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How to Use a Remote Probe Thermometer for Traeger Grill – 7 Easy Steps to Know Grill Temperature Remotely

How do you get a perfectly cooked meat every time?

Not without the right equipment! 

Using a remote probe thermometer in your Traeger grills lets you sit back and relax while your meat is cooked as per your expectations.

A remote probe thermometer tells you when your meat is done without having to poke your meat or do the guesswork.

Simply put the probes into the center of your meat and the smoker.

Then, plug them into the thermometer transmitter and close the grill.

Monitor the internal temperatures on your wireless receiver.

And simply lounge in the living room or do your other chores without having to worry about your grilling.

That is one of the most significant advantages of using Traeger remote probe thermometer.

In this article, you will learn how to properly use such type of thermometer and what is the best thermometer to use for your Traeger grill.

FAQ Related to Use of Remote Probe Thermometer in a Traeger Grill

What is a Remote Probe Thermometer?

The food you cook comes out good only when you cook them with joy and the right cooking knowledge.

Cooking should always be enjoyed and should not be looked at as an exhausting task!

Well, a remote probe thermometer can make this process of cooking a little easier and a completely stress free for you.

A remote probe thermometer is a device that lets you monitor the temperature of your cooking item such meat, chicken, pork, etc. along with the smoker too.

You can easily manage your cooking even when you’re a little away from your Traeger grill.

You will be able to monitor the same on a wireless receiver in your hand.

3 Main Benefits of Remote Probe Thermometer

1. Faster Cooking: A good remote probe thermometer can save you loads of time and unwanted stress while you are cooking.

Specifically, when you use this thermometer for smokers like Traeger grills.

2. Ease of Use: Another major benefit of using the thermometer is that it is highly efficient and very easy to use.

3. Remote Access: It lets you know your meat’s temperature as well as the ambient temperature remotely.

You will be notified when your food reaches the desired temperature range.

What’s more, it lets you grill even when it’s winter and cold outside!

How Do You Use The Remote Probe Thermometer on a Traeger Grill?

First things first, it is important to know the components of a remote probe thermometer.

When you buy one, you generally get the following four parts in the box.

1. A Meat Probe – It is used for measuring the food temperature internally.

2. A Grill Probe – It is used for measuring the smoker’s internal temperature.

3. A Thermo Transmitter – It transmits the recorded temperatures to a wireless device for easy monitoring. 

4. A Wireless Receiver – It is used to access and read the temperature data.

Actual Procedure:

1. Now, first you will need to properly set up a remote probe thermometer on a Traeger grill.

For that, you will need to fill in the wood pellets and turn on the grill to let it preheat.

2. Prep your meat for the cook and place it in the grill when ready to go.

3. After completing this step, just take the meat probe and insert it into the centre of the meat avoiding the bones if any.

4. Clip the other probe onto the grill carefully not too close to the meat but pretty close to it.

5. Take the other ends of both the probes and take them out of the grill through the hole that is provided at the side of your Traeger.

6. Now plug them into the Thermo transmitter and turn it on.

7. Turn on the wireless receiver to monitor the temperature readings and that’s it. Voila!

You just now learned to how to use a remote probe thermometer on your Traeger grill.

Can You Leave Remote Probe Thermometer inside a Traeger Grill While Cooking? 

Yes, you can for sure.

Remote probe thermometers are safe to be used inside a Traeger grill.

They are designed to be left in the meat while cooking, in order to monitor the temperature without opening the grill lid.

These leave-in probe thermometers are made for use in the smokers, grills and BBQs. 

They are highly heat resistant by nature and can withstand higher heat of the grill.

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Which is the Best Traeger Remote Probe Thermometer? 

Choosing the right probe thermometer is a crucial point to ensure your cooking is smooth and enjoyable.

Investing in a good thermometer can again be a boon to you in many ways.

Here is the list of 3 best remote probe thermometers based on online reviews of the buyers.

No. 1: ThermoPro TP08S Wireless Digital Probe Thermometer

No. 2: NutriChef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer

No. 3: Taimasi Digital Meat Thermometer

By now, you are already aware about the basic usage of a remote temperature probe.

You now also know how to use it with your Traeger grill.

You can choose any one of the above mentioned remote probe thermometer for your grill to get the best cooking results.

Another important aspect when you own a Traeger is to be aware of the temperature probe problems that you may face while using it.

Let us discuss some of the main problems and guide you through the solutions for the same.

What are the Main Traeger Temperature Probe Problems? 

A Traeger pellet grill is an excellent product anyone could own.

You probably own a Traeger for years now and have no single issue with it.

