Best Weber Grill With Infrared Gas Burner

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Are you searching for a reliable Weber gas grill with infrared burners? Then look no further to find the best Weber grill for you.

In this article, I am going to tell you about if Weber company offers reliable gas grills with infrared burners.

The answer to the question if Weber makes an infrared gas grill is “Yes” and “No” both.

The fact is Weber does not provide fully operational infrared gas grill.

But some of their best propane gas grill models come with single infrared gas burner.

Some of their Summit series models feature an infrared rotisserie burner.

This infrared burner is a great tool in creating the moist and browned meat.

It also helps in bringing out the natural flavor out of your grilled meat.

It will help you in cooking the crispy skin on things like chickens or turkeys and also for making a nice crust on things like tenderloins.

Additionally, some of Weber’s Genesis II and Summit lines include one infrared burner.

However, you will find that Weber does not offer a fully functional infrared grill with all infrared gas burners at once.

As per my research, the best Weber gas grill with a single infrared burner in the market right now is Weber Summit S-670 Liquid Propane Gas Grill.

Best Weber Grill

I will explain more about this gas grill in the later part of this article.

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Does Weber Have Infrared Grills?

The answer to this question is “Yes” and “No” both.

Because Weber does not provide gas grills with fully operational infrared burners.

The Weber gas grills such as Weber Summit S-670 and Weber Summit S-470 gas grills offer a rear mounted single infrared rotisserie gas burner.

Is Infrared on a Gas Grill Worth it?

Infrared gas grills are in great demand nowadays.

You will find that the popular gas grills such as Char-Broil 463371719 TRU-Infrared 2 Burner Gas Grill and GasPro Professional Propane Infrared Steak Grill provide the best infrared grilling experience for its users.

Best Weber Grill

But the main question is if these infrared gas grills really worth their investment and offers the best ROI for its users.

I will give your few advantages and disadvantages of using infrared gas grills and after that you can decide for yourself.

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5 Main Advantages of Using Infrared Gas Grills

No. 1: Faster Cooking Time

Most infrared gas grills provide very high temperatures for your grilling or cooking food in less amount of time.

It obviously helps you in searing meats and steaks faster.

No. 2: Energy Efficient

These grills use less fuel as compared to your traditional charcoal and gas grills.

That’s why the infrared gas grills are more energy efficient by nature.

No. 3: Prevention of Flare Ups

These grills prevent excessive flare ups which is very helpful in avoiding the meat charring.

The prevention of flare ups also avoids catching of fire by grease and grilled food.

This also reduces the possible infections and other health issues which can cause by consuming charred meat.

No. 4: Exceptional Food Taste

Infrared gas grills help the grilled food to maintain its natural juices up to at least 35% or more.

This leads to the grilled food becoming extremely tender and juicy once you properly sear the food.

No. 5: Takes Less Time to Clean

Most infrared gas grills are easy to clean and takes less time for you to clean up all the ash and food residue.

If you set your grill to a high temperature, then it converts all the residual food particles into ash.

This ash can later be collected easily and thus you can reduce your cleaning time.

2 Main Disadvantages of Using Infrared Gas Grills

No. 1: Needs More Space for Storage

Yes, most of these infrared grills are bulky in size and they need more house space for their storage.

You need to provide considerable size and space for these grills because they have larger components.

No. 2: They are Expensive by Construction

Yes, most of these grills are costly due to their high end technology usage.

Infrared grills create higher temperature to grill and cook food.

You can expect to spend at least $2500 to $5000 for a good quality and reliable infrared gas grill from a reputed brand such as Char Broil or Weber.

What is the Best Weber Grill With Infrared?

I have already mentioned my recommendation for the best Weber infrared gas grill in the beginning of this article.

As I told already, most Weber gas grills do not provide complete or fully operational infrared technology.

But some high end Weber gas grills such as Weber Summit S-670 and Weber Summit S-470 do offer one back end infrared rotisserie gas burner.

You can buy any of these Weber propane gas grills if you want to make use of infrared grilling technology.

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My Verdict

If you want to buy semi operational infrared gas grill from a reputed Weber brand, then I would highly recommend you to get any of these 3 Weber propane gas grills mentioned below:

Weber Summit S-670 Propane Gas Grill

Weber Summit S-470 Propane Gas Grill

And if you want a fully operational active infrared gas grill then I would suggest to get Char-Broil 463371719 TRU-Infrared 3 Burner Gas Grill.

This grill is by far the best in the market in terms of its overall performance and food grilling experience.

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