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Cryovac Pork Smell – 6 Reasons and 5 Solutions to Get Rid of Cryovac Pork Odor

Pork, like any other food product, tends to go bad a bit too soon.

The situation is often compounded if it has to stay longer or travel further before consumption.

This calls for the adoption of superior packaging technology.

One such meat storage technology is known as the Cryovac.

Cryovac packaging is very advanced vacuum sealed packaging in which pork meat can be stored for several days without its spoilage.

For one, Cryovac is an advanced packaging technology that lengthens the shelf life of the food while also upholding the hygiene of the same.

It is not uncommon though for the pork that is packaged in Cryovac to go bad and develop a foul smell after certain time period.

Today, I want to discuss the main reason which causes cryovac pork to go bad and it starts smelling foul after few days of packaging.

Actually, I have highlighted 6 main reasons which can lead to the bad odor of Cryovac pork.

Some of the most important reasons that I will discuss in this article are bad quality of pork meat, tiny air holes in the meat, improper storage method, existence of certain genes and storage of meat longer than its expected date.

I highly recommend you to read this article till the end so that you will realize the actual underlined causes that leads to a foul smell of cryovac pork meat.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Foul Smell of Cryovac Pork

What is the Average Shelf Life of Cryovac Pork?

On the whole, the Cryovac pork has an average shelf life of about 14 days or 2 weeks.

Then again, it also depends on how the particular product is packaged.

If vacuum packaging is used, the lifespan tends to be longer than 14 days.

Cryovac pork is free of oxygen due to vacuum sealing.

That’s the reason, pork meat in cryovac packaging usually does not oxidize and break down easily.

The bacteria growing chances is therefore slim to none in cryovac pork package.

If you store the opened cryovac pork meat in the refrigerator, then you can expect 7-14 more days to retain its freshness.

If you use other packaging technology, then it could lead to a much shorter lifespan as compared to Cryovac.

For more information regarding Cryovac pork shelf life, I recommend you to check out this article from

How Long Does Cryovac Pork Last in the Fridge?

You can expect Cryovac Pork to remain fresh in the fridge for roughly 2 weeks or 14 days if the packaging is opened.

If the packaging is left intact, it may last up to 45-60 days more.

The packaging prevents the quick decomposition of the pork.

Also, the cold interior of the fridge ensures that the food stays fresh for 2-3 weeks without any meat spoilage.

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6 Main Reasons That Causes The Bad Smell of Cryovac Pork

I have already mentioned in the beginning that even pork that is packaged in the Crovac might go bad due to several possible reasons.

Below are the 6 main reasons behind the bad smell of Cryovac pork.

Reason 1: Poor Pork Meat Quality

It is possible that the original pork meat which was packaged with Cryovac technology, might not be fresh at that time.

The quality of the meat could be inferior at the time of packaging.

For instance, the animal may have sustained a disease or injury prior to being slaughtered and packaged.

If and when this happens, the same issues could be transmitted to the packaging and ultimately lead to a bad smell later on.

That’s why the pork meat must be of good quality and fresh at the time of Cryovac packaging.

Reason 2: Almost Expiring Pork Meat

Fresh meat, as has already been stated, has a definite lifespan.

Leave it out exposed for too long and it will start decomposing.

Package this decomposing meat and the ripple effect will be felt after few days of packaging.

It is hence imperative that the meat should be far away from the date of expiry before it has been packaged.

Therefore, the expiry date must not be ignored before the pork meat is cryovac packaged.

Reason 3: Tiny Air Holes in the Package

Sometimes, it is possible that the Cryovac packaging itself has some tiny holes.

It may arise by accident or design during the pork meat is packaged.

These tiny holes allow air and the bacteria from the outer atmosphere to infiltrate inside the packaged meat.

This can later on start the process of meat decomposition.

This is the reason, that the cryovac packaging must be carefully observed before its transportation.

If there are any tiny holes in the package, then they must be removed and package must be sealed appropriately.

Reason 4: Improper Storage of The Cryovac Meat

How the package is stored also counts.

For the freshness of the meat to be preserved, it has to be maintained at a temperature of less than 50 degrees Celsius or 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

If this condition is not maintained for 30 minutes back to back, the resultant effect is usually a decomposition of the meat.

And once the pork starts to decompose, it obviously leads to a bad smell in few days.

