Is Knox Gelatin Halal?

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Is Knox Gelatin Halal? When you want some homemade dessert, you can make puddings, pastries, mug cakes, and even Jell-Os at the comfort of your home.

But today I am going to talk about Knox gelatin which is being used in making Jello.

Many of us now know that Jell-O uses gelatin which contains pork.

Before moving ahead, you should know few of the terms related to the topic which will be repeated in this article ahead.

The gelatin comes from collagen which is a protein found in the bones and skins of animals.

For the Jell-O scenario, the animal involved is a pig.

The collagen is treated under certain conditions and gelatin is extracted from it.

This final product is so pure that it doesn’t come under the “animal products” section rather it’s considered a complete protein.

The main question of this article is whether Knox gelatin contains pork or not.

And the answer to this question is “Yes”.

You may have heard that Knox gelatin is derived from fish-based and animal sources but pig seemed to be the one fitting for the product.

You may not know but gelatin is considered a good food additive that you can find in foods or desserts like mousse, marshmallows, custards, etc.

By now, you must have been aware about the fact that Knox Gelatin is not for you if you’re a complete vegan.

But you can settle for their vegan alternatives like carrageenan and agar agar.

You might’ve come across the facts that tells you about the benefits of gelatin.

It’s true that it’s a nice food additive and has some health benefits but is it true?

Let us take a look at the health benefits of Knox gelatin.

Studies suggest that gelatin can help in improving skin, adding strength to the bones, treating joint pains, preventing diseases related to bones and joints, etc.

The benefits look fantastic but unfortunately, there isn’t enough evidence to support this.

Plus, even if it does help you then also, you don’t consume enough of it to get those benefits.

Let me explain it in a simple way.

You eat a food item made of Knox Gelatin, and it passes through the food pipe to your stomach.

Later, it gets to the blood stream.

Hence, the protein doesn’t completely get to the blood stream.

By now, we have known that Knox gelatin is made of pork.

We also know that we can consume its vegan alternatives to get the same benefits.

The rest of the article will provide answers to the most frequently asked questions related to Knox gelatin.

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Is Knox Gelatin a Pork?

As I have already mentioned in the introduction of this article, Knox gelating does contain pork.

Knox Gelatin is made of collagen which comes from the bones and the skin of pigs.

Hence, it contains pork for sure.

It was initially believed that Knox Gelatin contains beef products but that’s not true.

If you’re a vegan then, you can opt for its vegan alternatives like agar agar which is seaweed and carrageenan.

You can get these in a supermarket as well as online and make yourself a delicious dessert at home.

Also, Knox Gelatin is tasteless and odorless.

So, you can make the desserts the way you like.

You can decide all the factors like the amount of sugar, flavor, etc.

Is Knox Gelatin Halal?

The answer to this question is “No”.

If you choose their pork-based gelatin then, no.

Knox gelatin can not be called as a “Halal” product.

But, the fish-based one can be called as halal.

As pigskin is a pork product, hence, it is not considered to be consumed by Islam Dietary Laws.

But, you can opt for the other Jelly products or desserts that does not contain gelatin.

You can find both readymade desserts or puddings and unflavored powder.

If you opt for the powder then, then you can choose agar agar.

Some people think agar agar and gelatin are the same but actually they are not the same.

You can consider it the perfect substitute for gelatin.

If you still want halal gelatin then, look for the ones that are made from cattle bones.

After they are processed, they are complete and pure protein.

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Is There Gelatin Without Pork?

Yes, there are certain gelatin proteins that are derived from fish, cows, and sheep.

Some people claim horses’ hooves are used to derive gelatin from them.

But, in reality it’s not true.

The protein you get from there is keratin and not gelatin.

You can also find the vegetarian substitutes as well.

For instance, you can try the Gel Shots.

This product does not have any gluten and it is completely vegan by nature.

Also, another substitute will be carrageenan.

It is derived from red algae and it acts as a thickening agent which eventually makes your dessert like a jelly.

You may not know but it is present in the cinnamon rolls.

Is Knox Gelatin Halal?

The answer to this question is “No”.

Knox gelatin can not be called as a kosher.

The gelatin used is derived from pigs which are perceived as non-consumable by the Jewish Dietary Laws.

However, the one made with fish is kosher.

Additionally, you can confirm whether it’s kosher or not by looking for its symbol on the packet.

If you would like to opt for a vegan substitute, I highly recommend to use Vegan Unflavoured Jello.

Is Knox Gelatin Halal?

If you need a dessert that melts in your mouth and softly settles down then, Vegan Jello is the way to go.

It is made of vegetable gum, calcium phosphate, atopic acid, and some other compounds.

You can use it every place where you’ve used gelatin.

How to Know if Knox Gelatin Contains Pork?

There’s no simple way to find out except for checking the ingredients list written on the product’s packet.

Still, there are chances that you may not find it as its substitute is used instead of pork itself.

As we know, gelatin is derived from collagen.

Moreover, the final product they get is pure protein and can’t be termed as “animal product”.

This might not be the case if you’re in a restaurant.

There, you can simply ask whether they are using pork or its products or not.

On the other side, you may check if the packet says it’s “halal” or “kosher”.

That way you’ll be confirmed that it doesn’t contain pork.

Does Knox Gelatin Contain Animal Products?

Yes, gelatin is derived from various animals like cows, pigs, sheep, etc.

The reason is complete dependency on gelatin.

You can’t get vegetarian gelatin.

You can only get its substitute.

The bones and skin of fish and pigs have the protein collagen which is boiled and further processed to extract the gelatin.

Lacking this, you can’t get that perfect jelly-like structure unless you go the vegan way.

Also, you may know that Jell-O’s main ingredient is gelatin (derived from pigskin).

Again, if you don’t want to consume gelatin products, try pectin and Kanten as they are their best vegan substitutes.


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