Do Weber Grill Grates Need to be Seasoned? – Know The Best Method to Season Grill Grates

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Who doesn’t love celebrating barbecue parties with their near and dear ones?

Grilling and seasoning are the two things that make your food delicious and bring out an amazing flavor with which a regular frying pan simply can’t compete.

For the ones who don’t know what seasoning is, it means applying oil on the grill and heating it to get them working at its best.

So, one of my site readers one day asked me if Weber grill grates need to be seasoned.

And my answer is “No”.

You don’t have to do that or better to say it is not compulsory to do.

The reason is that Weber grill already comes with a porcelain layer.

Although I still recommend you to heat it for 15 minutes and use a brush with stainless steel bristle.

After that, you can use it to get the best results from your cooking.

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Do You Need to Season Weber Cast Iron Grates?

Seasoning of Weber cast iron grates depends upon if those grates are completely new or already used.

If the cast iron grates are new then, congratulations, you don’t need to season them.

The new grates have a special coating of porcelain enamel that keeps the grates in perfect condition.

Hence, there is really no need for seasoning of those grates.

But, I still recommend that you should brush with a stainless steel bristle brush.

This way you’ll keep it clean from dust and dirt.

Plus, preheat the grates for around 15 minutes for best cooking results.

Try not to use any other brush or use force as you may end up damaging the coating of those new grates.

If your grill is old or already used then, you’ll have to season it before cooking.

It’s recommended that you season the grates as it’ll prevent the food from sticking on the grates.

It will also help in spreading the heat evenly and smoothly.

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How Do You Keep Weber Grates from Rusting?

Before I answer the question, here’s a simple scenario for you.

You are cooking a portion of delicious food on your barbecue grill.

You have used grease coating on the grill and have cooked your food on it.

Now, here’s a myth buster for you.

Using grease will increase the chances of the grill getting rusted; whereas using vegetable oil will prevent it from happening.

Your grill grate is usually made up of the material called as chromium which is responsible to protect it from external heat and humidity.

It needs oxygen to protect the grill grates from external atmospheric changes.

But when grease is covering up and considering, you don’t wash the grates then, it further complicates the things.

By doing so, you will only speed up the process of rusting and you’ll end wasting more money in the process.

Now, to prevent it, simply clean it or better wash it after every use.

And, try applying oil while cooking food and after washing it and apply it again.

You can use palm oil but your best shot will be with the olive oil.

However, I recommend to apply this oil lightly and not excessively.

Do I Need to Clean Weber Grill Grates?

My answer is “Yes”.

Yes, you need to keep your Weber grill grates clean all the time.

I will answer how you can clean your grill and what would happen if you don’t do it.

Firstly, cleaning is important not only for your hygiene but also to prevent the quick aging of the components.

In order to clean the inside of the grill, we will first start with the lid.

With time, you’ll start to notice some sort of paint peeling off.

But, it’s not the paint, those are carbon flakes that are non-toxic but may affect your food if you ignore them.

In this case, you need to remove those carbon flakes and that’s why you need its regular cleaning.

Simply, take Weber’s stainless steel cleaning brush and clean the lid.

I recommend cleaning it while it’s warm.

Follow the same cleaning for the grill grates.

If you want better cleaning equipment, then I suggest you to try the Weber Grill Maintenance Kit.

If not every day then, you should clean it after every use at least.

Now, what would possibly happen if you don’t clean it on a regular basis?

Firstly, you’ll increase the risk of getting carcinogens into your food which can be a serious health risk.

Furthermore, it may contaminate your food when you use it the next time.

Also, you’re creating a home for pests.

The components will lose their efficiency over time which will directly impact the overall grilling performance.

It may affect your grill gradually and can result in slow heating and getting poor food taste.

How to Season a Weber Kettle Grill for the First Time?

Seasoning Weber grill grates is not that difficult and takes only few minutes of your time.

But first, if you have got a new Weber Grill then, you don’t have to work much on the seasoning part.

Because it already has the porcelain enamel coating which protects your grill from excessive heat and cooking.

Just use Weber’s brush with stainless steel bristles to clean it.

But if you have older grills then, seasoning can be a necessity.

For seasoning, first, you’ll have to clean it by rinsing it with water.

Then, you’ll have to get vegetable oil, and if possible, get olive oil.

Remember, you should not use grease at all.

Now, start heating your grill and increase the temperature to 400 degrees slowly.

Let it stay there for around 30-40 minutes and then, let it cool.

You don’t have to season it again for 4-5 barbecues.

However, it is best for your grill if you season it at least 2-3 times after the first seasoning attempt.

How Long do Weber Grill Grates Last?

They should last for at least 5-6 years if you treat them well and maintain them properly.

But this period might get shortened if you don’t maintain it properly.

It also depends upon the type of material used.

For instance, the above mentioned period was for a porcelain grill grate.

Now, if you properly maintain it then, it will last for around 8-10 years as well.

Furthermore, if the stainless steel is used then, it may last up to 15 years.

Usually, 10-15 years should be the right time to start looking for a replacement.

Also, Weber provides a warranty of 10 years.

So, you can be assured that they are going to be great.

Now, if you have a cast-iron one then, it may even last for 20 years or more.

Do Weber Stainless Steel Grill Grates Need to be Seasoned?

Yes, seasoning of Weber stainless steel grill grates is an important activity that must not be ignored at all.

It is necessary to do if you want your food to be flavorful and not burnt after few grilling activities.

Basically, you’ll have to clean your grates when they are warm (not hot).

Then, apply some vegetable oil to it.

For the best results, choose palm or olive oil. 

With the help of seasoning, it’ll be easier for you to cook your food.

The seasoning will aid in making it a bit flavorful and it won’t stick to grates.

Plus, the oil applied will also prevent the grates from getting rusted.

Hence, by simply applying some vegetable oil, you’ll not only take care of your hygiene but also the longevity of your grill components.


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