That’s why it is important to store Cryovac Pork in the refrigerator or a freezer under the temperature of less than 50 degrees Celsius.

Reason 5: Existence of the Androstenone Gene in the Meat

Some species of pigs have the detestable androstenone genes.

This is much like testosterone gene and is predominantly present in the male pigs.

The gene evokes a smell that resembles sweat, urine, and ammonia.

The pork that is derived from the male pigs that have it in abundance normally tends to smell weird.

So, the bad smell of your Cryovac pork could be attributed to the existence of Androstenone genes in the meat.

Reason 6: Longer Than Prescribed Storage Period

Even though Cryovac is tight and efficient, it can only last for few weeks.

If you preserve your pork in Cryovac packaging for longer than its prescribed duration, then it will eventually get worse.

This degradation in the meat quality later on leads to the development of a foul stench.

Thus, it is imperative also to observe and adhere strictly to the pre-set duration of time.

As mentioned above already, I strongly recommend not to preserve your pork for more than 45-60 days in the Cryovac packaging and that too in the refrigerator or in a freezer.

5 Effective Methods to Prevent Cryovac Pork from Going Bad

The following are 5 proven techniques that can help you in preventing the bad smell of Cryovac Pork.

I hope you will follow them to get the best smell and taste of your packaged pork meat.

No. 1: Inspect the Pork Meat Before its Storage

Initial checking of the pork meat is very important if you want to avoid future problems.

Before putting the Cryovac pork inside your fridge or freezer, you will have to inspect the meat quality thoroughly.

Make sure it looks fresh and whole without any issues that may cause premature spoilage.

To inspect the package entirely, you might need an expert help.

Its better if you can do this checking under the supervision of a trained meat expert.

No. 2: Wash and Dry the Pork Completely Prior to Its Storage

By washing and drying the pork meat entirely before its storage, you will make sure that it lasts longer than expected.

Particularly, see to it that you eliminate blood or anything that may easily trigger bacterial growth.

If possible, you can also smoke or salt the pork meat to kill the germs that may reside there to cause premature spoilage.

No. 3: Reinforce the Cryovac Packaging

As stated above, some tiny holes may arise in the packaging of the pork.

Hence, it is necessary to reinforce the packaging.

This will make sure that there will not be any possibilities of the ambient air, infiltrating the seal to get to the pork.

This entails the placement of a new layer of the package above the one that exists.

By reinforcing the package, you definitely enhance the overall lifespan of your pork meat.

No. 4: Follow the Right Temperature and Storage Duration

Needless to say, you have to find out and adhere strictly to the prescribed temperature and storage durations.

I have already explained that the pork might get bad simply because it is stored for longer than its packaging may permit.

The same goes for the 50 degrees Celsius or 40 degrees Fahrenheit temperature threshold.

If you really want to preserve pork meat inside Cryovac package for as much duration as possible, then follow the above temperature conditions inside the freezer or a fridge.

Also, don’t try to store the package for more than 45-60 days at max inside the fridge.

No. 5: Fumigate the Storage Chambers and Your Fridge

Perhaps as a last line of defence, you may consider fumigating the storage chambers and the refrigerator before placing the pork there.

By doing this procedure, it will help you to kill all the germs and the bacteria residing inside your fridge, that may attack the pork and cause it to go bad.

If you can do this prior to your meat storage, then you will be able to prevent the development of a foul stench for much longer duration of time.

To know more about fumigation process, I recommend to check out this training manual about fumigation.

Final Thoughts

Development of a foul smell inside the Cryovac Pork package could be caused by several reasons.

The most significant reasons of them are poor and expiring pork meat, presence of tiny air holes, improper storage conditions and few others.

Inspite of these issues, you can still lengthen the freshness of your Cryovac pork meat.

You just have to follow the right precautions before its storage.

Of all the methods that be, it is that of the reinforcement of the packaging that tends to be more effective.

It creates a tough and impenetrable barrier that prevents the ambient air from infiltrating the package and getting into contact with the meat.

Also, it is less dependent on the character of the storage chamber.

Having said that, it is imperative to mention that no one method can deliver the intended outcomes.

For the best outcome, it is necessary that you combine no less than two methods at a time.

So, to get the best results, I highly recommend that you follow more than 2-3 preventive measures.

I wish you Good Luck!