You might have just bought a new one for the first time and have no idea what to expect!

Either way, it’s good to remember that any tool with even the best-built features, can have disadvantages at some point and can suffer from defects too. 

Here are 5 such temperature probe problems that you could face.

1. A faulty RTD sensor probe

2. A temperature probe with a broken tip

3. A loose connection of your probe plugin

4. Grill shutdowns while putting in meat probe as a result of the electrical discharge

5. The meat probe does not give accurate temperature readings

How to Solve These Remote Probe Thermometer Problems? 

Now let’s see how we can solve these issues one by one.

1. Faulty RTD Sensor Probe

Resistance Temperature Detector is the sensor probe present inside the Traeger grill that measures the internal temperature.

A faulty RTD probe can be detected when you see the error code such as “ERR” on your Traeger.

This means you need to replace the RTD probe.

There are plenty of options online where you can buy an RTD temperature probe sensor as a replacement for your Traeger pellet grill.

2. Temperature Probe with Broken Tip

Similarly, if you find that your meat probe’s tip is broken, then obviously you will need to replace it.

Buying a replacement probe online is again a great option.

You can always look for the best-reviewed ones as there are a lot of options to choose from that can be used for your Traeger.

3. Loose Connection of Probe Plugin

When you have a loose connection with your probe, detect it by looking at the error code on the Traeger.

Thar error code is “ER1” on your Traeger.

All you have to do is simply push the plugin or pull it out completely and plug it in again.

If this doesn’t work then there’s some tightening needed or there could be a broken piece inside.

It could also mean a defective part.

In any of those cases, call Traeger for assistance and they will help you to solve the problem.

4. Grill Shutdown while Installing Meat Probe Thermometer

If your grill shuts off when trying to put in the meat probe, it’s because of the electrical discharge.

To solve this, first, try putting in the meat probe by touching the grill frame.

If the issue persists, then turn off the grill completely by unplugging it.

Wait for some time and turn it on again.

This time, you will be able to fix the issue.

5. Meat Probe Provided Incorrect Readings

If your meat probe is giving you inaccurate readings, then the probe needs to be calibrated  properly.

Traeger grills have an in-built provision that allows you to calibrate the meat probe automatically. 

If you want, you can also calibrate the probe manually.

This way, the temperature readings will be fine after its proper calibration.

How to Calibrate Traeger Meat Probe Thermometer? 

Now, to calibrate the Traeger meat probe thermometer you will need following things at your disposal.

1. An ice bath  

2. The meat probe thermometer

3. Traeger pellet grill

Actual Calibration Procedure:

1. First, to make ice bath, you will need to fill a glass with ice.

Then, pour some water into it but not too much so that the ice floats on the water surface.

2. Start by putting a meat thermometer into the ice bath.

Stir it for a few seconds and let it sit for a minute. 

3. Plugin the probe into your Traeger grill.

Then, go to Menu – Settings – Probe calibration.

Selecting this display shows a message to put the probe in the ice bath for one minute.

4. When the meat thermometer in the ice bath reads 0°C (32°F), select the “Calibrate Probe” option on the Traeger display.

Place the probe in the ice bath stirring for one minute.

Get the reading of the probe temperature.

If it reads 0°C (32°F) which it should, then all is good and your probe got successfully calibrated!     

5. If it does not read that, then you can move on to calibrating it by manually adjusting the temperature.

For example, if your probe reads 2°C when in the ice bath, then you offset it by 2°C to have it read an accurate 0°C.

In order to achieve this, first go to Menu – Settings – Probe calibration – “Probe Offset”.

Rotate the dial and adjust the probe temperature offset.

The default setting will be zero.

If you are adjusting the offset for the first time then you can increase or decrease the offset by 8°C (15°F).

You can adjust the offset from -8°C (-15°F) to +8°C (+15°F).

Press the dial at the centre to confirm after you adjust the offset and return to the menu.

Even after this entire process if your meat probe still reads inaccurately, then you need to contact Traeger for assistance.

Final Thoughts

If you are a food lover and own an awesome Traeger grill, then you will need to seriously consider investing in a good remote probe thermometer for your Traeger.

With our guide, you now know almost everything about such types of remote probe thermometers.

With this tool at your disposal, wood-fired food making can never be this simplified, we say!

A remote probe thermometer is easy to use, efficient and a convenient way to perfectly cook food every time you use the Traeger grill.

Even if you are someone new to Traeger grills, this can be so handy and helpful. 

There can always be some defects or issues that may arise, but don’t give up when you face those issues.

You can always try out the solutions mentioned above or can contact Traeger customer care to troubleshoot the problems faced with meat probe thermometer.


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