how to ignite traeger grill

How Does a Traeger Ignite? – 7 Simple Steps to Start Your New Traeger Grill

Just like any other pellet grills, the Traeger grill needs to be ignited properly before you start your BBQ party.

Are you a beginner at smoking and know nothing about it?

Let’s start the journey where you will learn how to ignite the Traeger grill in 7 easy steps.

You will also know the exact time required for its ignition and a few other important stuff related to a new Traeger grill.

Actually, there is an igniter hot rod in the grill, which burns red hot when turned on.

The rod is held close to the wood pellets, which then ignites the fire on the pellets.

Well, this was a short description.

I will explain the whole process in detail in this article.

So, I kindly request you to read this article entirely to understand the whole Traeger grill ignition process.

7 Simple Steps to Ignite Your New Trager Pellet Grill

Let’s go through a step-by-step process of igniting your new Traeger pellet grill without much hassles.

Step 1: Clean the Fire Pot

First you need to clean your fire pot.

In this step, you will have to remove any accumulated debris or ashes that remained inside the fire pot.

Step 2: Use Fresh Traeger Pellets

The next step is to use newly purchased Traeger pellets for your grill.

Instead of using the old, withered pellets; it is best to add new fresh pellets into the hopper to get the best burning results.

Step 3: Switch ON the Power Supply

Next thing to do is to connect the grill to the power supply and turn on the machine.

Let the grill to start the smoke.

You can hear the sound of the fan inside.

The auger will rotate and add pellets into the fire pot.

Gradually, the rod will start heating up automatically.

Step 4: Open the Lid

This is really important step to follow which many users forget to do.

You will need to keep the lid open while the grill is getting hotter.

You need to keep the lid opened till you see white smoke coming out of the grill.

This is when the pellets start igniting.

Step 5: Set the Right Temperature

Nest step is to close the lid once you see pellets are ignited.

This is when you need to adjust the temperature as per your grilling requirements.

Step 6: Preheat the Grill for 10-15 Minutes

You will have to now preheat the grill for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Until then, make sure all the components of the grill are in places like the drip tray and grates.

Step 7: Remove the Dirt from the Grill and Start Grilling

Finally, you will need to thoroughly clean the grill with a brush to remove the leftovers.

If the grill has achieved the desired temperature, then you can start grilling delicious food as per your need.

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How Long Does it take for a Traeger to Ignite the First Time?

It is highly recommended to always season a new Traeger grill before its ignition.

It takes only 4-5 minutes to ignite a Traeger grill.

However, the answer may vary slightly in the different models of the grill.

Before igniting the grill for the first time, properly assemble it and connect it properly with a power connection.

Add the required number of pellets to the grill and let it smoke.

Ignition of Traeger grill depends on different factors like:

1. Weather condition

2. Type of grill

During harsh weather conditions, the time required for ignition increases to 10-15 mins.

The two types of Traeger grills are open-lid and closed-lid grills.

An open-lid ignites in 4-6 minutes, while a close-lid grill ignites in 10-15 minutes.

How Do Pellet Grills Ignite?

1. Wood pellets burn in the pellet grills.

There is a pellet holder called as a hopper and it is usually filled with pellets.

2. The auger rotates and transfers the pellets into a fire pot.

3. The rod in the fire pot burns red hot and produces smoke.

4. The induction fan draws air inside to promote combustion.

The heat is evenly distributed throughout the grill, so the food is cooked thoroughly.

5. There is a drip tray, which holds the oil and water released from the meat.

In this way, the meat is smoked deliciously with the help of your Traeger grill.

It is that simple and easy to ignite a Traeger grill.

You just have to follow the instructions and your grill is ready to smoke.

If your grill has a power switch, it will make ignition even easier.

You just have to supply the power and the grill ignites on its own.

4 Main Reasons Why Your Traeger Does not Ignite

If your Traeger grill is not igniting, then you will have to find the exact reason that is causing this problem.

Check out the main 4 reasons that may cause Traeger ignition problems.

Reason 1: Bad Quality Pellets

The first thing is you need to check the quality of your wood pellets. 

If they are old and dull, then replace them with the new and fresh Traeger pellets.

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Reason 2: Malfunctioning in the Traeger Auger

Sometimes, there is a problem in the functioning of the grill auger.

Check the auger if it’s working properly are not.

Follow these steps to identify the root cause of its malfunction.

A. Turn on the grill and let it smoke.

B. Check if the auger is rotating or not.

The auger must transfer pellets into the fire pot if it is working properly. 

C. Also, check if the fan beneath the hopper is working or not.

D. If all the components are in operation, then the auger is working perfectly.

If not, then you will need to get professional help or contact Traeger customer support to get is fixed.

Reason 3: Problem in the Heating Rod

Other issue can be related to the improper heating of the rod, present inside the grill.

Examine the rod to see if it’s heating up or not.

Let the grill heat for 5 minutes and then check the rod. 

If it is not working then you will have to replace the rod.

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Reason 4: Induction Fan Not Working Properly

Induction fan can also have some issues which can result in improper Traeger ignition.

This is why, you also need to check the induction fan and make sure if it is drawing the air in or not.

If your grill is still not working then contact Traeger customer service.

Can You Manually Ignite a Traeger Grill? 

Yes, the Traeger grill can be ignited manually for sure.

Usually, igniters contain harmful chemicals that can be potentially harmful for your health and so they must be handled carefully.

I recommend to follow the below mentioned 8 steps to manually ignite your grill.

1. First, disassemble your grill and take out your fire pot.

2. Then, clean your fire pot and remove all the ashes from the last barbecue.

3. Now, half fill the fire pot with the wood pellets.

Don’t overfill the pot as it may lead to a hazardous situation later on.

4. Get yourself a butane torch or any other gas torch and then ignite the pellets.

5. Let the pellets properly catch the fire.

6. Reassemble the grill and put the components back in place.

7. Slowly turn on the grill, with the lowest fan speed and grill temperature.

8. In the end, let the grill heat up to the desired temperature and then you are ready to start grilling your food.

Final Thoughts

Traeger grill usually takes min. 4-5 minutes to properly ignite.

But sometimes, it may even take more than 10 minutes to ignite.

This is not something to worry about because the ignition time varies from Traeger model to model.

I highly recommend to use only fresh and premium quality Traeger pellets each time for a barbecue.

Because the stored pellets absorb moisture and do not ignite very well.

I have also mentioned all the steps above that you can follow to manually ignite your grill in case you don’t like to use igniters.

If your grill is not igniting properly, then you can follow the above mentioned 7 steps in the beginning of this article.

If none of them works for you then finally contact Traeger customer support and get your grill fixed.