traeger gourmet blend review

Traeger Gourmet Blend Review – 5 Unique Benefits and 6 Features to Know Before You Try It

Have you ever used Traeger Gourmet Blend wood pellets for your Traeger grill?

If not then you should at least try it once and see the results for yourself.

Pellets are the most important thing to have while grilling to get the best flavor out of your food.

There are a variety of pellets available, each containing a different type of hardwood.

Each of these hardwoods offer your food a distinct flavor.

But what about pellets that combine all of these hardwood flavors such as maple, cherry, and hickory, etc.

If you are looking for such type of combination then you should definitely try Traeger Gourmet Blend wood pellets.

You will really appreciate these flavors once they explode into your mouth, even if you don’t enjoy the variety of flavors as a whole.

Today, I am going to review this Gourmet blend pellets so that it will help you decide whether to use it for your grill.

Why You Should Use Traeger Gourmet Blend Wood Pellets?

If you want to eat barbecue, American-style barbecue is the finest option.

Traeger has already launched different types of pellets in the market so that you can enjoy the taste of American barbecues.

One of these is the Traeger Gourmet Blend Pellets, which is the combination of different types of flavors in one package.

The Traeger Gourmet Blend pellets have varieties of flavors that takes your cuisine to the next level.

The pellets are made of pure and natural hardwoods that have been mixed to provide a distinct flavor.

All of these hardwoods are real premiums that are rooted in nature and are free of additives, flavorings, and fillers.

As a result, when you grill with these gourmet pellets, your meal will have a natural flavor.

One of the most important advantages of using these pellets is that they provide an unusual combination of flavors.

They give any item you’re grilling a flavor that’s a mix of deep smokiness and delicately sweet overtones.

Poultry, shellfish, lamb, pork, beef, and vegetables are among these foods.

How to Properly Use Traeger Gourmet Blend Pellets?

Traeger Gourmet Blend Pellets can be used for any type of grill, including pellet, gas, charcoal, and electricity grills.

There are, however, some recommendations to follow when using them.

This is due to the difficulty of employing these pellets.

To get started, load your hopper with pellets and use the grill’s auger to filter the pellets into the heat source as needed.

You can utilize different methods to impart the perfect smoky flavoring to your foods if you’re using a gas, charcoal, or electric grill.

You can use the sprinkle approach, the pan method, or the foil pouch method, depending on your tastes and preferences.

You must first sprinkle some pellets over the hot coals so that they release the aroma towards your food as they burn in the sprinkle method.

The pan method involves filling a pan 1/3 full of pellets and covering it with foil.

Once the foil is covered, poke some holes in it to allow smoke to escape.

Place the pan directly on top of the hot coals to begin emitting smoke as it burns.

The foil pouch method is comparable to the pan method in terms of execution.

The only difference is that this approach uses folded foil that is crimped around the pellets before being punctured with holes for ventilation.

In short, Traeger Gourmet Blend Pellets are the ideal match for any type of cooking style you want.

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5 Unique Benefits of Using Traeger Gourmet Blend Wood Pellets

There are several benefits that you will experience yourself when using Gourmet blend pellets for your grill.

Some of the most important advantages of using these pellets are provided as follows.

1. Low Moisture Level

In the wood pellet grills, preventing too much of the moisture content is very important.

Traeger Gourmet Blend Pellets, on the other hand, has a very low moisture level.

As a result, it keeps ash generation and collection in your grill to a minimum.

When ash production is out of control, the temperature can fluctuate, resulting in uneven cooking.

These pellets have low moisture content which allows the temperature to stay within a certain range.

This results in a pleasant, thin, blue smoke to cook and flavor your meal.

2. Premium and Authentic Quality Pellets

Traeger Gourmet Blend Pellets are manufactured not just from a combination of hardwoods, but also from a combination of love and passion.

All of these factors must be considered to provide the finest grilling experience at home.

These pellets are made in the United States to provide you the most authentic American BBQ experience.

All of their manufacturing products, such as hardwoods, are sourced from highly reliable sources to provide you with the most authentic pellets available.

