How to Use a Traeger Rib Rack – A Step By Step Process to Use Rib Rack Optimally

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Pork rib parties and barbeques are fun-filled and exciting in many ways.

The reliable Traeger rib rack adds more excitement to your party days by offering you deliciously cooked pork ribs.

Traeger rib racks, when used most effectively lends you exceptional pork ribs for your taste.

Making pork ribs stand in vertical positions on the rib rack and cooking them delivers well-cooked meat.

Today, we will learn how to use this Traeger rib rack in the best possible way to get the most delicious pork ribs to enjoy in our BBQ parties.

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FAQ to Know How to Use a Traeger Rib Rack to Get The Best Results

What is The Best Way To Use A Rib Rack On The Traeger Grill?

The Traeger rib rack consists of eight racks in total.

You first need to start heating the grill.

You can utilize the time for cleaning and seasoning the ribs.

After removing the excess fat and membranes from ribs, you can add salt, spice, and sugar and make up a seasoning for the pork ribs.

Apply the seasonings on the top and bottom of the pork ribs.

Place the ribs one by one on the racks in the vertical position.

Then start cooking the ribs.

Keep spraying apple cider vinegar in between to get soft and tender meat.

After 4 hours your ribs will be ready.

This is the best way in which you can use the Traeger rib racks.

A Step by Step Process to Use a Traeger Rib Rack Properly

To be a part of those exciting rib parts and to get a taste of the mouth-watering, accurately cooked, tender ribs; you need to consider getting the best one first.

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After you have done that you can now learn how to use it.

Here is a detailed process that will help you understand the optimal use of a Traeger rib rack.

Ingredients Required to Prepare the Seasoning:

a. Fresh Butchered Pork Ribs

b. Cooking instruments like chopping or cutting boards, knives, and others

c. Apple Cider Vinegar

d. Jaggery and butter (not mandatory)

e. Traeger Rib Rack

f. BBQ Gloves for Heat Protection

Preparation Time

a. 25 minutes for cleaning and seasoning.

b. It will take you approximately 5-6 hours depending on the thickness of the meat.

c. You can cook the meat at 225-350 degrees F.

Method of Preparation

1. Buy the fresh pork ribs from the local butcher’s shop and clean them properly.

2. You can also freeze them at your home if some of it is left over.

3. You can remove the membrane with the backside of your spoon.

4. After that, you get ready for the seasoning.

5. Wash and clean all the instruments needed for the preparation like cutting boards, knives, etc.

5. Don’t forget to clean the Traeger rib rack.

It would be better if you go through the manual once before you start the cooking process.

Then heat the Traeger at 225 degrees F.

6. You must initially press the enter button and then hit the ignite button to let the Traeger start its work.

During this time, you can get your pork ribs done. Apply seasoning to both sides of the ribs for tastier meat.

7. Allow the seasoning to rest for 15 minutes.

At 225 degrees F, you can place the ribs in a vertical, standing position on the rib racks.

The rib rack can hold 8 ribs together. Place them inside and close the Traeger.

8. Keep spraying the ribs with apple cider vinegar to get tender, chewy meat.

9. After four hours, your meat is almost cooked.

You can place it on foil paper by adding jaggery and butter.

Then cook it for an additional one hour until you hit the flavor you want.

10. After they are fully cooked, remove them carefully while wearing proper heat protection BBQ gloves

Finally, they are ready to be served on the plate.

Is It Better to Use a Rib Rack?

A rib rack helps us to sort all the pork ribs properly.

It also facilitates easy pork cooking and saves us a great deal of time.

It is not mandatory but recommended to use a rib rack for various advantages.

A proper rib rack serves in making your meat perfect and evenly cooked in the first place for sure. 

Following are some of the most important benefits of using rib racks for your meat seasoning and preparation works.

1. By placing 2 racks sideways, your grill capacity will be doubled.

This way, you will not have to panic in emergencies such as last-minute meetings, parties, or even small get-togethers.

2. Using rib racks will help in draining up all the excess fat content of the meat.

Due to this, you will only experience the amazing health benefits that meat offers to you.

It will also help you to reduce the fat accumulation that takes place on your body because of the fat consumption of the meat.

