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Traeger Smoker vs. Bradley Smoker: The 2 Best on the Market

If you ask my opinion about what type of grill smoker you have to buy, then I will always recommend you to choose either Traeger or Bradley smoker.

These two brands are the most popular and highest rated smokers currently on the market.

But choosing between the two brands can be a bit overwhelming, given the fact that they both come with a rich set of features which are almost similar to each other.

The first Traeger smoker was developed by Joe Traeger in 1985 and it featured a three-position controller.

Today, Traeger offers a massive lineup of smokers including the Timberline and Ironwood series, so you’ve got a lot more options to choose from.

On the other side, Bradley smoker company was founded in 1885.

Bradley has a successful track record in product innovation and maintaining the highest quality of their products.

However, it offers a limited range of smokers including the Bradley Smoker Professional P10.

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I highly recommend to read this article till the end so that you will get to know the main features, pros and cons of both the smoker models.

At the end, I will provide 5 unique differences between the two smokers which will help you choose the right model as per your preference and taste.

7 Main Features of Traeger Smoker

1. WiFire Technology:

One of the key features of Traeger’s top model smokers like the Timberline series is WIFIRE technology, which allows you to perform multiple functions at the same time.

It helps you to monitor your cooking time, adjust the smoker’s temperature, and access over a whopping 1600 recipes through the Traeger app and select smart home devices.

2. D2 Controller:

Next, most Traeger smokers are fitted with a D2 controller complete with a digital display to easily set grilling temperatures.

It also assists you in adjusting the temperatures in 5-degree increments.

3. Pellet Sensor:

But that’s not all, Traeger smokers are equipped with a pellet sensor.

It is tucked away neatly in the hopper and allows you to monitor pellet levels.

The sensor also provides alerts about the time when the pellet levels run low.

4. Downdraft Exhaust System:

Traeger smokers feature a Downdraft Exhaust system, which provides a constant flow of smoke over your food.

This is how you get the best possible wood-fired flavor in your grilled food.

5. Super Smoke Mode:

Adding to this, you also get a Super Smoke mode in the latest models of Traeger smokers.

This feature allows you to increase the amount of smoke with the push of a button.

6. Adjustable Smoke Grate:

Traeger smokers also come with an adjustable dual-position smoke/sear bottom grate.

This feature allows you to set food closer to the fire when searing at high temperature or further away when you are slow-smoking food.

Smokers from the Traeger brand provide “set it and forget it” convenience, where you simply pick the temperature you want and let the smoker do the rest!

7. Versatile Usage:

Furthermore, Traeger smokers are truly versatile when it comes to multipurpose usage.

With the help of the latest Traeger smokers, you can grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, & BBQ all from a single appliance at the same time.

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Pros and Cons of Traeger Smoker

3 Pros of Traeger Grill Smoker

1. Smokey Wood Flavor:

Starting with the advantages, Traeger smokers feature a special electric heating compartment.

This compartment allows you to create smoke automatically which is then filtered into the smoker.

With this smoke, you can enjoy the smokey flavor of a wood fire in your grilled food.

2. Quick Temperature Adjustment:

Another noteworthy advantage of Traeger smokers is their easy temperature control.

This feature helps you to set the desired temperature quickly and change it whenever you want to.

3. Easy to Use:

To top things off, Traeger grills have straightforward and simple operations.

All the options are provided on the digital screen which are easy to use.

This makes them a great choice for novice as well as seasoned grillers.

2 Cons of Traeger Grill Smokers

Traeger smokers are equipped with innovative features as explained above.

But just like anything else in this world, Traeger smokes aren’t perfect by all means.

1. Bit Expensive Range:

The first and the biggest problem of Traeger smokers is that most of their models come with expensive price tags.

However, if you want a smoker that serves you well for years to come, then this brand is hard to beat!

2. Uncomfortable to Move:

Some older Traeger smokers and few new ones aren’t portable and easy to move from one place to another due to their bulky sizes.

They also require a power source, so you can’t just place it wherever you want in your home.

These smokers also take a bit more time to cook food at lower temperatures, but that’s what smoked foods is all about.

5 Main Features of Bradley Smoker

1. PID Controlled Heating:

Bradley smokers feature PID-controlled heating, which allows you to heat up and recover temperatures quickly.

They are fully automatic, so you simply load the smoker with your choice of briquettes, and smoke for up to 10 hours.

2. Dual Temperature Probes:

Bradley smokers are fitted with dual temperature probes to measure the internal temperature of the food items without opening the lid.

3. Complete Digital Controls:

Additionally, Bradley smokers come fully insulated and have entirely digital controls.

With the help of these digital buttons, you can easily select various options such as the time, temperature, amount of smoke, and get consistent grilling results.

4. Premium Stainless Steel Material:

The exterior of Bradley smokers is crafted from 76L grade stainless steel.

Because of this premium steel built, the Bradley smokers have much longer durability and they do not rust for longer period.

5. Smart Cooking System:

Bradley smokers also feature a smart cooking system feature.

This feature allows you to start smoking up to 50 of your favorite recipes, which you can download to a USB drive very comfortably.

Pros and Cons of Bradley Smokers

3 Pros of Bradley Smokers

Overall, Bradley smokers are solid products and can produce the best tasting BBQ food items in the easiest possible way.

1. Can Be Used in Apartments:

Bradley smokers can be ordered with a large selection of briquettes.

They can be used in apartment complexes and small spaces, owing to their compact footprint.

2. Durable Stainless Steel Body:

Most Bradley smokers come with a rich set of features, and are made from high-grade stainless steel material.

This is why they have higher life span and can be used for several years without damage.

3. Better Temperature Control:

These smokers are equipped with PID-controlled heating system.

Therefore, they heat up and recover temperature quickly and much better than the other smokers in the market.

2 Cons of Bradley Smokers

1. Can Get Rusted:

One of the biggest disadvantages of Bradley smokers is that they are prone to rust.

You can take the necessary steps to prevent rust, but sometimes the onset of rust is inevitable.

2. Lack of Remote App Control:

Most of the Bradley smokers feature a crisp and clear digital display. However, they don’t offer remote app control through which you can start or stop smoker operations.

5 Main Differences Between Traeger Smoker vs. Bradley Smoker

Traeger SmokerBradley Smoker
1. Offers Remote App control as well as digital controls1. Only offers digital controls
2. Due to bulky sizes, they can’t be used in small spaces.2. They offer compact sizes which allows you to use them in smaller spaces.
3. Comes in Four series and provides larger variety to choose.3. Very limited number of models available.
4. Offers limited number of briquettes4. Provides large selection of briquettes
5. These smokers come with pellet sensor and Downdraft exhaust features.5. Bradley smokers offer neither pellet sensor nor downdraft exhaust features.

Final Verdict

If you have enough cash to spend, then I highly recommend you to go with a Traeger smoker.

Traeger smokers come with innovative features that include remote app control, which is a key feature missing in Bradley smokers.

Bradley smokers feature a compact size, which makes them a great choice for people having limited spaces for smoker installation.

Traeger smokers are also a great choice if you’re cooking for a large crowd at any time.

They have their large cooking spaces, which in terms of numbers, works out to 12 chickens, 15 rib racks or 12 pork butts.

And most importantly, Traeger smokers come with an industry-leading 3 years warranty.

On the other hand, Bradley smokers come with only a 1 year warranty against any manufacturer defects in material and workmanship.

So, now the decision is all yours.

Go for Traeger smokers if you are looking for enhanced features and choose Bradley smoker if you are on a budget and having smaller space for smoker installation.


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