Another reason Traeger concentrates on obtaining products solely from reliable sources is to ensure that the products are clear of debris.

They do not contain any additions, flavorings, or fillers to mask the natural flavor.

Furthermore, ensuring the product’s naturalness guarantees that these pellets are consistent across the board.

3. Eco Friendly Packaging

The Traeger product package is also rather fascinating.

Because they are built entirely of recyclable materials, they are more environmentally friendly.

All of these features are responsible in preserving the premium craftsmanship and overall standards of these wood pellets.

4. Combo of Different Flavors

The 20-pound capacity bag is just enough for those who enjoy grilling on occasion.

The overall flavor of this packet combines hickory, maple, cherry, and oak to create a smoky flavor with a sweet undertone.

All of these woods’ flavors complement each other and add a pleasant scent to your meat and other food items.

5. No Fillers and Additives

Traeger Gourmet Blend Pellets are created from all-natural hardwood, to outline their benefits.

As a result, they are free of binders, fillers, and additives.

Many families in the United States rely on the pellets for their consistent temperature range and unique flavors, which can be used in any type of grill equipment.

6 Striking Features of Traeger Gourmet Blend Pellets

1. Made in USA

The United States understands the advantages of grilling more than anyone else.

A lot of restaurants will serve Texas-style barbecue steak.

This is due to their reputation for producing the best BBQ in the world.

The pellets are made from all-natural hardwoods available in the United States.

This is the reason, why people all around the world can enjoy that true American taste and flavor.

2. Exceptional Quality Hardwood

Traeger is dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible BBQ experience.

That said, they only source premium quality hardwood material for their pellets.

These natural pellets are free from contaminants and other dangerous substances that can alter the flavor of your food.

3. All Natural and Environment Friendly

You must be connected to the Mother Nature to provide the most realistic grilling experience.

As a result, Traeger Gourmet Blend Pellets are made from natural ingredients only.

This ensures that the smoke produced is even and natural.

It also aids in the rich flavorful preparation of the bbq food.

4. Clean Burn

The cleaner the smoke, the thinner it will be.

The smoke of this consistency imparts a unique flavor to the food.

At the same time, it also prevents it from becoming overcooked.

As a result, you can enjoy your food without worrying about it having an inconsistent flavor.

5. Low Ashes

The smaller the ash generation, the better the heat for cooking will be.

Traeger gourmet pellets can hold that percentage and provide you with a precise temperature range.

As a result, you’ll be able to cook and flavor your food with a wonderful, thin, blue smoke.

6. 20-33 Pounds of Bag Quantity

The right proportion of pellets is packed into a 20lb bag.

It also comes in large 33 pounds bag.

This allows you to enjoy multiple BBQ sessions with ease.

Furthermore, these bags are environment friendly.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about them when it comes to their disposal.

Pros of Using Traeger Gourmet Blend

1. There are no fillers, binders, or bark in this product.

2. You get a consistent flavors because of its 5 percent moisture content.

3. There are a variety of flavors to choose from.

4. These pellets are very cost-effective too because they come in a variety of sizes.

Cons of Using Trager Gourmet Blend

1. It doesn’t create clear smoke as it is expected from this premium brand.

What Customers Say About Traeger Gourmet Blend Pellets?

The majority of buyers say that these pellets have a slight wood-fired flavor.

If you smoke the food for a longer period of time, the wood blend will become stronger.

Furthermore, customers have a good motive to buy these pellets because the mild taste of the smoke complements every type of meat you want cook on this grill.

My Verdict

So, this is my opinion based on the reviews and personal opinions of the people who have already used these pellets in the past.

As per the customer opinion, Traeger Gourmet Blend Pellets provide your food a fantastic flavor.

They are also made from all natural hardwood material and they come in eco friendly packaging too.

You also get low ash generation and there are no fillers or additives in this product.

What else you need in a premium pellet brand?

My overall rating for this product is 9 out 10.

You can purchase these pellets for your Traeger grill without any second thought for sure.

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