How to Adjust Weber Grill Burners – 4 Solutions to Fix Yellow Flame and Faulty Grill Burners

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Few days back, one of closest friends invited me over his place for a barbecue night.

There, I noticed, that he was really confused about the yellow flame coming from his Weber grill.

In addition, the grill was cooking very slowly too.

Because of this issue, we had to wait for a longer time to get our meat done.

After that, I came home and researched all about the yellow flames and burners of the Weber Grills.

I read several articles and I found plenty of interesting information to share with you, my beloved readers.

So, here it is!

In this article, I am going to talk about how you can adjust your Weber grill burners so that you can fix the yellow flame problem and get your grilling/cooking work done as fast as possible.

I will also share how to adjust the air shutters and burner tubes of your Weber grill.

So, without further delay, let’s deep dive into this topic.

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How Do I Adjust the Flame on My Weber Grill?

You can adjust the flame on your Weber grill by following the below mentioned steps.

1. Locate the screw for adjusting the burner tube.

2. Ignite the grill, but keep the flame low.

3. For releasing the air shutters, loosen the screw for adjustment.

4. Repeat the action, until the blue coloured flame is visible.

5. Once you see the blue flame, switch of the gas connection and tight the screws back in place.

6. Let the grill cool

In this way, you can adjust blue flame for the grill.

The blue flame colour is the indication that the burners are working efficiently.

Thus, the flame will be constant throughout the grill.

If not, you need to clean your Weber grill properly.

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What Should Weber Grill Flame Look Like?

The flame on your Weber grill is dusky blue at the lower end, pale blue in the middle with yellow ends.

This is the most ideal flame colour.

The flames are evenly distributed over the grill burners.

However, when you see yellow flames, then you must understand the causes behind yellow flames.

The main reasons are as follows.

Main Reason: Grill Regulator is Stuck

If the regulator of the grill is stuck, the burner will produce yellow flame.

In this case, you need to follow these steps to operate the regulator properly.

A. Remove the gas connection

B. Expose the grill and twist the valve to a high level

C. Let it stay for a minute

D. Turn off the valves

E. Re-Activate the gas connection

F. Gradually, turn the gas on and finally ignite the grill.

Hopefully, the grill will now work normally.

Gently, operate the valve on the tank.

If this won’t fix the issue, then you need to get a new regulator now.

1. Adjust the air burner to produce the correct proportion of gas and air.

Expose the burners, so that you can adjust them properly.

Also, adjust the burner and then ignite the grill to check the colour of the flame.

2. In many cases, the gas burner is blocked with spiders and debris.

Check the burners to locate rusting or clogged garbage in the interior.

In this case, take out the burner and clean it inside out.

You can use a wire to clean them or wash the burners.

Have a look at the manual for guidance.

3. Failure in aligning the gas flow also leads to the yellow flame.

Inspect the damaged parts and set the gas flow straightway throughout the grill.

If none of these procedures work for you, then you will have to contact the Weber support.

How to Adjust a Weber Burner Tube?

If you have been using your Weber gas grill, then you might have observed that the burner tubes have screws which you can either tighten or loose as per your comfort.

Burner tubes are very soft and flexible so they may slip over the valves.

These tubes also get clogged.

In this case, clean the debris for normal functioning of the grill.

Carefully secure the tube at the back of the valves.

If the tubes are not in the right place, gas may leak out and result in gas explosion.

How to Adjust Air Shutter on Weber Grill?

At the junction of the gas burner and valve, there is an air shutter to adjust the mixture of air entering in.

The perfect proportion of oxygen and gas produces the ideal blue flame.

If there is yellow flame in the grill, then it’s the time to adjust the air shutter.

To adjust this air shutter, you need to follow these steps.

1. Below the burner, you will find air shutter made of steel.

You can use the screw to change the position of the shutter.

2. Now ignite the fire and check the colour of the flame.

If the flame has blue base with yellow ends, then the air shutter is adjusted the right way.

Now, tighten the screws to hold the air shutter in place.

3. Screw all the burners to the same place.

Keep the grill On while adjusting the shutter to get the quick output.

There is another simple method for adjustment, that you can follow.

1. Ignite the Weber gas grill.

2. Take off the front panel, so the valves show up.

3. Screw up the air shutter.

4. Use the metal sleeve to make the adjustments.

5. Use the same method for all the burners.

What to Do When Weber Grill Burners Do Not Work Properly?

When you find that the Weber gas grill burners have issues and they are not operating to their full potential, then you need to find its root cause and apply the solution accordingly.

Problem 1: Clogged Burners

If the burner is not working properly, it might be blocked by the debris.

If the holes in the burner are clogged, air will not circulate through the clogged areas of the burner.

In order to clean the burner, use a hard brush to scrub the interior of the burner.

Thoroughly clean all the flotsam and jetsam but avoid abrasive detergents or strong cleaners to prevent damage to the metal interior.

Problem 2: Unusual Sounds from the Burners

If the burner is producing annoying sounds, then again check for insects or garbage trapped inside the burner.

Problem 3: Gas Leakage

If you smell gas leaking out of the burner, then turn it off right away to avoid any unwanted incidents such as gas explosion.

Rub soapy water all over the surface.

The leakage is indicated by the bubbles forming at a specific point.

If you notice gas is leaking out of the burners, then immediately call the grill support professionals to get the burners either replaced or repaired.

Problem 4: Burners Don’t Light Up

In some cases, the gas burner will not light up.

This may happen due to several problems such as the clogging of the burner, poor wiring, defective button or failure of the batteries.

In this case, you will need to use new batteries and try again.

Despite all the tips and tricks, if your Weber grill still won’t light up properly, then you will have to contact the Weber support.


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