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How to Keep Weber Grill from Rusting – 3 Main Reasons and 4 Simple Solutions to Get Rid of Weber Grill Rusting

Rusting of Weber charcoal grill or pellet grill is becoming a common issue after several years of constant usage.

Are you also looking for the solution to prevent rusting of your expensive Weber grills?

Whenever you plan to barbecue with your friends and family, your attention is turned inadvertently towards the rusting of your Weber grill.

If this is the case, then I must say you don’t have to worry at all.

Because there are multiple methods that you can use to get rid of that rust from your pellet or charcoal grill including Weber and Traeger grill.

Some of the most effective methods of removing the rust from your Weber grill are scraping the grill with the wire brush, using rust removers, oil coating the grill and making use of grill cleaners, etc.

In this article, I will first tell you the main reasons why your Weber grill get rust in the first place.

After that, I will also provide few easy solutions to either prevent rusting or get rid of the current rusting from your grill.

So, without further delay, lets dive into the main topic.

FAQ Related to Prevention of Weber Grill Rusting

Are Weber Grills Rust Proof?

Yes, Weber grills are basically rust proof.

Weber grills are designed to stand all of the weather conditions.

Cover them properly to reduce the chances of corrosion.

Rust on the surface of the grills can be removed easily.

Weber is a renowned company known for a wide variety of grills and smokers offered by them.

It is one of the trusted brands all across the globe and loved by several die-hard bbq grill users.

But some users have been found to complain about the rusting of some of the Weber grills.

If your grill is also affected the same way, then you will have to take all the safety measures to prevent the rusting of the grills.

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Does Weber Grill Warranty Cover Rust?

Weber provides warranty for all of its products including smokers and grills.

But the warranty does not cover the rust on the surface of their grills.

You have to use cleaners to remove this rust in case your grill is affected by rusting.

All the details of the warranty are mentioned on the manual which comes with your Weber grill.

Weber warranties are conditional.

For instance, your grill has a warranty of 5 years.

But if you want to avail this warranty, then the grill must be rust-free and should not be burned in any instance.

Plus, these conditions vary from product to product.

Weber also provides warranty for the thermometer and cooking lids.

You can simply file a claim on their website, describe your issue and get your product replaced if you fulfil all the conditions.

3 Main Reasons Why Your Weber Grill Rusts

Rust develops on almost all types of grills after few years of usage if they are not stored properly.

Here are some of the common reasons that leads to the development of rust on your Weber grill.

1. Extremely Humid Climate and Moisture

The climatic conditions of your area mainly impact the rusting process of your grill.

Often extremely humid environment promotes corrosion.

After cleaning of your grill, there might be some water drops left on the grill.

Those water drops can lead to rust formation at some point of time due to extreme humidity and moisture in the atmosphere.

Extreme humidity and moisture in the atmosphere are the biggest culprits of promoting rust.

2. Improper Storage

If you store the grill in a very cool and damp place like your store room or backyard, moisture will enhance the rusting of your grill.

The area where there is moisture collected pretty easily such as your dark and cosy storage room, often causes the rusting on your grill.

Therefore, Weber grill must be stored in the place where proper air ventilation is present and there is no moisture and air dampening happens usually.

3. Extreme Heat Condition

Extremely high temperature is also one of the major reasons of rusting of grills.

At high temperature, iron combines with atmospheric oxygen.

This reaction will cause the grills to rust because usually rust is formed by oxidation of iron.

And extreme heat condition often leads to faster iron oxidation process.

Rusting also depends on how often you use the grills.

These 3 are the major reasons that can corrode your Weber grills.

So, rust prevention and proper maintenance of the grills is necessary.

If properly maintained, Weber grills can last for a good 10 to 15 years.

4 Simple Methods to Prevent Weber Grill from Rusting

Following are 4 simple methods to prevent your Weber grill from rusting.

1. Scrape Surface with Wire Brush

The first method is pretty simple.

All you have to do is to scrape off the rust with the help of a wire brush.

Get yourself a sturdy and cylindrical wire brush to clean the rust from the surface of your grill.

It is best to scrape the grills with the brush before & after grilling to maintain the grills in the best quality.

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You can also use no wire grill rust removal brush kit if you do not want to use wired brush on your grill.

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2. Oil Coat the Surface

The second method to prevent rust of your Weber grill, is to coat a thick layer of oil on the grill surface.

This will create a layer between the grills and oxygen in the atmosphere.

And the oil coating will prevent the formation of rust.

3. Use Grill Grate Cleaners

Different brands offer reliable grill grate cleaning products that can be used to clean grill gratings.

You can spray the cleaner on stained areas and let it stay there for some time.

After few minutes, wipe off the cleaner.

But if you still see some rust marks, then I recommend to use a potato and kosher salt to remove the leftover rust marks.

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4. Make Use of Rust Remover

And the last method is to use a reliable rust remover for your Weber grill.

You can surely use metal rust remover to get rid of the rust from your bbq grill.

They will clean the grill grates and its surface and make it shiny.

The grill cleaners will remove strong stains of rust and are non-toxic.

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Final Thoughts

First of all, Congratulations on successfully reaching the end of the article.

I wrote this article only to provide the best tips on removing the rust successfully from your Weber charcoal and pellet grill.

I hope you will follow the above 4 methods to get rid of the rust from your grill once and for all.