Masterbuilt 1050 vs Traeger Pro 575 Grill – Comparing 7 Features and Finding the Best Grill

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Grilling is all about the food and the experience.

The right grill can transform your backyard into a sports arena, a beach side retreat, or even an outdoor living room.

When it comes to grills, there are plenty of features that you need to consider before making your purchase.

For example, do you need a side burner for cooking on your grill?

Do you want stainless steel or porcelain-coated grates?

There are many different things to consider when buying the perfect grill for your needs.

Here are some reasons why you might want to choose one grill over another.

One of the biggest frustrations for backyard chefs both professional and amateurs is figuring out what type of grill to buy.

With so many options, it can be hard to make sense of your choice.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are a number of different types of grills on the market.

From gas to charcoal, from portable to smoker, from entry level to high-end.

There are wood pellet grills and gas grills of all shapes and sizes with varying degrees of power, temperature control and even smoke output.

There’s a grill for every taste and lifestyle.

In order to make the best decision possible for you, let’s take a look at two of the most popular grills on the market: Masterbuilt 1050 and Traeger Pro 575.

To make it simple, I have compared the main features, pros and cons of these two best grills – Masterbuilt 1050 vs Traeger Pro 575 Grill.

Upon first glance, you might think the Masterbuilt and Traeger grills were made to be twins.

If you look even closer, the Masterbuilt 1050 features and design can be summed up in just one word, smoking!

Masterbuilt 1050 is a sleek, heavy duty gas grill that cooks quickly and evenly.

The Traeger Pro 575 Grill is a smoking machine designed specifically for people who love barbecue food.

Now which one you should choose?

Let’s find out!

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Masterbuilt 1050 vs Traeger Pro 575 Grill Comparison

The first grill is the Masterbuilt 1050.

This gas grill is designed for people on the go, who don’t have a lot of time to spend cooking.

It’s easy to assemble and it cooks evenly.

This makes it perfect for someone who wants to start grilling this summer.

The second grill is the Traeger Pro 575.

This barbecue grill is designed specifically for smoking meat or vegetables on low heat.

It can be used as a smoker or a grill, but it’s best when used as a smoker because that’s what it is mainly built for.

Now let’s break down the pros and cons of each grill so you can decide which one to choose for your backyard grilling.

Main Features of Masterbuilt 1050 Grill

Masterbuilt 1050 is a high-quality gas grill that cooks food quickly and evenly.

For people who live in urban areas or want to cook for large groups, this grill might be the best choice.

It’s also perfect for people who don’t want to worry about propane tanks running out of fuel or charcoal briquettes burning up too fast.

Masterbuilt 1050 comes with three stainless steel burners and side shelves to place additional food.

You can even use the grill as an oven if you flip it over!

It’s easy to clean, too.

All you have to do is remove the grates and put them in the dishwasher.

Here is the small list of main features of Masterbuilt 1050 Grill.

1. Can go up to 225 ° F in 10 minutes or 700 ° F in 15 minutes

2. Digital Fan for accurate temperature control

3. The Gravity Fed Charcoal Hopper holds 10 lbs. of coal or 16 lbs.

4. Fold proper cord storage behind a separate shelf to prevent loss or damage to the power supply

5. Wrap stainless steel shelf and stainless-steel shelf for extra preparation space

6. Built-in temperature thermostat and meat probe thermometer for complete results always

7. Includes reversible smoke + sear cast-iron grates for low smoking and slow or high heat

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Pros and Cons of The Masterbuilt 1050 Grill

Masterbuilt 1050 is a sleek, heavy-duty gas grill.

The sides are made of stainless steel, which means it’s going to last you a very long time.

It’s portable and is an electric grill with a manual push ignition.


1. Heats quickly and evenly

2. Stainless steel exterior

3. Portable

4. All of the burners have adjustable heat levels that are controlled by ignition knobs next to each burner.

5. It features advanced Bluetooth capability that allows you to monitor, control and adjust settings from your smartphone or tablet.

6. Easy to use electronic ignition lets you light the grill quickly.

7. Reverse searing system locks in moisture and flavour for juicy grill-to-table steaks.

8. It heats up quickly, reaching 225F in ten minutes and 700F in fifteen minutes.


1. More expensive than the other similar category grills on the market.

2. The online app is usually glitchy, and we prefer to skip it.

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Main Features of Traeger Pro 575 Grill

The Traeger Pro 575 is mainly a smoker grill designed for people who love barbecue food.

The main reason many people love this grill is because it’s so easy to use.

You can plug it in and start cooking right away, with no assembly required.

Additionally, the Pro 575 has an electric starter which means you never need to worry about getting it started.

This grill also has a whopping 700 square inches of grilling space, making it perfect for smoking your favorite cuts of meat or vegetables.

The downside to this grill is that it doesn’t come with an automatic temperature regulator.

This means you need to stay close by and watch the heat level at all times.

But don’t worry too much about flare-ups!

The stainless-steel finish on this grill makes it easy to clean up after you’ve finished cooking, regardless of how messy things get!

Here is the list of main features of Traeger Pro 575 Grill.

1. WIFI technology

2. Meat Probe

3. Easy to use the controller

4. The grills are lined with porcelain

5. All-Terrain Wheels

6. Lock Caster Wheels

7. Turbo Temp

8. Hopper Cleanout

9. Now you can control your grill anywhere with WiFIRE Technology

10. Easily monitor your cook

11. The inserted meat probe allows you to monitor the temperature without lifting the lid.

12. Easy to move

13. It heats up quickly

14. Swap pellets easily

Pros and Cons of The Traeger Pro 575 Grill

Pros of Traeger Pro 575 Grill:

1. It can be used as a BBQ or smoking

2. Easy to use

3. Solid construction

Cons of Traeger Pro 575 Grill:

1. It needs access to an electrical source to run all the time

2. Not portable and easy to move

The Traeger Pro 575 is a smoker, which means you need to plan more time for cooking.

The smoky flavors are worth the extra wait.

However, the grill also comes with an auger system that makes it possible to smoke more food at once without any additional work on your end.

It has the option to add more temperature probes so that you can be the connoisseur at BBQing.

The Traeger Pro 575 has a patented Infrared Cooking System that uses a powerful fan to circulate heat to exactly where it is needed.

This results in incredible food grilling quality and consistency.

This also means there will be no flare-ups and no boxed heat, or hot and cold spots.

While the Masterbuilt 1050 has a sleek design and cooks more evenly, it can’t compete with the Traeger Pro 575 when it comes to smoking.

If you’re willing to spend some extra time cooking, then go with the Traeger Pro 575 grill for sure.

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Actual Comparison of Masterbuilt 1050 vs Traeger pro 575 Grill Features

Masterbuilt 1050 GrillTraeger Pro 575 Grill
Uses stainless steelUses coated steel material
Has digital thermostat and controllerTemperature control is digital via app
Provides avg. 100 – 275 degrees FahrenheitProvides a much Higher Temperature level from 180 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit
Charcoal fuel usedWood pellets used
Best for searing purposeBest for smoking and creating food flavor
Method of cooking is Quick/SearingMethod of cooking is Low and Slow
Does not work with Alexa appWorks remotely with Alexa app

My Verdict

Now, if you compare the above features of both the grills, then you will realize that Traeger Pro 575 grill has better features than the Masterbuilt 1050 grill.

It is also closer to the price range of the Masterbuilt grill.

It offers more features, and is overall a better grill if you consider the ROI of your grill.

If you’re looking for a wood pellet grill that provides much better features and is more cost effective, then I highly recommend to get the Traeger Pro 575 grill for your backyard grilling.


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