prevent its rusting and cracks which can happen by the gradual accumulation of food particles inside the grill parts.

What Happens if I Don’t Cover My Weber Grill?

As mentioned earlier, your grill won’t be compromised if you won’t cover it at all.

However, if you don’t store your grill properly at a dry and clean place, then there is a chance of getting rust and cracks in your grill.

To prevent these problems, you can do some simple things to make sure it works like a new one always.

For instance, giving it a clean wipe every time before you grill or cook food on it.

Cleaning it on a weekend and maintaining the cleanliness of your grill will help in improving its durability.

Furthermore, you should keep an eye on certain things during certain weather.

Like you should not keep a propane tank inside your house during winter season.

Also, avoid using your propane based grill if the temperature goes below -44 degrees Fahrenheit.

You might want to avoid getting a cover if you happen to live around a humid area.

You may put a cover on the grill but if it fails to provide proper ventilation, the moisture will eventually get trapped causing more problems for you.

Do Weber Grill Covers Prevent Rust?

In reality, the grill covers do prevent rusting.

Also, it can delay the rust and protect your grill from moisture and rain for a longer time.

They are made of durable and flexible material that makes the grill resistant to ice, rain, and strong rays of the sun.

However, using grill covers will limit the access of the surroundings to the grill.

Therefore, I would not recommend you to use grill covers if you happen to live in really humid places.

With time, the humidity or moisture will get inside the cover and it will ruin the grill parts gradually.

But keeping it clean can surely make things better for you.

Make sure to give gas grills priority while cleaning.

The gas burners usually need regular cleaning because they are the ones that end up getting clogged more often.

Remember, moisture is the main culprit which can ruin or damage your grill parts over a period.

So, you need to keep your grill in dry and not moist location where moisture can not affect the grill.

When you keep your Weber grill dry and clean, you automatically reduce the chances of getting rust and cracks in your grill.

Does a Weber Grill Cover Cause Rust?

It’s time to bust some myths about Weber grill covers.

The question is do these grill covers cause rusting.

And the answer is “No”.

These grill covers do not cause any kind of rusting.

In fact, they prevent rusting and grill cracks.

Usually the Weber grills are made of stainless steel material.

And it’s recommended that you should put the covers back on the grills once they have been used.

If you want to preserve your grill then, your priority should be to protect the grill grates.

And for that, simply get some oil and rub it on the grates after every use.

It will prevent the grates from getting black.

Also, they should get covered after every use to ensure any corrosive material doesn’t tarnish it.

Remember to not opt for felt-lined covers as rodents will tear them and use them for themselves.

Instead, go with reliable and durable Weber grill covers.

They might be a bit pricey but they provide long term protection for your grill.

That’s why I highly recommend to use a good quality and model specific Weber grill covers.

How Long Should a Weber Grill Cover Last?

It’s a simple formula.

The more you take care of your Weber grill, the longer it will serve you.

And when you use a grill cover, you obviously improve its lifespan by protecting it against harsh weather changes and rain.

Firstly, if you get third-party covers then, they might not stay for long and you’ll have to get a new one pretty soon.

But with branded Weber grill covers, you get much better protection and safety for your grill which will make them last longer.

As per my research and experience, I can tell you that Weber grill covers can make your grill last for around 5 to 10 years, even 15 years in some cases.

My recommendation is that you must get a good quality branded grill cover when you have already spent so much money on a Weber grill.

What Material is Best for Weber Grill Cover?

The grill covers help a lot to protect your grills against excessive rain, moisture and heat.

From rain and ice to bugs and pests, the grill cover makes sure that your grill remains protected and looks like a new one.

Now, let’s talk about which material is the best for a grill cover.

The experts suggest polyester, vinyl, and nylon material are the good ones for covers.

These materials usually provide the much needed strength and waterproof capability for the covers.

Also, if they have a UV-resistant coating then your grill can be protected against harmful sun rays.

If your grill cover has all of them then, you won’t be asking for anything else.

If you have a Weber charcoal grill at home then I highly suggest to use Weber Premium Charcoal Grill Cover for your grill.

This cover is pretty affordable and at the same time, it provides long term protection for your grill.

By choosing the Weber branded cover, you also reduce the chances of getting improper sized cover for your grill.

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Should I Cover My Weber Grill in the Winter?

Yes, I highly recommend you to cover your Weber grill in the winter season.

It’s better if you get a high-quality grill cover for this purpose.

Also, if possible, get a breathable cover, or else, it’ll trap the moisture, making your grill prone to rusting.

Furthermore, the more featured cover you get the less you’ll have to worry. 

If your grill is made of high-quality stainless steel material then, it’s going to survive chilly winds and the cold weather outside for long duration.

But, if it’s of low-quality material, then consider it keeping inside the house.

Not because it won’t survive but because it’ll help you save it and use it for a long time.

Are Weber Grill Covers Worth the Money?

Yes, they are worth every penny for sure.

No doubt, you have already paid a lot for purchasing your Weber grill.

But you also need to remember that long term maintenance and safety is equally important for your expensive grill.

The grill covers provide much better safety and protection so that you can relax more and worry less about the grill.

You should get a grill cover according to your needs and requirements.

But if you want to go with the overall one then, it would be one of the smart investments indeed.

All you have to look for are materials like polyester, vinyl, or nylon.

Then, make sure the material is breathable and has a coating of UV-resistant film.

Voilà, you’ve got everything your grill would need as protection.

Also, you might want to look out for other covers that are cheaper but they won’t be as efficient and protective as a branded Weber grill cover.

I recommend to get a grill cover for all types of outside weather conditions except for humid areas.

And don’t forget to clean your grill cover on a weekend at least.


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