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Pellets For Green Mountain Pellet Grills vs. Traeger: Which Is Best?

As a BBQ lover, all of us want a last session with our grill before summer ends. The barbecue pellet grill is a modern development. Most are known as “smokers” otherwise called pellet smokers. It is popular for maintaining a predefined temperature for the food grilling. Today, in this article, we are going to talk about two most popular wood pellet manufacturers.

Those are Traeger pellets and Green Mountain pellets. We are actually going to compare the main features of both the pellets and decide which one is better to use in a Green Mountain grill. The main question is: Pellets for Green Mountain Pellet Grills vs. Traeger: which is best?

And the short answer is “Yes”.

Yes, you can use Traeger pellets along with GM pellets in your Green Mountain grill without any issues.

Green Mountain pellets are less expensive than the Traeger pellets.

However, with regards to the pellets to fuel your barbecue grill, Traeger’s expenses are less.

If you look at the overall ROI or cost then I highly recommend to choose only the best Traeger pellets for your Green Mountain Grill.

How to Choose Pellets for Green Mountain Pellet Grills?

While picking up pellets for a Green Mountain barbecue grill, you have a couple of choices to use for yourself.

First one is to use their own pellets which mainly come in two varieties such as GM Gold Blend Hardwood Pellets and GM Premium Texas Hardwood Pellets.

There are also other flavors available such as Fruitwood Blend and Apple along with Texas hardwood pellet category.

You can also use the other brand pellets inside your Green Mountain grill such as Traeger pellets.

There are a couple of key contrasts between the two, specifically based on the flavors and cost.

You can either use Green Mountain pellets or Traeger pellets for the GM grill.

If you ask my opinion, then I would prefer to go with Traeger pellets simply because of their higher cost to benefit ratio.

A Little Bit About Traeger Pellet Grills

Traeger Established the First Wood Burning Grass 30 years ago in Mt. Angel, Oregon.

Traeger company is producing pellet grills since last 30 years or so.

Many pellet grills companies are associated with the Traeger brand.

Traeger Grills continues to lead the # 1 brand by selling a wooden grill.

A Little Bit About Green Mountain Pellet Grills

On the other side, Jason Baker, CEO of the GM grills, has made many changes to his grills over the last few years.

This includes the installation of air-cooled grill fan and a top cover to create more space inside the grill.

Over time, these things have become the industry standards.

GM Pellets are made from 100% oven-dried sawdust.

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Costs of Traeger and Green Mountain Grills

The Traeger and Green Mountain grills are similar, with similar capabilities and features.

But there is a little bit of difference between the two grills when it comes to overall cost or expenses.

Traeger grill models are more expensive than Green Mountain grill models.

Traeger sells for average 800 bucks, and Green Mountain pellet grills sell for around 750 bucks.

Therefore, the GM pellet grill is less expensive and little bit pocket friendly as compared to most Traeger grills.

Why Should You Use Traeger Pellets in the Green Mountain Grill?

When it comes to grill pellets, you should also go for the less expensive ones.

Because you will be needing lots of pellets on a regular basis if you make BBQ food every week.

Therefore, you should choose inexpensive pellets for your Green Mountain grill.

And as mentioned earlier, the Traeger pellets are less expensive than Green Mountain pellets.

Another factor to consider is the easy accessibility and availability of the pellets.

Traeger sells their pellets both online and offline.

They have plenty of stock on both their website and on Amazon store.

Green Mountain has usually a small stock on the Amazon that usually sold out quickly.

So, if you look at the cost and accessibility factors, then you will know that buying Traeger pellets is the better choice for you.

Here are 3 of the best-selling Traeger pellets that you can quickly get online for your Green Mountain grill.

1. Traeger Signature Blend Natural Hardwood Pellets

2. Traeger Mesquite Natural Hardwood Pellets

3. Traeger Hickory Natural Hardwood Pellets

Can You Use Some of the Other Pellets in Green Mountain Grill?

No, you do not need to use other pellets in the Green Mountain grill.

You can either use Green Mountain Pellets or make use of Traeger Pellets in the heat of your Green Mountain Grill.

It is not compulsory for you to buy the wood pellets from the original manufacturer of your BBQ grill.

