sns kettle vs weber kettle grill

SnS Kettle Grill vs Weber Kettle Grill – 5 Unique Differences Between Both Kettle Grills

SnS and Weber are the two most renowned and recognized brands loved by BBQ aficionados.

Both have launched several types and varieties of grills in the market.

And they keep on adding new features to their products based on the reviews of their valuable customers.

For your information, both of these grills require charcoal for grilling.

Slow n Sear kettle grill has a few amazing features like the 2 compartments, smoke hole, and probe port, etc.

Similarly, the Weber kettle grill has its own unique features such as one-touch cleaning system, damper, and lid hook.

In this article, I will compare both these most popular kettle grills based on their features and benefits.  

I will share all the main features, the pros and cons of these grills.

And then in the end, I will provide my recommendation to you about which grill is most beneficial for you.

4 Main Features of Slow N Sear Kettle Grill

Weight: around 38 lbs.

Height: 41.66 inches

Width (without shelf): 30.625 inches

Grill: 22 inches

Fuel Type: Charcoal

Slow N Sear kettle grills are considered an upgraded version of Weber kettle grills.

They are made up of gilt-edge durable stainless steel and provide cutting-edge performance.

Following are some of the best features of the SnS grill.

1. Two Compartments for Cooking

SnS kettle grill has 2 compartments in it.

They can be used for searing food and slow cooking.

If you like to have thick and glutinous steaks with a crunchy outer layer while the interior should be garden pink, then try the searing technique with the 2-zoned SnS kettle grill.

Fully cook the inside of the meat at a low temperature of 225-degree Fahrenheit.

Then sear the steak at a high temperature and enjoy the scrumptious steak.

You will also need to quickly turn the sides of the meat to avoid burning.

2. Compact and Stylish Design

The kettle grill is 22 inches in diameter.

It has a stylish, compact and chic design.

The two main colors available for this grill are black and gray.

The 4 legs of the grill make it more stable as compared to the other kettle grills that have 3 legs.

You can add charcoal to the grills and master the art of bbq cooking with this grill.

3. Cooking Temperature Regulation

SnS grill has a smoke hole.

It draws air inside the grill.

If you prefer to slow cook your food, then you can close the fans and open the hole.

The smoke hole helps to regulate your cooking temperature.

4. Temperature Accuracy

The thermometer is held close to the grill, right below the air vent for accurate temperature measurement.

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Pros and Cons of SnS Kettle Grill

As with any other grills, SnS kettle grill do comes with its advantages and disadvantages which are mentioned as follows.


1. 4 legs add to the stability of the grill.

2. A probe port for inserting wires

3. Vent and thermometer are on the same side, close to each other.

4. The smoke hole can be used as a fan.

5. The cooking grate can be rotated at 360 degrees.


1. Hooks are not that stronger which was expected from this brand.


5 Main Features of Weber Kettle Grill

Weight: around 32.3 lbs.

Height: 39.5 inches

Width: 22.5 inches

Cooking Area: 363 inches

Fuel Type: Charcoal

Weber is one of the most renowned bbq grill brands and several bbq aficionados love this brand.

Following are some of the main features of Weber Kettle Grills.

1. Porcelain Cover

The lid and body of the Weber kettle are made of porcelain which acts as an good insulator.

This maintains the temperature and helps in slow and smooth cooking.

This porcelain covering will also protect the exterior from corrosion and rust.

2. One-Touch Cleaning System

Weber kettles offer a one-touch cleaning option.

You can easily get rid of the accumulated ash from burnt charcoal and debris due to this feature.

3. Comes with Lid Hook

The lid hook holds the lid while you are working on the grill.

So, you don’t have to take off the lid and keep it in a safe place each time you open it.

4. Damper Controls the Air Intake

You can easily adjust the temperature of the grill by changing the position of the damper.

If you close the damper, oxygen will deplete inside the grill.

5. Presence of Heat Shield  

There is a heat shield in the grill.

Pitmasters love this feature a lot.

It mainly prevents the handle from getting too hot.

Because of this feature, accidental burning of your hands while lifting the lid is prevented.

Pros and Cons of Weber Kettle Grill

Just like pros and cons of SnS kettle grill, I have noticed few pros and cons of Weber kettle grill.

Those are mentioned as follows.


1. Enhanced durability

2. Compact design

3. Extremely easy to clean

4. Integrated thermometer


1. Comes with 3 legs only which may affect its stability

2. The triangular shelf at the bottom is almost useless.

5 Main Differences Between SnS Kettle Grill vs Weber Kettle Grill

Slow n Sear Kettle GrillWeber Kettle Grill
304-grade stainless steelStandard plated steel
Diameter of SnS grill is 18 inches. It is large and makes cooking process easierDiameter of the Weber grill is 16 inches that is relatively smaller than SnS grill
5 fans are fixed on one piece to enhance its sturdiness3 fans are fixed separately which are less in numbers than SnS grill
Thermometer is close to the grill gratesThermometer is fixed closer to the lid crest
Has a smoke hole and a probe portDoes not come with the smoke hole and probe port

My Verdict

If you ask my opinion, then I can say SnS and Weber kettle grill both have amazing features and performance.

I have found awesome reviews of both products on different platforms.

They have only a few cons that are minor and not deal breaker to say.

However, I recommend the SnS kettle grill over Weber kettle grill only because of the presence of more useful features in SnS grill.

My conclusion is based on the few extraordinary features that SnS grill have.

The features such as smoke hole, probe port, 5 fans, large diameter and 4 legs which make SnS grill stand out among its competitors.

The probe port and smoke hole make the grill more practical to use.

The high-quality stainless steel grill will stay perfect even after years if properly maintained.

It also has 2 zones for searing meat.

I like the overall performance and look of the SnS grill.

However, both brands are trustworthy and have amazing product range.

You can also try Weber kettle grill for a different grilling experience.

My final rating for Weber kettle grill is 7 out of 10 and for SnS kettle grill is 9 out of 10.

However, you can try both the grills yourself and only then choose the one that fits your requirements and preferences.

Best of luck!