how to use traegar thermometer

How to Use Traeger Thermometer – A Complete Guide to Learn The Proper Use of Probe Thermometers

Have you ever had a really scrumptious piece of meat for lunch and later realized that it was not really cooked enough?

Did it look like its texture could get better?

Well, all that was required for the perfectly cooked meat was a thermometer – specially a Traeger Thermometer (also called as a probe thermometer).

This type of thermometer or probe helps you to make sure that the meat has reached the optimum temperature.

This article will tell you all that you need to know about Traeger Thermometers.

Why Traeger Thermometers are Essential?

It is not only the chefs but also the foodies who wish their meals to be perfect.

And the meat happens to be one such dish that has to be perfect if it is to be enjoyed.

Wondering how to do so?

Well, if you check online, most websites will tell you how the chef needs to measure and monitor the temperature of the meat continuously.

Whilst an instant thermometer is a good option, we have for you, an even better option: the Traeger thermometer.

What is a Traeger Thermometer?

Imagine you have planned a barbecue party in your backyard.

You set up your barbecue grill but you will need the perfect temperature on your grill to cook the meat.

Here is where the probe thermometer comes to your rescue.

What Does a Traeger Thermometer Consist of?

A Traeger Thermometer consists of a pointed stem made of metal.

This metal is supposed to be inserted into the meat to measure its temperature and deduce whether it has been cooked enough.

What are the Features and Functions of the Traeger Thermometer?

Primary Features:

1. Wi-Fi System:

The thermometer may or may not have a Wi-Fi system built in.

Certain thermometers also have a dual system whereby you can measure the temperature of the grill as well as that of the meat at the same time.

2. Celsius and Fahrenheit Settings:

Most thermometers read out temperatures in both Celsius as well as Fahrenheit.  

This is really helpful and saves you a lot of trouble of converting temperatures separately. 

Primary Function:

The basic function of a Traeger Thermometer is to measure and monitor the temperature of the food.

It is most important in measuring the temperature of mainly the meat, on a barbecue grill, smoke oven, etc.

This helps you to make sure that the meat and other food is neither overcooked nor uncooked.

How To Use the Traeger Thermometer?

If you wish to measure the temperature of the meat such as pork shoulder or chicken that you are cooking or about to cook, then you can use such probe thermometers.

It is wise to insert the probe of the Traeger thermometer at the deepest part of the meat that is usually the last to heat up.

If you are cooking a steak or even a roast, the part that takes time to heat up is the very center of the meat.

For chicken or poultry, however, this part is generally the deeper side of the thighs.

In case your probe thermometer allows you to measure the temperature of the grill alongside that of the meat you can attach it to the grate of the barbecue grill.

If your thermometer has a Wi-Fi system then it is likely that you can sit and enjoy the party without having to worry about checking the temperature every now and then.

The indicator can read out the temperature to you at any time.

Points to Remember:

1. The probe of the thermometer should not come in touch with the bone of the meat (if any).

This might result in a faulty reading of the temperature which will once again affect the perfection of the meat.

2. It is necessary that the probe is not inserted only a few inches into the meat.

It is important to measure the internal temperature of the meat which is only possible if the probe is at the center. 

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What are the Different Varieties of Probe Thermometers?

There is an array of probe thermometers available in the market.  Nevertheless, they can be categorized into four main parts.

Those categories are as follows.

1. Semiconductor Based Sensor:

This thermometer consists of a coil that is bi-metallic.

It takes as less as 20 seconds to read out the average temperature of the food being cooked.

However, it requires (a) food that has enough substance to be probed and (b) a probe of about a couple of inches inside the meat to get a proper reading.

It may not provide you with the accurate temperature but an average one so that you know approximately when to remove the meat from the oven.

2. Resistance Temperature Detector:

Although these thermometers are quite a bit expensive, they give us an absolutely accurate reading.

They use glass and wire to measure the resistance of the food.

Hence it offers the most accurate reading.

3. Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) Thermistor:

This thermometer makes use of changes in resistance in the food item to measure the accurate temperature.

