Does The Traeger Pro 575 Have a Smoke Setting? – Find the Perfect Smoke Settings in it

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Did you just buy a brand new Traeger Pro 575 and is wondering if your Traeger has a Super Smoke mode? Or if you already own one and never noticed a feature as such that would let you smoke perfectly each time?! Either ways let’s find out!

The Traeger Pro 575 pellet grill is an updated successor of the Pro 22 series. But getting it straight, the grill does not have an actual Smoke Feature like the Traeger Pro 22 and 34.

This pellet grill do not have a Super smoke mode even though Pro 575 have the exact same controller as on the Timberline and Ironwood series that have super smoke mode.

 So, the straight answer is a No.

Interestingly there’s no need for you to get disappointed. Even without a Super Smoke mode you can still perfectly smoke on this wood pellet grill like in any other Traeger grills.

Want to know how? Then go on and read, we will discuss all of it further down below.

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How to Know if My Traeger Pro 575 Has a Smoke Setting?

If you own a Traeger Pro 575 grill, you will not see the smoke setting anywhere on the readout at all, as it has no super smoke setting.

You would be surprised to realize that this perfect sized and comparatively affordable Traeger grill finally does not have the Smoke mode!

Like in their previous ones in the series, probably an update on the WiFIRE and D2 controller was traded for this setting.  Is it?

Anyways, we all know that Traeger manufactures pellet grills that are popular for their signature smoky flavour.

Therefore, smoking is definitely possible in all of their models irrespective of the presence of a special smoke mode or not.

That being said you can apply different tricks and methods to get more smoke and smoky flavours from your Traeger Pro 575 grill.

How Do You Smoke on a Traeger Pro 575 Grill?

So, now let’s get to know how to smoke on this grill. Typically, a Smoke setting is the timed smoke cycle setting that is a factory pre-set recommended by Traeger pellet grills.

This setting has a temperature between 150 and 180 degrees.  This is specifically to develop the enhanced smoking flavour to the food.

To smoke on a Traeger that has no smoke setting, you need to go for a low and slow method, in which you set the temperature to a low and cook for longer period of time.

You need to set the temperature between 160°c to 180°c of your Traeger Pro 575 grill.

When you are cooking in a best pellet grill, the lower the temperature the more smoke it will produce.

Basically, because the pellet grills give indirect heat instead of direct heat to the food that you are cooking.

For this very reason when you cook at a high temperature, your meat won’t get that much of a smoky flavour and taste. So, you need to go for slow and low for smoking the meat.

Those being said, to smoke your meat perfectly in a Traeger Pro 575, remember to set the temperature between 160 and 180. Also never let that go above 200 while you are smoking.

Now, this method should work great as lower temperatures produce more smoke within the cooking chamber. 

That’s because the grill isn’t heated much. And so, the meat stays in the smoke longer developing all that delicious flavour and taste!

Since this method might take a little longer, you might as well consider putting a water pan in the grill to avoid the meat from losing its moisture.

There are other ways through which you can achieve more smoke in your Traeger, which are discussed further below.

What is the Lowest and Highest Temperature Setting on Traeger Pro 575?

The Traeger Pro 575 is the updated version of Traeger pro 22 series.

It has a cooking range of 75 °c on the lowest to a highest temperature setting of 230 °c and a cooking surface of 575 square inches. It has an approximate cooking capacity of about 4 chickens or 5 rib racks or 24 burgers/sandwiches in one go.

And literally you could just do everything in this right from masterpiece meats to grilled veggies to wood-fired pizzas or delicious desserts. With a hopper capacity of 18 pounds, you will be good for up to 2 hours of cooking until the next refill on the highest heat setting.

Though, it does not have any dedicated pre-set option for ‘smoking’ like the Super Smoke setting. We can still achieve the same results by manually setting the right temperature and smoking the food.

Also there are a few other things you can try to get more smoke out of your Pro 575. Now, let’s discuss further below on how get that.

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2 Methods to Get More Smoke out of My Traeger Pro 575 Grill

In order to get more smoke out of your Traeger pro 575 grill, you need to try out the following 2 methods and choose the one that suits your preferences the best.

Method 1: Use a Smoker Tube

The smoker tube is also known as the smoke generator tube.

You can use this too in your Traeger Pro 575 to produce enough smoke.

It is perfect to be used in the grill to produce both cold as well as hot smoke.

A smoker tube is a stainless steel tube with small holes all over on it and one open end. It diffuses the smoke produced. You can place the smoker tube in any desired position you want. It gives out additional smoke but not heat. Let’s see how to use it in your Traeger below,

Step 1: First, fill in the smoker tubes with wood pellets.

Step 2: Now, tap the tube on ground and see if theirs is any gap in the tube, add more if needed.

Step 3: Put it up vertically and fire it while you switch on your Traeger and set the heat for the smoking.

Step 4: Let it burn for about 10 minutes or until you the fire is out. Then you are ready to smoke.

Step 5: Now, put the smoke tube inside the grill, place your meat and close the lid.

Always remember to get good quality wood pellets and to use a smoker tube that is of around 12 inches in length. This should typically produce enough smoke for about 5 hours of cooking time.

It also provides constant smoke throughout the cook time without producing excess heat within. It is also quite easy as well as trouble free to it use.

Now, you know how to use a smoker tube in your Traeger pro 575 pellet grill. Try this out for your next cook and wait for those perfect smoke rings on your meat to appear.

Method 2: Try Using Different Wood Pellets

The hardwood pellets that you use play an important role in the entire cooking process.

Thus, it is very important for you to choose the right pellets for use in your grill.

Traeger does have wide range of hardwood pellets of their own which are suggested to be used with the Traeger grills.

You could try using different varieties of Traeger’s own pellets and experiment yourself.

You may also try changing the pellets as it helps in producing more smoke and flavour.

Try hickory hardwood pellets or oak hard wood pellets, as these hard woods pellets tend to produce relatively more smoke compared to others.

Well, you do little bit of trial and error with this method to find what suits best for your preferences.

And you would not face any difficulties by switching to a different brand of pellets in between to get the desired results.

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Final Thoughts

The Traeger Pro 575 is definitely a luxury smoking experience one can never miss!

It is the updated version of the earlier Pro 22 series and is first ones to their range of WiFIRE enabled grills. It has the new D2 Direct Drive drivetrain.

It is simply wood-fired flavours made easy with its WiFIRE enabled controller for precise temperature control; as well as their Traeger Grill Guide technology, the app which provides a step by step instruction throughout the cooking cycle.

And if you own one of these but did not find a smoke setting in it.. Do not get disappointed!

You can still get that smoky and juicy flavour to your meat by using a few simple tricks as mentioned above.

You can simply set to the lower temperature to get more smoke out of your Traeger. 

Also, you could use a smoke generator tube and change the wood pellets to achieve more smoke from your Traeger.

So, what are you waiting for!! Use these simple tricks to smoke on your Traeger Pro 575 pellet grill and enjoy the perfect delicious smoky flavoured meat without any difficulties.


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