using traeger grill in cold weather winter

Traeger Grill In Winter: 5 Easy Steps

Want to use your Traeger Grill in Winter? Whatever the season or weather conditions, one thing is sure that you cannot control the craving for delicious food especially for grilled meat and fish.

Especially in cold weather, your mind will crave spicy, hot, and fried meat.

What is your option during winter?

Don’t you feel like using your trusty Traeger grill in the winter?

I am sure you will definitely like to use it to grill your favorite pork.

But our main topic of discussion today is can you really use a Traeger grill in the winter season?

My answer is again yes for sure. Why not?

In the winter, it is common to see the Traeger grill in your backyards.

Most people are a bit doubtful about using their charcoal or gas grills during winter season.

Because they don’t know whether it is safe or not to use those grills in the harsh cold weather.

However, there is a difference in using the grill in normal temperature vs erratic weather conditions.

You just have to take care of a few things such as making sure that the temperature outside isn’t below – 44 degrees Fahrenheit or – 42 degrees Celsius.

You also have to mentally prepared to make some changes if you see that the weather outside is close to or beyond freezing temperature level.

If you see that the outside environment is colder than the usual level, then you will have to crank up the heat of your Traeger grill.

Cold weather outside often reduces the temperature inside the grill.

Therefore, you will have to maintain proper temperature level to cook food at an appropriate rate during freezing environment.

During combustion, a normal grilling session does not emit excessive smoke.

However, if it is winter season, then due to changes in the oxygen level, you will see the smoke emission to be a bit higher.

The time required for heating the grill is also a little longer in the cold weather due to outside freezing conditions.

You will experience that your Traeger grill is taking approximately extra 5 to 10 minutes to properly heat the grill.

Why is heat considered the predominant thing in grilling?

Heat has a major impact on the taste of your grilling food.

I will now explain how to properly ignite and start your Traeger grill even if it is extremely cold during winter season.

Does Cold Weather Affect Traeger Grill?

Yes, the temperature difference might require maximum time to heat up your Traeger grill and it directly impacts the grilled food quality.

Other grills use charcoal or gas to create heat whereas Traeger Grill as the name indicates uses pellets to create the cooking heat.

The most important thing to retain the created heat inside in the Traeger grill is its cover.

If this Traeger grill cover is absent, you have to come out in the cold and then have to spend 15 to 20 minutes extra warm-up time in defrosting the ice.

Therefore, I usually suggest new and seasoned grillers to always use a strong and reliable grill cover for their Traeger grills.

Because it keeps the Traeger free from ice and snow build-up.

A good grill cover also protects your Traeger Grill from drastic weather conditions.

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In order to properly ignite and start your Traeger pellet grill in the cold weather conditions, I recommend to watch and learn from the following video.

How to Ignite a Traeger Grill

How Cold is Too Cold for a Traeger Pellet Grill?

As the temperature decreases below 35 degrees Fahrenheit, the burning temperature increases gradually.

Irrespective of temperature, keeping the grill always covered will increase the Grill life period.

As suggested above, it is important to use the good quality thermal insulated cover to protect you Traeger grill.

I also recommend to make use of 100% hardwood pellets for burning and production of enough heat inside the grill.

At the same time, it is essential to always close the grill’s lid in order to obtain the appropriate taste and flavor for your grilled food.

5 Important Steps to Start a Traeger Grill in Winter

The 5 essential steps that you need to follow while starting your Traeger grill in the cold winter season are as follows.

Step 1: Clean the Grill Properly

First, you need to remove any ice and existing dirt from your Traeger grill after removal of its cover.

Also make sure there are enough hardwood pellets present in your Traeger pellet box.

Step 2: Insulate Your Grill Carefully

In extreme cold weather conditions, it becomes important to use a thermal blanket for your grill.

You can wrap it around your grill and offer an extra protection layer against cold and chilly weather conditions.

The thermal blanket helps you get the consistent temperature in your grill while cooking and grilling the food in winter.

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Step 3: Power on Your Traeger Grill

Once you properly insulate your grill, then you can switch on its power by pushing the start button.

Now, you can set a bit higher temperature level to counteract the freezing cold weather conditions outside.

However, it usually takes an extra 5 to 10 minutes to properly ignite your Traeger grill.

Step 4: Preheat Your Grill

It is equally important to wait for next 10-15 minutes once you switch on the power of your grill.

This is known as Preheating time.

This time essential to reach a stable cooking temperature level so that you can cook and grill your food properly.

Step 5: Adjust Heat As per Your Requirements

While you perform your cooking and grilling meat sessions on your Traeger grill, you need to pay close attention to heat or temperature level of the grill.

Do not wait too long if you see the temperature level of your grill is going down rapidly.

In that case, you need to increase the grill temperature to adjust the cooking heat level.

Also, make sure that there is enough wood pellets supply inside the grill for proper temperature maintenance.

In the cold weather environment, you also need to follow few safety precautions such as using good quality heat resistant gloves and setting up your Traeger grill on a flat and sturdy surface.

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Can My Traeger Stay Outside in Winter?

My answer is absolutely yes, why not!

If you are living in a region where the temperature reaches – 35 degrees or colder, then I recommend you to wrap your Traeger grill with an insulated thermal blanket.

It is equally important to cover your grill with the best quality Traeger grill cover.

After that, you can comfortably keep the grill outside for the whole year-round.

The insulated blanket will keep your Traeger safe for the whole period.

If your grill has any electronics, then it is essentials to seal it properly.

5 Tips Care for a Traeger Grill in the Winter

In winter season, you need to take extra precautions to safeguard your Traeger grill.

Here are my 5 simple tips to keep your grill in the top shape for higher performance in the cold weather.

Tip 1: Thoroughly clean your Traeger Grill and hopper.

Tip 2: Mix the Diatomaceous earth in a hopper to get rid of the poisonous substances.

Tip 3: Place the grill in the well-protected area.

Tip 4: Always use a strong and durable grill cover with protected material that comes with the Traeger grill.

If it is not available, then I would recommend wrapping up with another homemade cover or a bedsheet too.

Tip 5: When not in use, it’s a best practice to always disconnect your Traeger grill from its main power source.