The resistance generally falls with a rise in temperature therefore allowing a perfect measurement.

This thermometer usually provides measurements of the entire range of temperatures that you should be concerned with when cooking in a Barbecue grill.

NTC thermistors, also waterproof in nature, are available in the market which will give you the perfect reading without any trouble whatsoever.  

4. Thermocouple Probe:

If compared to the other variants of probe thermometers, this provides the fastest reading.

By fastest, I mean it offers the reading in just less than 5 seconds.

This thermometer makes use of a couple of fine wires.

The temperature recorded at the center of these two wires is sent to and read by a digital thermometer.

However, all users must remember that the calibration of the thermometer must be perfect in order to get an accurate reading.

How Do You Use a Probe Thermometer on a Traeger Grill?

Traeger Grill Thermometers come in a set that contains 2 pieces.

(a) The grill thermometer that measures the internal temperature of the grill and the oven.

(b) The probe thermometer that measures the temperature of the meat.

To use the Traeger thermometer on a Grill, set up the two pieces on the grill and on the meat.

Let the meat cook.

Meanwhile, you can relax while keeping an eye on the monitor that gives you a digital reading even from a distance of 300 meters.

As far as the setup is concerned, the grill thermometer can be attached to one of the bars of the grill.

The probe should ideally be inserted till the center of the meat.

Make sure it is not inserted only a few inches deep.

If so, you might get an incorrect reading.

Can You Leave Traeger Meat Probe Inside the Grill While Cooking?

Ideally, yes.

Traeger Thermometers have been designed to be left inside the grill.

As a matter of fact, some of them have a grill thermometer alongside the probe thermometer which measures the internal temperature of the grill.

This is meant to help the user to monitor the temperature without having to open the lid constantly.

This helps you to save lot of time and also prevents the escape of aroma outside.

How Far Inside the Meat Should You Insert the Traeger Probe?

Different people have different opinions in this regard.

It is very important for you to know how far inside you should insert the Traeger Probe thermometer to get an accurate reading of the temperature.

Nevertheless, most people will agree that the probe should be inserted into the part that is the last to get heated.

Scientifically, it should be the center of the meat.

Make sure that the probe does not come in touch with the bones which will once again give you an inaccurate reading.

2 Best Traeger Thermometers for Measuring Correct Meat Temperature

There is an array of Traeger Thermometers available in the market.

Here are the 2 best options that I highly recommend you to use for proper meat cooking.

No. 1: Traeger BAC414 Digital Instant Thermometer

This thermometer has a few unique features.

They include:

1. An LCD Screen: The Thermometer comes with a monitor and an LCD Screen where you can read the temperature.

2. Wi-Fi Connectivity: You can read the temperature from 300m away.

3. Accuracy: The Thermometer provides accurate temperature reading.

4. Dual Reading: This digital thermometer provides both Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature readings for the ease of the users.

5. Cheaper: This thermometer comes at a reasonable cost of less then 30 bucks.

Click Here to Get Traeger BAC414 Digital Instant Thermometer.

No. 2: ThermoPro TP25 Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

This thermometer, although a bit expensive, provides a huge variety of features.

1. Wi-Fi Connectivity: You can monitor the temperature of the meat from as far as 500 ft away.

2. Temperature Tracking App: The thermometer comes along with an app that will let you monitor the temperature from your mobile.

3. Cost Effective: Considering the amazing features it offers, it is not that costly at all. You can get it online for just 60 bucks.

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Cooking meat is by far the one of most complicated jobs for chefs and for every cook.

There are recipes that are easy but it is the cooking part that gets difficult.

Not to mention that it is unsafe to consume meat if it is not heated to a particular temperature.

To do so, you will always need a Traeger Probe Thermometer.

This will help you monitor the temperature of the grill as well as the meat while relaxing.

Moreover, there are certain meats that need low heating to cook slowly (approx. 230° F) and some that need to be cooked fast at a higher temperature (approx. 300° F).

It is in such situations, that you will require a Traeger Thermometer to help you monitor the cooking process effectively.

So, I highly recommend getting it asap if you care for the good quality cooking of your food.