Although, I highly recommend you to use only the above recommended wood pellets as their overall quality and ROI is much higher than the other branded pellets.

However, try not to use Heating or Softwood pellets.

These types of pellets are not expected to be used for food preparation and may be detrimental to your health too.

Therefore, always opt for 100% natural hardwood pellets just like Traeger and GM pellets.

To know more about GM pellets, you can check out the company FAQ here.

Can You Use Traeger Pellets in Other Grills?

Yes, you can use Traeger Pellets in other grills without any issues.

You can use pellets from the other manufacturers without worrying about what Traeger recommends.

Traeger company says if we use their pellets for other BBQ grills, then it will void your warranty.

These pellets are especially useful in winter months where you need more fire and heat. In this period, Traeger pellets are more helpful to get higher heat and fire for longer period of time.

The Traeger Pellet Grill line comes in a number of different models that is available for different user needs with respect to affordability and type of fuel used.

The pellet grill is much cheaper than the grills that work on charcoal, gas or propane.

Traeger Grill is a popular grill due to its ability to use several types of natural hardwood pellets.

You can use any type of pellets on all models offered in the Traeger grill line without the risk of invalidating your warranty.

As far as Green Mountain Grill is concerned, you can use both GM pellets and Traeger pellets without any hassle.

First thing is that it is not required to buy wood pellets from the very organization that makes your pellet barbecue grill.

You can use Green Mountain pellets in your Traeger or otherwise.

While organizations may ensure that their grill works better with their special grills, this, of course, is not entirely true.

How Can You Use Traeger Pellets in Green Mountain Grill?

As mentioned earlier, it is completely safe and beneficial to use Traeger pellets inside your Green Mountain grill.

First you will need to gather some Traeger pellets either from your local or online store.

One important thing to remember here is that the pellet grills consume around 1 to 3 pounds (or 1 to 3 kg) of wood per hour.

However, it may be tempting to buy cheaper brand pellets considering the cost of both the pellets.

But I highly recommend to stick with only the above two options at any cost.

Other wood pellets may contain pesticides or other harmful chemicals which will not be good for your health and also for the pellet grill.

The recommendation, therefore, is to buy wood pellets from a reputable company, such as those making pellet grills like Traeger and Green Mountain.

If you want to know the simple instructions on how to change the pellets in your Green Mountain grill then check out the following video.

Green Mountain Pellets vs. Traeger Pellets

Here, I am going to compare the two brand pellets; one is Traeger pellets and the other is Green Mountain pellets.

Cost wise, Green Mountain pellets are cheaper than Traeger pellets.

But if you consider the overall cost or ROI, then Traeger pellets are more cost efficient than GM pellets.

Fortunately, it is not compulsory to use the same brand pellets for you grill.

So, you can add Traeger pellets to your Green Mountain grill without any issues.

The two are different based upon the actual user experiences and their different types of flavors.

The main difference between GM pellets vs Traeger pellets is their variety of flavors.

GM pellets are available in Texas blend, Premium Gold blend, Fruitwood blend and apple flavor mainly.

While, the Traeger pellets are available in wide variety of flavors such as Apple, Cherry, Mesquite, pecan, Hickory, and Signature blend.

Both the brand pellets are made from 100% all-natural hardwood material.

Both of these pellets are good for making outdoor BBQ parties and grilling variety of food items such as chicken, meat, turkey, pork, beef, seafood, and vegetables, etc.

Pure wood fired flavor is what you get when you use both these pellets in your grill.

Cost wise, there is little difference between both the pellets but not a significant difference.

Size and dimension wise, Traeger pellets are little bit smaller than the GM pellets.

Other than these factors, there is virtually no major difference between the two types of pellets.

You can both safely use in your Green Mountain grill.

What are the Best Pellets for Green Mountain Grill?

You do not need to buy the wood pellets from the same company that made your pellet grill.

You can comfortably use Traeger pellets or GM pellets in your Green Mountain Grill.

This makes the decision between Traeger and Green Mountain pellets your personal choice.

But if you ask my opinion, then I will recommend to try Traeger pellets too along with GM pellets for your Green Mountain Grill.