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How to Clean a Weber Grill Cover – 5 Simple Steps to Remove All the Dirt and Debris from Grill Cover

Imagine, on one fine weekend, you plan to cook some fantastic pork bbq with the help of your new Weber grill.

You take out your barbecue grill and make something fancy.

After all, who doesn’t love barbecue?

I am sure you do.

The problem comes after you finish your cooking and enjoy your bbq meat.

That problem is regarding the cleaning of your Weber grill cover.

The leftovers on the grill, sauces, dirt, grease and dust accumulate on the grill.

This can badly affect the grill cover over a period if you don’t maintain and clean the grill cover properly.

In that situation, where will you begin cleaning the cover in the first place?

But, thanks to a heavy duty bbq grill cleaner solution, you can now easily and comfortably clean your grill cover from inside out.

The process to clean your Weber grill cover is pretty simple and straightforward.

Step 1: Firstly, you will have to remove all the food particles and remains you find from the Weber grill cover.

Step 2: Then, splash water all over the grill cover through a pipe to remove the dirt and dust particles accumulated on the inside and outside of the cover.   

I suggest maintaining some water pressure so that it can clearly remove all the old and stubborn food and debris particles from the smallest parts of your grill cover.

Step 3: After that, apply the heavy duty grill cleaner solution on the inside and outside surface of the grill cover entirely.

Now allow few minutes to settle down the cleaning solution on all the parts of the grill cover.

Step 4: Finally, scrub off the most affected parts of the cover with the soft bristled cleaning brush or non-abrasive cleaning sponge.

Step 5: In the end, wash the grill cover again with a clean water and allow some time to dry the Weber grill cover in the open air.

FAQ Related to Weber Grill Cover Cleaning

Can a Weber Grill Cover be Machine Washed?

No, I would not recommend to wash the grill cover inside your washing machine.

One of the myths regarding Weber grill cover is that it’s just another material that is washable in the washing machine.

But no, it’s not true.

Why? I will discuss it right now.

The grill cover you have is to protect your Weber Grill from the outside dust and dirt, along with the other situations that may harm it and affect its performance.

Also, most of the time, the grill is located on the outside of our house like the backyard or the porch.

So, just keeping a cover and leaving it till the next use will obviously damage the cover over a period.

You must take proper care of the grill cover as it’s doing the same for your grill.

Furthermore, the reason why it’s not recommended to wash it in a washing machine is because of sensitive material of the grill cover.

The washing machine and detergents can have a harsh impact on the grill cover, making it prone to get damaged or even get torn over a period.

Still, if your washing machine has a very slow or limited mechanical action then only, you may consider the option of cleaning grill cover in the washing machine.

Also, during or after the wash, it is highly recommended not to bleach, iron, or dry clean the grill cover.

If you do this, then you will end up damaging it even further.

So, what cleaning method is safe then?

It is much better option to hand wash the grill cover whenever you plan to clean it.

You can get Weber’s cleaning supplies that have a gentle effect on the material and using a sponge will make sure it gets perfectly clean and ready to use.

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6 Easy Steps to Clean the Inside and Outside of a Weber Grill Cover

Yes, it is very important to know how to clean the inside and outside of your Weber grill cover using the right cleaning method.

Remember, the cover should be washed by hands and not in a washing machine or you might end up ruining it.

When it comes to deciding the right time to clean your grill cover, then I would suggest clean or wash it whenever you see the cover full of dust and debris.

That’s the right time to clean the cover.

You can wash it either after every use or at least after 2-3 times of usage.

However, I suggest cleaning the bird droppings the moment you see or they’ll slowly deteriorate the grill cover.

The actual cleaning process of the inside and outside of the grill cover is as follows.

1. First, take out any piece of food accumulated on the inside and outside of the grill cover.

2. Using a soft cloth, wipe the cover to remove most of the dust or debris found on the cover.

3. Then, rinse the cover with clean water and give it 1 or 2 more wipes.

4. Now, you can apply a good quality heavy duty grill cover cleaning solution or simply a soapy water on the cover.

And then, get a sponge and gently wipe the inside after letting the soap water or a cleaning solution stay for few minutes.

5. At last, rinse the cover again, and let it dry in the sunlight for few minutes.

6. When it comes to washing or cleaning the outside part of the cover, the overall process is same as mentioned above.

Firstly, remove any food you find on the outer part of the cover.

Then, with a piece of cloth, remove the dust.

After that, rinse it and pour the soapy water.

Rub or brush with a sponge gently.

Lastly, rinse it again completely and let it dry on a clothesline.

The process is quite simple and if you can do it then, it’s suggested you do it every often whether you use it or not.

This way, you’ll keep the cover in a perfect working condition and any unnecessary substance will also be removed.

What is the Best Cleaning Kit to Clean the Weber Grill Cover?

As I discussed earlier that detergents or any other cleaning agents can have a bad impact on a grill cover.

You must be thinking that which cleaning supply would be the right one for the grill cover.

Let’s take a look at what cleaning kit or supply would be perfect for you.

As I mentioned earlier, the best product to clean the Weber grill cover as per my research is Simple Green Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Cleaner Solution.

This cleaning solution is perfect for removing grimy, greasy and stubborn food particles and dust from the cover.

This solution works good in cleaning narrow spaces and it is made from non-toxic materials.

Along with this cleaning solution, you can also use soft bristled cleaning brush for removing the debris and dirt and to wipe out the excess water from the cover.

If you don’t find this brush, then you can also make use of a soft cleaning sponge instead.

Are Weber Grill Covers Waterproof?

Yes, most Weber grill covers are waterproof by design.

Along with being waterproof, These covers have something more to offer.

But first, let’s clear one thing.

If you’re going to buy a Weber grill cover for your grill then, it should be made of polyester material and not vinyl material.

Both of these covers have the waterproof capability.

But vinyl cover is less efficient in terms of its performance and durability.

Because it gets ruined quickly due to the exposure to the sun’s intense heat and chilly winters.

With time, vinyl material gets damaged by the excessive heat and cold exposure.

You start noticing cracks and fading in the quality with vinyl covers.

On the other side, polyester grill cover is more resistant to excess heat and cold exposure.

However, more water and dirt exposure can also slowly ruin the polyester cover.

That’s the reason I recommend to get another extra grill cover for additional safety and security of your Weber grill.

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