how much briskets needed for 200

How Many Briskets to Feed 200 – Also Know How Much Beef, Pork and Chicken Needed for 200 People

If you are planning to invite 200 guests at your place for a BBQ night, then you must be wondering about the quantity of meat you need to prepare for your guests.

How much food is required to feed 200 people or better to say how many briskets you will need to feed 200 guests?

This is a debatable question and the answer will vary in different situations.

However, I recommend you to purchase approximately 140 pounds of raw briskets for 200 guests.

When the meat is cooked, you will be left with about half the amount of uncooked meat.

So, prefer to plan according to large portions.

In this article, we will discuss the quantity of Pork BBQ, chopped Beef, Roast Beef, and chicken, to feed 200 people.

So, you can take guidance from here before planning your big parties.

FAQ Related to Number of Briskets Needed to Feed 200 People

How Much Food is Required to Feed 200 People?

In general practice, we consider 1 pound of food for 1 person.

1 pound is equal to 454 grams.

It means you will need around 200 pounds (approx. 91 kg) of food to feed 200 guests.

If you are thinking of preparing rice for your event, we will do a simple mathematical calculation to assume the quantity of rice required for 200 people.

Two people will require approximately one and a half cups of rice.

So, the calculation will be as follows.

1 person – 0.75 cups of rice

200 people – 200*0.75 = 150 cups of rice.

So, you can vary the amount from 130 to 150 cups if you are planning to feed rice to 200 people.

Similarly, if you are preparing meat then you will need the following quantity of meat for 200 people.

1 person – 150 grams

200 people – 200*150 = 30,000 grams or 30 Kg.

These are approximate values.

You can adjust according to your requirements at that time.

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How Many Pounds of Pork BBQ Do I Need to Feed 200 People?

For 200 people, you want approx. 67 pounds of cooked Pork BBQ.

Approximately, one person can eat 1/3 pounds of cooked pork.

So, 1 pound is good for 3 people.

But I also want to warn you here when it comes to quantify the amount of cooked pork.

Cooked meat always weighs less than the raw meat.

It becomes almost half the quantity after getting cooked.

So, you can expect 8 pounds to become 4 pounds after cooking.

I have derived a simple formula for you.

Just put in the values and you will get your final answer.

Have a look at the final numbers.

1/3 x guests

For instance, if you are inviting 200 guests to your party, multiply it by 1/3.


1/3 x 200 = 67 pounds.

Thus, you need 110-120 pounds of uncooked meat to prepare 55-60 pounds of cooked meat.

For 200 people, you will need at least 140 pounds of raw pork meat.

After cooking it will become around 70 pounds of cooked pork which is sufficient for 200 folks.

However, the amount of meat required also depends on 3 other important factors such as:

1. Whether your guests are hungry or not.

2. What is the time of the day?

Like, if it’s lunch or dinner time, you can increase the amount of meat as per the time of the day.

People usually are hungrier during lunch time rather than at the dinner time.

So, you need to manage the quantity of the meat accordingly.

3. What are you keeping besides pork BBQ?

If you are planning to keep more side dishes in the main course, then you can reduce the amount of meat.

At the end of the event, if you are left with some extra pork BBQ, then keep it secure in a tight container.

You can refrigerate it for later use.

How Many Pounds of Chopped Beef Required for 200 Guests?

For 200 people, you will need around 66 pounds of beef meat.

I have already mentioned earlier that the cooked meat is usually half the amount of raw meat.

So, you will need to prepare at least 132 pounds of uncooked raw beef for 66 pounds of cooked beef.

Usually, you will need ½ – ¾ pound of beef per person depending on the appetite of your guests.

If you are buying ribs which are considered the best part of beef for BBQ, then you will need to get 1 rib roast for every 2 people to serve.

I have simplified the calculation for you as follows.

1 person = 375 grams of raw beef meat

4 people = 1.5 kg of raw beef

8 people = 3 kg of uncooked raw beef

10 persons = 3.75 kg of raw beef

How Much Chicken in Grams Needed to Feed 200 People?

For 200 people, you will need around 200 pounds or 91 kg of chicken.

This means, you will need around 91000 grams of raw chicken to feed 200 people properly.

Here is more detailed calculation that is required to feed 200 people.

1. 200 medium-sized chicken breast pieces and 400 boneless pieces

2. 2000 normal-sized or 1400 boneless chicken wings

3. 200 normal-sized or 400 boneless thigh pieces

4. 600 leg pieces

5. 200 pounds of chicken in weight

The amount of meat for grilled, smoked, fried, and roasted meat varies.

Following are the time limits required for cooking chicken.

1. To fry chicken breast for 200 people, you will need approx. 7 hours.

2. To bake chicken, you will need 6-8 hours.

3. For grilling raw chicken, you will need 9-10 hours.

4. For roasting chicken breast, you will need 8 hours.

How Much Roast Beef Required to Feed 200 Guests?                        

The right amount of roast beef is 3-10 ounces for each person.

So, you will need around 80 pounds of roast beef to feed 200 guests.

If roast beef is not the main course and is kept in the side dish, then you can reduce the amount of meat required.

It’s not necessary that all the guests at your gathering will eat roasted beef.

So, you can plan accordingly.

You can count the number of kids and adults invited to your gathering, separately.

Because kids eat 3-4 ounces of meat while adults consume 10-12 ounces of meat.

Then, you can calculate the amount, accordingly.

How Much Brisket Do I Need for 250 People?

You will need around 125 briskets to feed or serve 250 people.

½ pound to ¾ pound of briskets is enough for 1 person.

Due to the shrinkage of meat, you can count 1 pound of brisket for each person.

So, if 1 brisket weighs 4-6 pounds, it will feed 4 to 6 people.

If you plan to make brisket sandwiches, then 1 pound will make 3-4 sandwiches.

If you have 100 people coming over, then 70 pounds of uncooked briskets will be good enough to serve all of them.

It’s better to have some leftover meat after the party rather than running low during the event.

You can use the leftover briskets to make burritos, hash, etc. later on.

Final Words

Plan in advance before inviting guests over to your place is very important.

You can use the above guide to plan an event for 200 people whether you choose beef, chicken, pork BBQ, or briskets for the menu.

Consider all the factors like the time and reason for the event, other side dishes or items of the main course along with the appetite of your guests.

I hope this guide will help you in deciding the amount of meat or briskets required when you will invite 200 people at your place.