3. Rib rack cooking helps to save a lot of your time and energy that would otherwise be invested in cooking meat one by one and very slowly. 

If all the above advantages of a rib rack are taken into consideration, then I think it is highly beneficial for BBQ party lovers to have a Traeger Rib Rack at disposal.

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How Do You Smoke Pork Ribs on a Rib Rack?

Smoking pork ribs on rib racks is easily possible with the help of the following method.

1. Keep a medium or stable temperature of your Traeger grill as well as a Traeger rib rack.

It will help you in properly cooking the pork ribs at a stable rate.

This also helps in maintaining the original flavor and taste of the ribs.

2. Keep the bone side of the ribs downward and adjust them on the grate properly.

Don’t force the ribs too much. Keep them arranged one on each rack for a proper cooking experience.

3. Keep the lid of the rack closed so that all the smoke will not find its way out of the rack.

4. Keep the smoking process going for about 2-3 hours.

Don’t be too early or too late if you want normally cooked meat and don’t want to disturb its taste as well.

5. Keep replenishing the water, fuel, and the smoking wood (if used) regularly between these 2-3 hours for a better cooking experience.

6. When you are done cooking then serve those delicious and warm pork ribs with all the other required ingredients. 

If you follow the above method of smoking pork ribs on rib racks, then you will experience amazing flavor and taste of your cooked pork ribs. 

Pros and Cons of Using Traeger Pro 575 Rib Rack

Traeger Pro 575 Grill is perfect for those who are looking for easy to use rib rack grill.

Traeger pro575 is innovative and user-friendly which provides you to smoke delicious foods.

This can handle any levels of demand for food.

Traeger Pro 575 provides you with two racks in which you can use this to separate proteins from veggies.

It has an impressive capacity where anyone can cook five racks of ribs or 24 burgers.

The hopper of this model has 18- pound capacity, which is very large.

And there is no need to refill it.

The design of the Traeger Pro 575 Rib Rack is very attractive and it has bronze and classic black finishing. 


1. User Friendly

The Traeger Pro 575 Rib Rack Grill is very easy to use and it has many modern features.

The rack is very flexible to work and you can just adjust the temperature through your phone.

The advanced features and capabilities of the Traeger Pro 575 Rib Rack can handle family gatherings very easily.

After cooking you can clean the rack very easily.

Just allow it to cool down and clean it by wiping the grates. 

2. Fuel Supply

The Traeger Pro 575 uses the wood pellets in a rib rack.

But the grills in this ribs rack allows you to set the temperature and control it accordingly.

The temperature controlling system handles just like the oven.

The wood pellets go into the pellets only after you get the desired temperature.

The pellet grills have a uniform fuel size which helps make the desired cooking temperature.

Also, Traeger Pro 575 allows you to change more than dozens of types of pellets.

This really help in creating the unique and delicious flavor of your ribs and meats.

The cleaning process of pellets is easier as compared to cleaning the charcoal.

As the hopper capacity is larger which weighs approx. 18 pounds, you shouldn’t need to refill the pellets. 

3. Area and Capacity 

The Traeger Pro 575 has 572 square inches of space for cooking, which is an ideal size for any home.

It has a capacity that it can cook more than 24 burgers, 4 chickens, and 5 racks of pork ribs.

The main grill has a size of 22 inches x 19 inches.

It can easily handle home gatherings.

Traeger Pro 575 has two racks.

You can use the main rack to cook the meat and the second for grilling veggies.

Also, the second rack is used to keep proteins warm. 

4. Easy maintenance

Traeger Pro 575 offers you pretty easy and minimal maintenance.

You can move it anywhere with its rugged all-terrain wheels.

Plus, you can clean it comfortably with traditional grill cleaning methods.


1. It Cannot be carried on trips or long tours because of its heavy weight.

2. To use the Rib Rack, you need to use electricity.

3. The model is very heavy and can’t use for outdoor camping or long distance road trips.


Using a reliable Traeger Rib Rack is must for you if you want delicious tasting pork ribs in shortest time period.

It makes your life easier by saving you lot of cooking time in busy BBQ parties.

It has several other advantages as well which I have already mentioned above in the article.

To get the best benefits, I highly recommend to follow the step by step process of using Traeger rib rack as mentioned in this guide.

Good luck!


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