Can I Convert My Weber Natural Gas Grill to Propane Grill? – Here is the Right Answer

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The family gatherings are just perfect for some fun barbecue parties.

We try to make it as best as possible.

We cook food and mostly, we like to grill.

Grilling simply brings out that juicy taste in them.

Currently, we can now use Natural Gas Grills from the comfort of our homes.

However, there is always an issue of the cost as these grills use Natural Gas as a fuel.

One of the best natural gas grills in the market right now is Weber grill.

They are a bit cheaper and are quite efficient.

They come with a grease management system.

This means they can be cleaned easily and comfortably from home.

For a family gathering, this should satisfy all our grilling needs.

Another best part is that it gives out 32000 BTUs of energy which is more than enough if we consider it for basic cooking.

But here comes the main topic of this article.

Can we convert Weber natural gas grill into a propane grill?

Should we opt for a Propane Gas Grill?

Is it even possible to convert natural gas grill into a propane grill?

The short and straightforward answer to this query is “Yes” and “No”.

The Weber company does not recommend to do this at all.

But if you really want to convert you natural gas grill into propane gas grill, then yes, you can surely do it with a professional help.

You should know the fact that propane gas is really safe and it emits very few gases in the atmosphere.

In this article, I will try to provide the answers to all the related questions regarding this topic.

So, keep reading till the end to get all your answers.

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Is It Possible to Convert Weber Natural Gas Grill to Propane Gas Grill?

The short answer is “Yes”.

Yeah, it is possible to convert your natural gas Weber grill into a propane gas grill.

It’s simple and straightforward process and doesn’t involve much problems.

But before you go ahead with this decision, you must know an important thing about the warranty of the company.

Weber does not suggest or promote this conversion from Natural Gas to Propane Gas.

It’s not even in their policy.

The problem which you will be facing would be the voided warranty.

If you think you do want to convert it then, you can call professional people who have experience in this type of grill conversion.

Just search on the internet and you’ll find many companies who will do these types of grill conversions for you.

You may be thinking why Weber doesn’t encourage conversion to propane gas grill.

The reason is that you must be extremely careful during the whole conversion procedure.

It could be unsafe for new users to perform this conversion process on their own.

If anything goes wrong, the problems can be as high as a massive explosion.

But yes, if you have the tools, knowledge and the skill set then, you can go for it.

If you think that you might be unfit for this conversion process then, I highly recommend to take help of professionals.

You’ve already spent some money buying this grill, a bit more will not hurt your pocket.

How to Convert Weber Natural Gas Grill to Propane Grill?

Let’s take a look at how you can convert Weber natural gas grill to propane gas grill.

As mentioned before, it’s not that complicated process and will be lot easier with a professional help.

1. Firstly, unscrew the top side and remove the control panel of the grill.

There will be regulators (or valves) inside.

So, you’ll have to remove them first and then eventually, the control panel.

2. Now, you will find the orifice.

This is what you need to replace primarily.

Just above the burner tube, you will find the regulator.

And, on its top, there is orifice.

You’ll find the orifice to have a cut like a bolt.

This is how you’ll recognize it.

3. It is time to simply unscrew it or by loosening the wing nut (if it has).

Then, replace the orifice with the one available for propane gas.

After that, connect the propane gas source via the pipe.

4. In the end, put everything in their place.

Start with the tightening of the orifice and screwing the nuts.

Then, replace the valves on the control panel after fitting them in their place.

If you want a visual tutorial on how to convert Weber gas grill to propane grill, then check out the following video.

What is the Best Weber Natural Gas Grill to Propane Conversion Kit and How to use it Properly?

If you are considering fixing things by yourself then, you will be needing the right set of tools.

Let us take a look at the tools you’ll be needing to operate things while converting Weber natural gas grill into propane gas grill.

1. Set of Vice Grips

2. 7 mm socket along with an 11mm socket: The 7mm socket will be used for the orifice in the control box or panel.

And the 11 mm socket will be used to take off the control panel.

3. Number 2 and 3 Philips Screwdrivers

4. ¾ and 5/8 Ratchet: Get a thin 5/8 ratchet wrench as it will be useful at the tight spots.

5. Crescent Wrench

6. Pipe Thread Sealant

7. A Micro Drill Bit Set: A quality micro drill bit set is going to be very helpful to drill tiny and perfect size holes for our orifices and sto remove the ones currently inside the grill.

Now once you have all the equipment and the tools, then I highly recommend to watch the following video to understand the whole process.

What is the Importance of Propane Orifice for Weber Grill?

Now, here is a very important question regarding this topic and that is related to the functions of an orifice.

That small hole carries great importance in a gas grill.

Let’s see how orifice functions in Weber gas grill.

The orifice is responsible for the proper flow of the gas.

Different gases require different orifices.

If you use a propane grill with a natural gas orifice inside, you will be looking at very high flames as the orifice is bigger for the gas.

Propane gas is in a compressed form and therefore, it requires a smaller orifice.

Whereas, natural gas requires a bit bigger sized orifice due to the lower pressure nature.

You may have heard of a unit BTU.

This unit tells us how much heat does a grill burner can produce.

These ratings are on the sticker which is usually present on every gas grill.

This figure tells us what it has been made for.

This might have cleared your doubt as to why orifices are different for different gases.

It’s recommended that you hire a professional for the conversion of the grills.

Because these gases are flammable by nature and they can harm anyone if something goes wrong during the conversion process.

Will Converting from Weber Natural Gas to Propane Grill Void My Warranty?

Now, this is the most important question of this topic which is related to the grill warranty.

Yes, your warranty will be voided if you convert your Weber natural gas grill to propane gas grill.

But before we get to the reason, let’s see why the two gases are used in the grills.

Propane or LPG uses gas cylinders which makes it easy in terms of portability.

But unfortunately, it is also its drawback.

You’ll have to fill or exchange cylinders every often after it is completely consumed.

Whereas, natural gas grill doesn’t require a cylinder.

It’s a gas connection that you’ll get from either a municipal corporation or a local supplier.

But you won’t be able to find such a connection everywhere.

To prevent any dangerous situation and to consider everyone’s safety, Weber company has discouraged the conversion of gas grills.

Not only this but they don’t provide conversion toolkit as well.

It might be disappointing to know but safety should be our first priority.

Therefore, if you want to play safe, then I will not recommend to convert your Weber natural gas grill into propane gas grill.

But if you want to take risk on your own, then at least do it with the help of an experienced professional who has done it several times without any problems.


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