Grease Trap: 5 Important Steps to Maintain Cleanliness

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Did you know that most grease fires are caused by neglected grease traps? Failure to clean them regularly can hinder proper cooking. Learn how to clean the Traeger trap using the right tools. Start by removing the grill grates, then clean the interior thoroughly. Next, remove the trap and dispose of the grease before washing it with soap and water. Avoid cleaning the grease trap immediately after cooking as it may still be hot. For a complete understanding of the cleaning process, read this article to the end.

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Where You can Find the Grease Trap on the Traeger Grill?

The trap in the Traeger grill is situated beneath the grills. Traeger grills feature a grease management system consisting of a grease channel, chute, internal trap, and greased pan with a liner. Drippings flow into the drip tray, through the channel, and out of the chute, eventually collecting in the trap. That’s where you’ll find the grease trap in your Traeger grill!

Why Does My Traeger Grill Keep Telling Me to Clean the Grease Trap?

Traeger grills employ advanced technology to send warning signs indicating when to clean the grill or empty the trap. Even after you clean and empty the trap, the Traeger may still display warning signs because a programmed reminder message system prompts users for better maintenance. You can always deactivate the reminder from the settings option if desired.

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When do You Need to Clean the Grease Trap on Traeger Grill?

If you use your Traeger grill 4-5 days a week, clean the trap weekly. For daily use, clean it every 2-3 days, depending on usage frequency. Increased cooking results in more grease buildup. Promptly clean the grill if you notice grease leaks. Neglecting cleaning for a few days allows grease and oil accumulation, leading to a full trap. An overflow may cause the smoke stash to leak, signaling an immediate need for cleaning. Take timely action to avoid potential issues by noticing these signs.

What is the Best Traeger Trap Cleaner?

You can clean your trap properly using various products such as grease treatments, trap cleaners, and microfiber cloths. These products are readily available online for purchase whenever you need them. One notable product is the Black Diamond grease trap treatment, which utilizes special enzyme technology to swiftly remove stubborn grease and oil marks. It also acts as a drain opener and significantly reduces grease odor, making it the top choice for grease removal treatment in the market.

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A Simple 5 Steps Process to Clean The Traeger Grease Trap

If you’ve never cleaned your trap before, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by cleaning your grease drip bucket to prevent clogs and potential fire hazards.
  2. Turn off your Traeger and let it cool for 24 hours before cleaning. Use a non-abrasive cleaning pad or microfiber cloth to scrape off grease.
  3. Clean the grills with normal brushes while they’re hot to avoid stubborn residue sticking when cooled. Utilize a wet-dry vacuum cleaner if necessary.
  4. Remove and clean the chimney cap with lukewarm soapy water or degreaser, such as Grease Police Magic Degreaser.
  5. Take out the grills and chimney cap, then empty the grease trap into a disposable container. Clean it with soap water or degreaser, ensuring thorough drying before reassembly.

Maintaining your Traeger grill efficiently requires consistent cleaning, ideally every 2-3 months.

What To Do When Traeger Grease Trap is not Cleaned Properly?

Sometimes, we neglect to properly clean our Traeger grease traps until oil and grease start leaking. If manual cleaning efforts fail or if the grease blockage is severe, it’s best to hire professional grease cleaners for optimal results. Attempting to clean severe blockages yourself may damage the grease channel and impact Traeger grill functionality. Alternatively, you can use enzyme solutions or solvents available online to effectively clean the trap. These products range from $13 to $35 and include trap cleaners, enzyme solutions, and magic waste grease digesters.

Final thoughts

I hope this article has thoroughly guided you on properly cleaning traps. Cleaning Traeger traps is essential not only for grill maintenance but also for our health, as uncleaned grease can contaminate our food and lead to health issues like arterial blockage and cardiovascular complications. Make sure to clean your traps regularly based on your grill usage frequency each month.

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